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  1. NJpatbee

    Will the New Flagstick Rule Become a Fiasco?

    I have yet to play with the new rule but I do not anticipate that it will wreak any type of havoc on our golf rounds.
  2. NJpatbee

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    I say underrated. Even though today's broadcasts move to different holes there is still enough quiet time where a competent golf announcer can add some substance to the round. I did not always agree with him but Johnny Miller but his 25 PGA wins and two majors gave a lot of credibility and insight (and criticism!).
  3. NJpatbee

    Do You Play with a Phone in Your Pocket?

    No. Usually in the cart or bag if I am walking, always muted. I have had one occasion where a player in our foursome took a serious fall and I called the club house and they got an ambulance to come to us. I check the phone once or twice over 18 holes and have used it if we decide to play another 9 to call my wife and let her know that the course is all backed up so I will be late.
  4. NJpatbee

    Unsolicited Shot/Swing Advice

    I will never offer unsolicited advice, especially as a 16 HCP that is lucky to play 25 rounds/season. That being said I have asked regular partners more than once to see if they can notice something in my swing causing whatever issue I am having. As for strangers. including golf course rangers and maintenance staff, I do not ask for or want their advice.
  5. NJpatbee

    Tee or No Tee?

    This describes me exactly.
  6. NJpatbee

    What are Your 2019 Golf Goals?

    2019 Goals Decide on a new home course since moving Play 40 18 hole rounds with at least 15 eligible for handicap entry Work on solid contact with the ball for additional distance Lower my 16.3 handicap index by a stroke
  7. NJpatbee

    Recap Your 2018 Goals

    My 2018 goals for golf were as follows: Keep my back healthy by continuing to perform strengthening exercises I was OK until I started planning to move in August and wrenched my back - lost 4 weeks Improve the accuracy of my short irons and wedges by eliminating my many fat shots and practicing on grass ranges without a mat Somewhat better but fat is still my miss Practice more than once per week by stopping at the range on the way home from work for 20-30 minutes Did not happen Play at least 25 18 hole rounds and have the ability to post at least 15 of them which may require traveling farther than my home course to play with friends and relatives - this will be the most challenging goal since my window for golf is limited i played about 20 rounds with 10 rounds with other people that I could post for my handicap. Lower my 17.5 handicap by one full point Got down to 16.3 Semi or fully retire Fall of 2018 so I can have grander expectations for 2019 I semi retired in April of 2018 Play more than four times with my grandson - his schedule is worse than mine with baseball, soccer, and school activities Did achieve this but will be difficult in 2019 since I have moved
  8. With close friends and family there are always verbal thank you’s, nice comments, and sometimes a handshake. For everyone else it is hat off and a handshake.
  9. NJpatbee

    Srixon Golf Balls

    I purchased 3 dozen Srixon Soft during the cyber Monday sale from Dicks. I will give my opinion in the Spring.
  10. NJpatbee

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Underrated. I am somewhat old school and 67 years old but my father was an avid golfer who started caddying during the peak of the Depression at an exclusive course. At that tine the dress code was oppressive by today's standard but it was done out of respect for the game. As a kid my father would take us to the driving range and he always wore a nice golf shirt and pressed slacks and ingrained the idea that to play the game you should dress accordingly and look like a golfer (according to his definition). I took the game seriously at age 40 and would not considering playing dressed in less than proper golf attire. For myself, and many from my generation, looking good on the course is a tribute to the legacy of the great game that we are fortunate to be playing. It also helps (me) play more focused and according to the rules of golf. And it does not have to be expensive!
  11. NJpatbee

    What's Worse: 50 Yds Away in Rough or 100 Ft Putt?

    I will assume deep rough and would definitely take the 100 foot putt. I believe I would 3 putt the majority of times while I would not be on the green most times at 50 yards from deep rough, making 4 strokes to get in likely.
  12. NJpatbee

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Overrated for most golfers. I am also surprised that there are some who believe that there are only golf balls designed for the elite or hard rocks that cannot hold a green at all. The golf ball market place has a lot to offer for golfers of all abilities and at a variety of price points. As a 16 handicap I have played Prov1, Prov1X, TP5, and have a dozen 4 piece Ksigs that I do not know what to do with. My swing just does not take advantage of what the urethene balls have to offer and in fact they are a detriment. Balls like the Top Flite Gamer Soft, Srixon Soft Feel. and DT TruSoft work great for my 67 year old game.
  13. NJpatbee

    Why Do You Play Golf? A Two Option Poll

    I play golf to have fun and one or two poor rounds are normal at my level. I did have an 8 week period about 10 years ago where it was like I had never touched a club before and that was no fun and I wound up giving up the game for almost a year. I do not have to shoot low scores (since an 86 is about as good as I get!) but I just want to play at or near my ability on most occasions.
  14. I was most impressed by the fluid and seemingly effortless swing of Fred Couples.
  15. NJpatbee

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    I will say slightly underrated since it can be a life changer for the relatively unknown professional golfer (even if fleeting) and can certainly help define a regular winner's legacy. Many of the best golfers plan their schedules around the majors and the pressure to win is greatest during these 4 tournaments. I have been to 2 PGA Championships and 1 Masters and most golfers I watched looked like they had the weight of the world on their shoulders, especially if they were in contention. The atmosphere and intensity is more like the Stanley Cup Finals, Super Bowl, or game 7 of the World Series. The most underrated tournament of all is the PGA Championship which has the strongest field of the four majors but not the same prestige. Winning any PGA Tour event is a great accomplishment, but winning a major is part of golf history.

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