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  1. Majors, wins, longevity, total dominance for an extended period of time. Tiger had the most dominant 10 year period and is IMO the most talented golfer of all time, but his career still has a few more years to go. It is likely Tiger will break Snead's record for number of wins and if he gets another major he would then get my vote for greatest career.
  2. Snead, Hogan, Palmer, Hagen, Sarazen, and Jones are all viable candidates for a variety of reasons.
  3. I hit a "line drive" shot with most of my clubs and count on the ball rolling out quite a bit. A very wet course curtails my game enough to add 2-4 strokes to my score. Having just moved to the windy Jersey Shore last Fall I can manage with my lower ball flight but steady winds of 25mph+ will add a couple of strokes. I also have yet to figure out how the wind can be in my face on 14 of 18 holes!
  4. Between Masters.com, The Golf Channel, and CBS I thought the coverage was the best it has been.
  5. I chose Tiger not just because of his win at the 2019 Masters but for a period of about 10 years he was the most talented golfer there ever was. As of now Jack probably had the better overall career and had a world of talent also. Both of these golfers pulled off improbable Masters wins but for entirely different reasons. Jack's game was down in 1986 (for him) but he managed to summon up the magic for the Masters. Tiger's game was gone for quite a few years but after multiple surgeries he is back in the top 10 after winning the 2018 Tour Championship and 2019 Masters. I expect he will break Snead's record number of wins and likely win another major. But is it was the wonder years of 1997 - 2007 when Tiger earned the title of greatest golfer of all time while Jack still has the greatest career of all time.
  6. I just started playing again this season and it will be my first year playing and living at the "windy" Jersey Shore. I played my first legitimate round on Wednesday and was paired with a pleasant golfer who asked if I planned on leaving the pin in. Based on what I have read here and other writings I decided I would leave the pin in. On the back nine I had a short par putt (not normal for me!) and left the pin in on about a 30 inch putt. The ball was heading ring for the hole and instead of falling in it hit the pin and went sideways about 6 inches. I looked at the hole and from the direction I putted the ball would not fit in the hole because the pin had been moved by the wind. It was not howling at the time but a previous gust of wind had caused the the pin to lean. I appreciate all the work done on the study described in this thread but in the future I will check the pin carefully and pull it if it is leaning towards the direction I am putting from.
  7. Not that I lose sleep over it but Kuchar's stiffing of his caddie in Mexico and then standing by it until he felt the heat changed my view of him from "All American Boy" to the "Ugly American". He did pony up $50,000 to the caddie and apologized after being skewered but his original "be thankful you poor Mexican for the $5,000" defense was a loud statement about his values and does make him the villain of the day for me.
  8. NJpatbee

    First Time Out

    I played a solo round last Saturday. As a practice round with no one near me I took multiple shots on most holes and hit some good shots and some terrible ones. I managed to clear out most of the loose golf balls in my bag but enjoyed myself. I did go to the range twice this week after declaring myself not ready for prime time yet and my swing is coming back (for my 16 handicap).
  9. 220 from the white tees which used to be 4 wood 20 years ago. Today at 67 I would be short with my driver. What is amazing is that the course was built in 1929 and has at least 6 par 4’s well over 400 yards, a monster par 5, and the par 3 mentioned above. Try that with hickory shafts!
  10. I started at age 40 and for the most part played or practiced once/week. 20 rounds in a season is good for me and I am a 16 handicap. I selected 10-13 as an attainable handicap since there are people that are more naturally talented at golf than I am. Some of my fully retired friends play 150+ rounds/year and a couple are high single digit handicaps. Although, I may be age biased starting at a later age.
  11. My own clubs - At age 67 I have a very customized set.
  12. I will use a pitching wedge 90% of the time, even if I have to hood the face a touch. A sand wedge or a 7 iron make up the other 10%.
  13. It is cruel, but from what I have read about the rule and the pictures above it is likely not a hole in one. That being said I do not like the rule and believe that the pin should be removed and the ball placed back in the same spot - if it falls in the hole then ace, otherwise tap in birdie. But, I don't make the rules! I was typing as your post came up and I almost duplicated your post! Sorry.
  14. 100: It took 1 1/2 seasons (about 35 rounds) 90: About 2 years after breaking 100 (about 50 additional rounds) 80: N/A 70: N/A
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