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  1. What a bunch of idiots run your state, we never closed here in NC.
  2. Congrats, don't overdo it. Golf is not like other sports, where the more you do it the better you get. I played 3 times a week when I worked in PA, and moved to Pinehurst, NC when I retired. I tried playing more than 3 times a week here and it was too much. The big difference is I can play 12 months of the year. Enjoy !
  3. Try a more lofted driver. I have 3 different ones an 11.5, a 13, and a 13.5. The 13.5 is one I can adjust I can adjust higher but I don't . You can get away with a mishit on a more lofted driver and the bigger head (compared to a 3 wood or hybrid) is also more forgiving. I laugh when I see guys that can't hit a 5 wood straight off a tee hitting a 9.5 degree driver and cant figure out why they cant break 100 !!
  4. Does anyone know of a site that shows golf courses on a map by state ? Thanks
  5. OK thanks I was confused, but you meant old USERNAME, not e mail. At least I get credit for my old posts and am closer to posting on mplace forum.
  6. Thanks, but I could not figure out how to contact administrators to change my e mail and could not log into my account so I opened another one. Maybe someone on the site can help me out here.
  7. Can someone help with posting on marketplace here (for a want to buy) I can't seem too... do I need special permission ? Thanks PS I am not a newbie, I moved, no longer have my old E mail address and cant seem to change it, maybe someone can help me out with that ? my old user name was yellowboy.
  8. Thanks but I don't keep my scorecards after I enter the score, but I will from now on. Well at least I found out that I am not as bad as I thought I was !!
  9. Thanks for the replies - but that leads to another question - How would I get an initial handicap starting out IF I did not post actual total scores ?
  10. I have a question about GHIN scores - I recently started keeping a handicap and have been posting my total scores.I am currenly a 16.7. I heard that you can only take a maximum score on a hole based on your handicap but I have been posting an honest total (yes some 8, 9's and 10's). I read a 7 is max for me after I posted about 25 scores. My question is am I cheating by posting actual scores (or cheating myself ?) Thanks
  11. Well the EMG did not show a pinched nerve. So the MD said wait and see if it goes away. Not real happy about it, but it's the lesser of 2 evils. ( numbness vs. pain. )
  12. Thanks ALS8, I wish the surgeon would have told me that, but you know how they work- they give you 1 minute of their time per visit. HE IS NOT GETTING OFF THAT EASY TOMORROW ! All the hunt-able ring-necked pheasants here in PA are stocked by the state (not wild) but the dog does not care and they taste good !
  13. ALS8, Thanks for asking. Well I did everything I was supposed to , PT, rest, no golf, exercises and unfortunately it's not over. Shortly after my surgery my pinky and ring finger started tingling and going numb and he thinks that there is a post operative pinched nerve and he may have to go in there again. #@$%!&*!! He told me that 6 weeks ago but could not get me in for an EMG until tomorrow, so I'll know more then. The pain is gone, but I would like to get rid of this numbness as well. I'll keep you posted. I am skeptical on creams,etc.as well but I just gave you "no cut" folks some fodder against surgery ! Still can't golf of course, but at least me and my new yellowboy have been getting pheasants as I can hunt !
  14. Thanks, His name was Gus and alas he passed of the same disease almost 3 years ago as well. He was great dog, companion and hunter. I have a new guy now, just as great, and since I got my surgery we are driving each other crazy !
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