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  1. I voted "yes" with the understanding that no organization is perfect. Sure, courses need to be set up to allow for maximum roll out in the fairway and some speedy greens to make it entertaining to the casual golf watcher. The PGA Tour is in business for itself but their tournaments do raise good amounts of money for charities. I watch some of most PGA Tour tournaments and do enjoy them and agree that they do help the business of golf. Although they are often involved in controversy I do look to the USGA to maintain the integrity of the game and sponsor the US Open championships.
  2. I started playing golf at age 40 with a bad back and always preferred to ride although I would always walk an executive course near my house. Fatigue and pain are killers and my back and now my hip have 2-3 miles of walking in them before they impact my game negatively . At 68 I could walk 9 but prefer not to.
  3. I believe that there are too many PGA Tournaments which has led us to the season ending in the Fall and new tournaments starting right up. The FedEx cup is a great payday for one golfer but I could do without it and have a few autumn tournaments and then call it a season. I understand the benefit that some charities get from the less prestigious tournaments but there is some over saturation. As for the PGL is they get enough sponsors it may fly but there are too many traditional events that would suppress player participation. And would they be willing to give up their PGA Tour Cards? I doubt it.
  4. Normally water unless it is very hot when I add at least one or two Gatorade/Powerade drinks.
  5. My home course is about 20 minutes away. I would drive up to an hour to play a good different course on occasion.
  6. I have a much slower swing speed than the OP and am 68 years old. When I was 63 - 64 I switched to hybrids from my 2i thru 6i. It rejuvenated my game to the point that I am hitting distances that I was hitting in my late 50's. In my opinion the hybrids are much easier to hit but looking at your distance with a 5 iron you may not notice a big difference but will be interested to know how they work out for the OP.
  7. I was probably fly fishing for trout.
  8. I went from 16.5 to 16.9. I did sign on to the ghin website but it took several tries.
  9. I agree with fat shots which can ruin an entire round for me. Shanks are unnerving but for me they are an anomaly and go away after one good swing. Hitting 3 or 4 fat shots per round can stick with me for a couple of weeks.
  10. I do not know exactly but I would take a guess at 8-9.
  11. 2019 Goals Decide on a new home course since moving Play 40 18 hole rounds with at least 15 eligible for handicap entry Work on solid contact with the ball for additional distance Lower my 16.3 handicap index by a stroke I did join a nearby semi-private club in 2019. I played about 30 rounds but had 20 eligible for handicap. I did make decent contact but did not gain much in the way of distance. And my handicap went down a half point for a while but I ended up at 16.5 .
  12. As a 68 year old 16 Hcp I play better with a soft feeling ball that has decent performance on the green. I have played many of the premium tour level balls with no difference in final score than my surlyn softer golf balls. I agree that a more talented golfer can do things with a tour ball that most of us cannot.
  13. I drink very good scotch and have tried it neat but unless I am nursing a cold or the flu I much prefer ice. I suppose it is the way I started drinking it in my 30's and it is what I enjoy. I know, I cringe when my grandkids put ketchup on hot dogs but they like it.
  14. Excellent golfer and competitor but he always seemed a bit quiet in front of the camera. Let's see how he does.
  15. NJpatbee

    36 In A Day

    About 20 years ago when I was a youngster of 47 I would travel to the Dallas area for business once/month. I would fly to Dallas on Saturday and be on the local public course at 7AM Saturday after a light breakfast. I would finish 18 by 10:15, put my name on the list and have time for heartier breakfast and be on my second 18 by 11AM. I would finish the second 18 by 2:30, put my name on the list, and grab a sandwich. I would usually be playing my third 18 by about 3:15 and with more people on the course would finish by 7:30 and head to the local sports bar after 54 holes. Now, I could do this when there was enough light by riding a cart, and playing Sunday morning and early afternoon when most locals were busy with their church duties. Today it would be out of the question.
  16. I am a child of the 60's, went to Woodstock, and attended college in Boston from 1969 to 1973. I have seen many example of frequent pot users losing ambition and failing in their jobs or dropping out of school by refusing to attend classes. Just like alcohol, marijuana has a lot of negative effects especially in young people and habitual users. I also do not want to see people put in jail for smoking pot or drinking, but we cannot be blind to the negative consequences of abusers. That being said, I enjoy a good single malt scotch at least 4 or 5 times per week but cannot remember the last time I over drank I do have a friend that is a very good golfer that smokes a small amount of pot before every round and claims it helps his concentration and ability to perform. So is it a PED? For some it may be. I personally cannot stand the effects of THC and the last thing I need on a golf course is a scotch on the rocks to help my game.
  17. Other than handicapped charity tournaments I have never played in a tournament. A lot of gambling in the past which is why I have always kept my handicap. I recently joined a semi-private club with a full slate of tournaments for members but my game just hasn't been where I had hoped. My goal is to play next year in the Senior Championship (gross score) and finish in the top 10.
  18. I will not play in the rain or if it is below 50F. Wind is the biggest factor when I play but I just go with it. I have yet to figure out why on my home course the wind can be in my face on 14 of 18 holes!
  19. Playing the ball too far forward on the course because I like the way it looks. On the practice range I play the ball back farther in my stance and rarely miss a shot. Lack of discipline on my part and a bad habit that I should be able to break.
  20. Getting ready to turn 68 if I crush a drive it may carry and roll 225 so of course I would tee off any time the group in front is 260+ out - I cannot reach them even with a good forward bounce on the cart path.
  21. I would take the eagle twice per year for the rest of my life.
  22. It has rarely happened but I have moved the ball off a rock so as to not damage my club or wrists. I used to live in hilly, rocky NW Jersey but it is not longer an issue near the Jersey Shore. If I am playing in a $$ match or for handicap I take an unplayable lie penalty.
  23. I have 17 posted rounds this season which is the most I have had in 10 years and I believe that my handicap is fairly accurate. If the weather cooperates I hope to have at least 20 and have my handicap current.
  24. I use a 2h thru 6h and at age 67 I believe that the hybrids have kept me in the game. 25 years ago I could hit a good 2 iron but once I turned 60 I found that I could no longer generate enough club head speed for long and mid irons (a chronic bad back did not help). The hybrids are a tremendous help for me and I find them easy to hit.
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