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  1. I posted solo rounds before the rule change but have abided by the rule since it went into effect. At my prior course I played about half my rounds solo and was concerned that my handicap would be less accurate, and to some degree it was. I tend to score better by playing within myself when playing with others and my handicap dropped by about a point. I play few solo rounds since I have moved (lost the entire 2020 season due to health issues) but used them for what they were, practice rounds. I am a higher handicap golfer and to lose 2 sleeves of balls on the occasional solo round was not
  2. I said low to mid 90's which is an average day. My new course is tough for this 16 HCP and a great day for me is high 80's. Low 90's is the median.
  3. As a 16 HCP it would be pitching wedge onto the green with as much elevation as possible so the ball does not run out too far. Likely 3 shots into the hole.
  4. The occasional expletive while playing golf does not bother me since it happens to me all the time. I do think that the PGA Tour professionals that are miked up should make an effort to maintain control and keep it PG most of the time. Unfortunately many of these pros are role models for younger golfers so constant F-Bombs should be avoided. Also, I have known people that cannot say a sentence without using the F-Bomb several times. Sorry, I am 68 years old and find it annoying and degrading. But that is not what JT and others (including myself) are doing. An expletive after something r
  5. Well, my course has filed for bankruptcy and looking at other courses in the area there does seem to be some gouging. Mt season is over due to illness but I do hope that next season sees some normalcy.
  6. 3 wood off the fairway. I stopped trying and go to my 2h instead.
  7. Bring the rakes back. Most people use them where I play and the bunkers were designed with rakes in mind. I see no reason to make the game more difficult.
  8. When the season opens in NJ I will playing the Trufeel. I played the Trusoft for most of last season and it was fine.
  9. If I don't overdo the backswing my chances of a good swing increase greatly.
  10. I got the hat and also received the magazine.
  11. NJpatbee

    Love and Hate

    I love the feeling of playing a round with my grandson and making shots that I normally would not. I hate taking 5 months off from golf in the winter.
  12. 1. Yes. My wife is undergoing chemotherapy and her immune system is compromised so she stays away from crowded enclosed areas like a supermarket or movie theater. We are also canceling our annual St. Patrick's Day dinner which we host for our family. No panic but just trying to be cautious. 2. No. I am a couple of weeks away from swinging a club but I do not see it impacting playing golf.
  13. Once you have ruled out any serious medical conditions I also suggest that you give a chiropractor a try. I have had back and neck issues for over 30 years and it definitely has helped me. Good luck!
  14. As a mid-high handicapper I would say that certain types of balls fit my game better than others. I can say for certain that I do not play better with a tour ball but my score would not vary that much between a ProV1 and Velocity. At 68 years old I do get a bit of additional distance off the driver with a low compression surlyn ball and get additional roll which is welcome. Balls like the TruSoft (now TruFeel), Srixon Soft Feel, and the Gamer Soft (RIP) are my comfort zone.
  15. My point was that the PGA Tour wants there to be "exciting" and "entertaining" portions of their product and IMO it impacts the course set up.
  16. I voted "yes" with the understanding that no organization is perfect. Sure, courses need to be set up to allow for maximum roll out in the fairway and some speedy greens to make it entertaining to the casual golf watcher. The PGA Tour is in business for itself but their tournaments do raise good amounts of money for charities. I watch some of most PGA Tour tournaments and do enjoy them and agree that they do help the business of golf. Although they are often involved in controversy I do look to the USGA to maintain the integrity of the game and sponsor the US Open championships.
  17. I started playing golf at age 40 with a bad back and always preferred to ride although I would always walk an executive course near my house. Fatigue and pain are killers and my back and now my hip have 2-3 miles of walking in them before they impact my game negatively . At 68 I could walk 9 but prefer not to.
  18. I believe that there are too many PGA Tournaments which has led us to the season ending in the Fall and new tournaments starting right up. The FedEx cup is a great payday for one golfer but I could do without it and have a few autumn tournaments and then call it a season. I understand the benefit that some charities get from the less prestigious tournaments but there is some over saturation. As for the PGL is they get enough sponsors it may fly but there are too many traditional events that would suppress player participation. And would they be willing to give up their PGA Tour Cards? I d
  19. Normally water unless it is very hot when I add at least one or two Gatorade/Powerade drinks.
  20. My home course is about 20 minutes away. I would drive up to an hour to play a good different course on occasion.
  21. I have a much slower swing speed than the OP and am 68 years old. When I was 63 - 64 I switched to hybrids from my 2i thru 6i. It rejuvenated my game to the point that I am hitting distances that I was hitting in my late 50's. In my opinion the hybrids are much easier to hit but looking at your distance with a 5 iron you may not notice a big difference but will be interested to know how they work out for the OP.
  22. I was probably fly fishing for trout.
  23. I went from 16.5 to 16.9. I did sign on to the ghin website but it took several tries.
  24. I agree with fat shots which can ruin an entire round for me. Shanks are unnerving but for me they are an anomaly and go away after one good swing. Hitting 3 or 4 fat shots per round can stick with me for a couple of weeks.
  25. I do not know exactly but I would take a guess at 8-9.
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