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  1. Parity on tour

    I enjoy watching the horse race in today's tournaments with a number of golfers able to turn it on to win. But watching Tiger in his prime thee was watching a phenom that occurs maybe once a generation. Sure he was long, but insane shots he made on a regular basis was exceptional. A young Tiger entering today's Tour with better equipment would dominate the way he did in his actual prime years since he had the ability to play great on a regular basis. None of today's golfers are in that category although they can occasionally dominate. The same Tiger like dominance could be attributed to Jack who dominated because he played exceptional golf on a regular basis. Bottom line, as a golfer I enjoyed the Tiger years and also the current group of excellent golfers with no one dominant player..
  2. MG Senior Golf Ball

    I am 65 and would not use a non-conforming ball. There is such a wide selection of conforming golf balls available that IMO add some distance for our slower swings. Just a guess, but I suspect as others have said that MG bought a bunch of balls and they turned out to be non-conforming but are trying to sell them to seniors assuming many of us do not care.
  3. Thoughts on Scoring Well vs Improving

    If you evaluate the state of your game using a handicap system the slope and difficulty of your blue tees should even things out. It sounds like you have the distance for the blues. If that will not work for you may want to consider a different club for next season.
  4. Big 5 Golf

    I would agree with the above Big 5. Fowler perhaps in the future.
  5. PGA Championship Moving to May

    The FedEx Cup is important to the pro's because of the $$ but to me it is nowhere near as exciting and important as the four majors or Ryder Sup.
  6. Ideal Pitching/Layup Distance

    Other than laying up short of a lateral hazard that I may not carry I always hit my second shot on a par 5 as far as I can, which is shorter than most of you. I am normally not laying up on par 5's but I just cannot reach the green in 2. I also am much more effective from 30 yards or less and will be closer to the pin than most of the 90+ yard approach shots I hit.
  7. Sad story about David Feherty's son

    Terrible to hear and a true National epidemic.
  8. POLL: Is Jordan Spieth a Whiny Baby?

    I think Jordan is a little whiny but I do like him. It is likely his somewhat longer vents on a bad shot and the moderate tone of his voice that comes across whiny. I understand he is just thinking out loud but he does remind me of a soft spoken Popeye (the original one for those of you old enough to remember) who was constantly commenting to himself. Jordan is complaining which is fine but his voice is not as dominant as his golf game!
  9. I voted Spieth but the PGA Championship has the toughest field of the majors. Rory has the talent to win the Masters but I just believe that it will happen after Spieth wins the PGA. Spieth can get the willy's as he showed by bogeying 3 of the first 4 holes last Sunday but was able to calm himself and recover. Rory strikes me as more emotional which can be a disaster at Augusta as Spieth and Norman have shown. They are both great golfers but neither are dominant players like Tiger or Jack.
  10. Seeing slopes correctly on the green

    I will have to look this up since my aging eyes are having a difficult time reading greens. I can look at a hole from both sides and it look like it is downhill both ways which I know is impossible.
  11. Leave the Driver in the Bag?

    Over the years I have tinkered with my club selection as I have aged. I am to the point that the only wood I carry is the driver, and then go to a 2 hybrid. The driver is one of my most consistent clubs and I need it on most par 4s and 5s since my typical carry and roll on a good swing is about 220. I hit my 2h longer than my 3 wood, especially off the fairway, which is slightly over 200 max. If I were able to hit a 3 wood 250 I would work on the driver and move back to the tips! To the OP, I think you are missing out by staying away from the driver. The sweet spot on my 440cc Ping driver is about the size of a silver dollar and even a hit off the toe will make its way about 200 yards out for this 65 year old.
  12. The "friendly wager" dilemma....

    The only times I have played strangers for money have been when I am a guest at a private club and have not met one or more of the golfers in our foursome. I knew that I would be a playing a pricey Nassau with automatic presses (which I hate) and have both lost and won several hundred dollars in a match which I really do not need to do to enjoy the game. I am not a good golfer and the worst situation is when a low handicapper is really off and has to hand me over a sizeable amount of money which typically results in some bitterness on that golfer's part. I used to play a regular Sunday $1 skins game with the same group and that was fine but I rarely gamble on the course anymore. I just enjoy the game and get my biggest satisfaction out of playing well (for me). I have also never been asked by a stranger to play for a few bucks. That being said, I still keep my handicap on GHIN in case some friends want to play for a few bucks or when I get my invitation to play Pine Valley which requires an official 22 HCP or better.
  13. Just married my wife and I purchased an Audi Fox when it was first sold in the US. It was a total hodgepodge of mostly Volkswagen parts that was the worst car I have ever owned. Expensive to maintain, always in the shop, and had a ventura in the carburetor that was screwed in and would fall off allowing gas to pour into the engine as you were driving. One of many problems.
  14. 5 Wood or Hybrid?

    Like others have said, much depends on your swing. 15 years ago (age 50) I had the driver, and a 4, 7. and 9 wood in my bag. Since trying the hybrids as I lost club head speed with age I carry only 1 wood, the driver. I use the 2 thru 6 hybrid and my game has improved in the last few years. You seem to hit both the 3h and 5w well but I for one find the hybrid better out of the rough or on uneven lies.