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  1. 3 Balls always give me great service. If you dont like them call them and tell them you want to return them.
  2. One of my best shots came this past week on a par 4. I drove the ball into a fairway bunker that left me about 165 yds. I hit my 26* hybrid about 8 feet from the cup and 2 putted for par.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I was actually thinking about the tour version which I heared was only 1 degree closed. My slice is not a big problem.
  4. I am a high handicapper. On a good day low to mid 90's. My current driver is a Titleist 907 D2 10.5. I have read that Titleist are more designed for better players and a square head driver is more for high handicappers or recreational players. At times I hit my 907 D2 well and then at times I struggle. Was thinking about buying a Nickent square driver and was wondering if they are better for players like me. I have several Nickent hybrids and really like them and they are some very good prices for them on the net. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Thanks that is pretty much how I play it. I like using my 17* 2iw in a lot of situations like this. I think the key also is the shorter back swing.
  6. Me and a fellow golfer was having a discussion about hitting a low ball in a situation trying to keep the ball low when hitting under tree limbs. I told him I played the ball back and he he said he plays it off his front. Which would be the method of choice. Thanks
  7. I won 2 bids on the same type club. My main reason was to use them for teeing off on the layups, dog legs etc. Both of these are in great shape. The Nike is a Sasquatch 2 15*. (non square head) The other is a Ping G2 14*. The thing about the Ping I kind of bought it by accident since I really don't know much about their club specifications. The shaft is a soft reg flex and the lie is a silver dot. The club is 14*. From what I read the Ping silver dot is designed for a taller person like 6-4 to 6-7. I checked compared the clubs angle side by side and they seem the same. Perhaps I am looking at something different. My driver SS is around the mid 80's. I guess the big test would be hit to hit them. Anyway thanks for any advice on these 2 clubs. Thanks
  8. One G2 says silver dot with the TFC 100. Soft reg flex and another is a Green dot with a reg shaft Fujikura Fit On!-11 ProS3 reg flex.
  9. I was looking at a Ping G2 3 wood and the shaft is listed as soft reg flex. I dont know that much about ping but would the soft reg be a senior flex. Thanks
  10. I am not a big hitter and I have a 17* 2 ironwood I hit it about 170 to 190. Also what the number 2 is great also for is hitting low stingers from under trees. I have a 7 wood hybrid that is 21* that I am soon going to replace with a #3 20* ironwood. My latest is a #5 ironwood 26* it replace my 5 iron. After I replace my 7 wood with the 20* I probably will buy the 23 also. To me they are just easy to hit. I love them also in fairway sand traps. Mine are all Nickents they are great prices on ebay. So in my bag I carry drive 3 wood. 3 hybrids and 6 thru 9 irons and 2 wedges and putter.
  11. I have a 17 hybrid. I may look for a 14 to 16 degree head, I have a 3 wood shaft VS proto S shaft I could use.
  12. steve617

    swing plane?

    Thanks for the post driver to SW is 5* not really that much difference at least at my level. I have been totally lost on my driver plane. This will at least give me something to work on and at least be a guideline.
  13. steve617

    swing plane?

    I have a question about swing plane. A couple days I took a lesson and started with a 9 iron we worked on several things grip, stance etc. Then I went to the driver and I flattened my plane somewhat and he said I needed to swing steeper so I made a small adjustment and then he said a little steeper. After making the chage of my plane he said that it was good and according to the monitor ball traveled very well. That said. I have a question I just watched Jeff Ritters 2 club drill about the plane and was wondering are all the clubs on the same angle. Should I swing my 9 iron the same plane as the driver. Even though I am a high handicapper I did not know they should be on the same plane. I figured the higher loft clubs would be more steeper plane and the longer clubs would have a flatter plane. In my office I just checked a 5i and a driver and they sure seem to have identical angles. If so this drill should help me a lot. Jeff seems like a great coach.
  14. I was looking for someting that has a taller face than my Mcgregor NVG2. The main reason is to use off the Tee box. I have a 17* hybrid I use mostly for those Tee shots when I have to lay up. As for the hybrids they may not be any taller than my current 3 wood I am just more comfortable hitting it. I also was thinking about buying a Ping G2 3 wood off the bay or 3 balls Idont know actually how it would compare. Thanks
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