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  1. NJpatbee

    When does it make sense to quit?

    I gave it up for a year when i could no longer make any kind of contact with the ball. I delved into my other passion, fly fishing for trout, and enjoyed myself. The golf bug did bite me again and I have continued to be an avid golfer at age 66. Try taking a break doing something else you enjoy.
  2. NJpatbee

    What do you do when your driver isn't working?

    I am not a long hitter by any means but my driver is probably my most consistent club. In fact it is the only wood that I carry. I just remind myself to not try to kill the ball and most of my drives stay in play about 190 - 210 yards out.
  3. I am with the majority in covering my head and ducking away from the sound of the "fore". Occasionally if I hit an errant shot and it is heading right towards a green or tee I will yell "Fore on the green" or "Fore on the tee". No time to figure out exactly which green or tee but people tend to protect themselves on any green or tee within shouting range.
  4. NJpatbee

    A *Serious* Loss of Distance!

    I am 66 also and I have come to accept that 210 is a long drive for me. I played today for the first time in a month and most of my drives were playable but less than 200. Thank goodness for hybrids as I was able to get within 20 yards of the green on holes over 400 and scored fairly well for me, but I do need my short game to be on. It's a different game as we age but we can still score.
  5. NJpatbee

    Oh my aching ______! (Fill in the blank)

    Right now I am on the DL due to straining my bad back during a move to a different house - on my way to the chiropractor in 10 minutes. I haven't played in almost a month due to the move and now I know it will be a couple of weeks before I can swing again and the season in Jersey will be winding down soon. The bright spot is that I moved from the very cold NW part of the State to near the more moderate Jersey Shore in the SE which may give me an extra week or two of golf weather.
  6. I have 2 (sporting) passions - golf and fly fishing. I have been fly fishing since I was 21 and did not take golf seriously until age 40. I split my time and was heavy into golf during the warm months but never was better than a middle teens handicap. I am a much more accomplished fly fisherman than golfer and when I hit the point about 8 years ago that I was an embarrassment on the course I gave it up for a full year and enjoyed my other passion. I got bit by the bug playing a NJ course that has a trout stream along side it stopping to watch a few golfers play. I went back to the range not expecting much but I hit the ball better than I had in a few years and reversed the amount of effort put into my two passions. I play more golf now than fly fishing for trout and of my seven official rounds this season five of them were in he mid-high 80's - OK for this 66 year old. Lessons learned? I needed a break from the self inflicted pressure of playing decent golf and it is always good to have multiple passions in your life.
  7. NJpatbee

    This is some crazy elevation

    I could never swing a golf club on that cliff in South Africa. In fact, I would never try to stand on it (I had a tough time with the Grand Canyon). The hole shown in Japan does look like the golfer could be driving to a different fairway - if not I am definitely out!
  8. NJpatbee

    What driver brand do you use?

    Ping G15. I have tried some of the newer versions but for my swing I saw no noticeable difference, plus it is not adjustable which this older golfer prefers.
  9. NJpatbee

    Need Some Advice on Playing Golf With Higher Handicappers

    You will find peace when you only play solo or with other low cappers that take their game more seriously than they should. As a 16 HCP I was taught golf etiquette and respect at a young age (although I did not start playing seriously until age 40) so please do not make such rash assumptions regarding players with less ability than yourself. I also suspect your entire post was a troll.
  10. NJpatbee

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    After all the years of injury and personal problems Tiger is playing at age 42 the way I would have expected him to without the melodrama of the last 10 years. Watching the amazing recovery shots he made demonstrated his raw talent and he certainly can keep up with the young guns. If he can tame his driver he has multiple wins ahead of him and perhaps a major or two. To be at this stage in his first year back was beyond my expectations (and maybe Tiger's).
  11. NJpatbee

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    Great leaderboard on Sunday and steady play by Koepka who deserved the win. Tiger did have a Tiger like performance and made it interesting and fun to watch.
  12. NJpatbee

    Finding a home course

    Location, lack of crowds, and great course maintenance and conditions.
  13. NJpatbee


  14. NJpatbee

    What is your driver loft?

    10.5 with an 88 mph driver ss. Higher than a line drive but not a high ball hitter and I do get a fair bit of roll out.
  15. NJpatbee

    Distance up? The same?

    I am a 66 year old golfer and as expected I am shorter than I was 16 years ago off the tee. However, the larger sweet spot on the 460cc drivers, hybrids, and some improvements with the golf balls have me still playing from the same tees (men's) but about 25 yards shorter with my drives. This is a very difficult stat to measure with amateurs due to age and I believe analyzing the pro distances gives a clearer picture of distance gain.

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