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  1. Is the USGA/R&A choking golf or keeping its integrity?

    I believe that the USGA has established reasonable limits on equipment (including balls) that protect the game but allow for some game improvement. I am 66 and with a 460cc Titanium Driver and bunch of hybrids I am still fine playing up to 6200 yards. But to allow unrestricted equipment changes that allow ridiculous distances would undermine the game and most of the golf courses that exist. Fred Couples average drive today as a Senior is 20 yards longer than when he won the Masters, so yes, the equipment today is longer. But it is not off the charts especially given the athleticism of many on the PGA Tour, advanced swing analysis, and custom fitting of clubs. Overall I believe we are at a good place with our equipment limits but if you want to play non-conforming equipment and not keep an official handicap knock yourself out.
  2. Original Great Big Bertha

    I went from persimmons to the original Big Bertha to the Taylor Made 320cc, and then to the 460cc Ping G5 followed by the G15. I adapted very quickly to the larger club heads. I strongly recommend a used Ping G15 which can be had for under $100 and performs great. It is also non-adjustable which for some of us older folks is a plus.
  3. Left/Right Shot Dispersion- Whats Yours?

    I hit a fade with the driver down through my 6h (gave up fairway woods and long and mid irons). 7 iron through wedge I tend to pull.
  4. John Daly and the Hall of Fame

    I voted "no" based on the number of PGA Tour wins. I chose Couples, but now that I think about it again I should have selected someone else (e.g. Jack, Woods, Norman, etc.). I will see if I can change my vote.
  5. I have a slower swing speed (Driver 85-88 mph) for reference. I have tried the original Tru Soft and the most recent version and it is plenty long and surprisingly good around the greens for a 2 piece surlyn ball. I played the NXT for years until I tried the Gamer V2 and then a number of ball including Gamer Tour, Maxfli U/3, and Gamer Soft. I found the NXT to be somewhat shorter for my swing compared to the DT Tru Soft, and prefer the feel of the softer Tru Soft around the green. If you like the softer golf balls I have found that the Gamer Soft and the e6 Soft good options and if you have a slower swing speed and just want to add some yardage the Softfli and SuperSoft are a lot of fun but roll out more on the fairways (which I like) and the greens (be careful!). But if it has to say Titleist, the Tru Soft is reasonably priced and for my game a better ball than the NXT.
  6. The chart looks like a group's opinion based on their stereotypes and I would like to see how they gathered their data. Of course PGA followers would have to skew Republican because of all the private club members, but try getting on a muni or county course on a weekend. College football skews Republican? Is that because it is so popular in the Southeast? Ever been to a Michigan - Ohio State game? And of course the WNBA is all the way left because of the support it receives from lesbians. I am not buying the chart's findings.
  7. I have purchased both new but a model year older and used if the club looks in great shape. If you have it and are buying used on the internet use PayPal in case their is a problem. I agree that a year or 2 older model has an established track record and in many ways is a safer buy. Actually, I still play the Ping G15 driver that I purchased new when the G30 was already on the market. I have tried most of the next generation Ping "G" drivers including the G400 and hit them about as well as the G15.
  8. Etiquette

    I am guilty of a few brief expletives if I am playing with a couple of my male friends. If I am playing with a woman (especially one I have just met) I find it very easy to keep the trash talk down - I suspect that was ingrained in me at a young age. I know they are just words, but if someone cannot complete a full sentence without using the F bomb 5 or 6 times I am turned off and stop listening.
  9. Drivers I have loved...in the past.

    I think I get it!
  10. Drivers I have loved...in the past.

    The original Big Bertha changed my driving game tremendously and I used it until the face cracked. I then switched to the TM 320cc driver and even added a few yards. I kept that driver until about 7 years ago, face cracked, and I was starting to lose distance with age. I tried the 460cc Ping G and got some distance and consistency back (face cracked again) and now play the Ping G15 at age 66. Shorter than 20 years ago with the Big Bertha but very consistent and can still handle most middle tees.
  11. Tee It Forward

    I started at age 40 on the white tees with persimmons and blades and 26 years later I am still on the white tees with today's drivers and 6 hybrids in my bag. Unlike many of you I never felt that I belonged on the blues, even when I was about 10-15 yards longer than I am now off the tee. I have played the blues at a few courses as a novelty (usually related to a $$ match) but usually take a beating. I look at the white tees as appropriate for the average male golfer which I am. If the OP was a regular on the blue tees I can understand not wanting to acknowledge the fact that you are not as long as you used to be, but the point is to enjoy the game and if you are incapable or reaching most GIR then it may be time to move up. GHIN will take care of the difference and your handicap will still be accurate.
  12. I did treat myself to 3 dozen Softfli's , 2 dozen Gamer Softs, and 1 dozen Duo U's at crazy low prices starting Black Friday. I did receive a pair of very dark blue sunglasses that are supposed to help you find golf balls on the ground or rough. I will try them in the Sping - at my age I can use all the help I can get especially on solo practice rounds.
  13. I have only tried the G400 Driver and hit a couple of dozen drives. Very good driver and I hit the ball about as good as my current G15. Perhaps its my swing speed (88-85mph) or ability but I did not notice much of a difference. I am also a "resister" when it comes to adjustable clubs but I know at some time I will have to make the switch. For myself there is not reason to switch from the G15.
  14. Beginner Golf Clubs

    I would check out brand name sets of used golf clubs, do not buy “cheap” golf clubs, there is no reason to. You can get some great deals on the internet. Have fun and enjoy the game!
  15. Crowds and slow golf are making me quit the game

    My home course allows 10 minutes between tee times which is adequate for most golfers. However, on weekends and holidays it can still get jammed up resulting in 4.5 hour rounds.

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