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  1. NJpatbee

    Would you watch a Ryder Cup style of NFL vs NBA?

    No interest.
  2. NJpatbee

    Graphite Shaft Irons

    I switched to all graphite in my early 50's and my back, wrists, and fingers have been thankful ever since. I am now 66 and find that i can still generate respectable speed with graphite without trying to lengthen my swing. I started t age 40 with steel shafts but once I tried the graphite shafts I was amazed by the softer feel of contact, even fat shots.
  3. In NW Jersey I have run into bears (which frequent my yard) and coyotes on the golf course. No harm done.
  4. NJpatbee

    My new too lazy to bring my own rubber tee method

    I started bringing my own rubber tees to ranges that have them. My preference is a grass hitting areas where I can use my normal wooden tees. Clever idea in a pinch but I believe I would tire of replacing the tee after I snap it or it winds up in the range area where others are hitting.
  5. NJpatbee

    Costco Kirkland Ball

    I am a higher handicap golfer and not a high ball hitter, but when I play a Prov1 I hit moonshots with my irons and come up short. A Tour ball was not designed for a golfer like myself but I still bought 2 dozen because of the hype. I will give them a try - I did like the RBZ U and Maxfli U/3 so who knows.
  6. NJpatbee

    Golf Course Food

    My home course has a excellent grill but closes at 7PM. They make one of the best burgers I have ever had.
  7. NJpatbee

    "Putting is a huge part of the game."

    A lot of emotion and strong opinions - I am jumping in late. I have not read LSW ( I probably should) and have also never been better than a mid-teens HCP golfer. I never played or practiced enough and it is a great season if I play 20 official rounds. I am an adequate putter which I practice occasionally at the course. I am also a 17 HCP and it has very little to do with my putting.
  8. NJpatbee

    Why pay over 100 to play a round?

    I would pay the big bucks to play Pebble or Pinehurst #2 and the like, but a round over $100 is typically a vacation round. At my home course I average $45/round and will pay up to $100 for a change of scenery on a good course.
  9. NJpatbee

    What sunscreen do you use?

    I use SPF 50 or better lotion from any major manufacturer. I have a darker Italian complexion and never thought I needed it until I got skin cancer.
  10. NJpatbee

    Why Don't More Clubs Paint The Holes?

    I never noticed it.
  11. I will second the Gamer Soft. I would stay away from super high spin balls like the ProV1. I plan to try the Duo U this season to see how much better it performs On the green without spinning like a true tour ball.
  12. NJpatbee

    Highest Price You've Paid For Green Fees

    I have paid up to $175 in places like Hilton Head, Myrtle, and the Orlando area - not once in a lifetime courses. I would pay up to $400 - $500 for Pebble, Pinehurst #2, The Old Course and maybe a couple of others. At my home course as a Senior I pay $45 on weekdays and weekends after 2PM. I rarely pay more than $90 and that is typically on vacation.
  13. NJpatbee

    Go to club or shot from 125 yards. READ ORIGINAL POST!!!

    A well struck 8i or a slightly fat 7i if I am a bit off at this stage in the game.
  14. NJpatbee

    Rory or Spieth - who has the better career?

    I went with Jordan based on his age and demeanor. Rory is also a great talent and fiery which I like, but too much adrenaline is not a good thing.

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