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  1. Can't hit my driver to save my life!

    Square feet-check... square hips-check... square shoulders??? Use some alignment rods or an iron to assure your feet are aiming at the target. Make sure your hips are squared the same direction. Then when you are ready to swing through the ball at set-up, have a friend align another rod or iron along the path of your shoulders. Step back then and see if that path is truly equal to your feet and hip path. It may be out of alignment and surprise you. (to the left)... or secondly, even if your shoulders are aligned correctly, when you swing, you may be turning your shoulders farther left too soon, which your friend can watch for at the point of contact. If so, the clubface will follow at impact, and your drives will produce a hook or slice as you describe, especially as you get frustrated and add unneeded power to compensate. Keep the backswing slow and smooth, the power doesn't even start at the beginning of the downswing. I don't mean for this to come out wrong, but I do agree with you, you're more worried about what you can do with your driver, than what your driver can do for you... next tip... if you grip down a half inch, grip down an inch... if you grip down an inch, grip down an inch and a half, etc... you'll gain control :)
  2. This was an interesting thread. I have played Pro V1's for years (cheers @Nemicu )... However, I recently bought a dozen SR2's as I am in my early 60's and my swing speed has slowed down to the mid 90's Distance isn't everything to me so much as accuracy, with every club. Having said that, I did lose about 8 to 10 yards with my driver I noticed at the beginning of the year with my Pro V1's, but the accuracy was still there with all of my other clubs, especially my wedges. I got back the distance I lost with the SR2's right from the beginning, and kept the accuracy that I had with the Pro V1's. So I am telling this because in saying that I have played Pro V1's for years, I have also played Callaways for years as well, and here's my only problem, and I think it's a legitimate one. I have been able to count on my Pro V1's for years, being Pro V1's, with some improvement. When I think of Callaway, it seems that at least to me, they continually change. Just think back over the last few years, Tour iS or Tour iZ, which I like both of, then Hex Black, then Chrome, and Chrome +, now Speed Regime 1,2,3...what will it be next year? That's all I'm saying.. they are making me dizzy not sticking with a particular ball. So when/if I do find a Callaway ball I like, then it gets changed, whereas I know that Pro V1 will pretty much be Pro V1 with some improvement. I know there are those who will say 'well see, then the Pro V1 changes too, it just keeps the old name'... well, OK, so I guess I like the Titleist idea of keeping the Pro V1 model/name, you know? Like what if you were a NY Yankees fan, and next year they were the NY Cougars, and the following year they were the NY Gamers..etc... I think when you have a good thing you build on it, and when you aren't quite sure, you just seem to rename, and repackage/remarket it... Just MHO... I may keep on playing the SR2's as long as they provide a translation sheet so when they rename it next year I know which model it becomes....
  3. GPS watch or handheld?

    I have the Golf Buddy World Platinum. It is so cool. 40,000 courses pre-loaded. No membership of any kind, free updates, nothing ever costs you any more after the purchase. Watches, okay I understand the convenience, and like some say you would have to 'fiddle around inside of the cart' or your bag for the GPS... really? Most people seem to be able to handle their cell phones with ease though.... I keep my GPS right in the cup holder when I ride or drive the cart, without any problem, and I can't play a fiddle :) It shows up great even in the brightest sun. When I arrive at the course, I turn it on, and it automatically finds the course. The nice sized screen as opposed to the size of a watch screen clearly shows me hazards and distances to them and other information that watches just don't show as readible. All on a easy to see color screen. And I'm 62, I can see all this without my bifocals which I don't wear when I play. Love my GB WP... at least check it out before you buy something else. I took one Saturday last summer, and checked them all out first, and this is the one I bought. So glad I did.
  4. Getting Fit for Golf

    Hi Paz, I'm sure there are a lot of different workout programs, many of which are better than mine, so I'll just respond to what I'm doing and get a reply going. I'm in my early 60's so I decided that it was time to get in the best golf shape I could this winter before my league starts again in late April. So anyway, I joined the local "Y" and hired a personal trainer for 5 consecutive sessions, 5 Saturdays apart. I told her I wanted to specifically work on my body for my golf game. She has been doing this for over 20 years, so she knew where to head with me and what I would need. Tomorrow will be my last session, then I am on my own with the program we have built up and documented together. So the gist of my response is really not to list my program out, that would take too long. What I am saying is, that for me, getting into an organized facility, with a professional trainer, and clarifying my needs, one on one, was the best thing I could have ever done. At 62, I already feel like I am in the best shape I have ever been in, in preparation for an upcoming golf season. And, I have several months until my league starts to continue now, and faithfully stick with it. I learned how to exercise, what muscles are used in golf, how to have and follow a workout program for the first time in my life, and how to set and accomplish goals for myself. I couldn't have done this at home, nor with the advise of let's say 'nonprofessional' trainers or workout advisors who may have good advice, but who don't give you the exact information you are asking for when you say "a golf specific work out program" I hope this helps some. :)
  5. Ecco Biom spikeless shoes with yak leather... super comfortable, can't wait to play in them.