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  1. Wilson Staff Fluid Feel Tour Model Blades

    I just picked up a set (2-PW) of the '85-'86 Staff Fluid Feel Tour Blades (missing the 7 iron) for $1.99 each at a local Goodwill. They look like they're in good to very good condition, except for all the dirt and grass that was never scrubbed off the faces. They have stiff shafts and 6 of them have nice Chamois grips. I'll post before/after cleaning pics soon.
  2. Help with getting info on old clubs

    Are you thinking of PYRATONE shafts?
  3. Hogan BH Grind apex irons???

    Yes, the BH Grind is a forged muscle back iron. The only two iron heads that Hogan made in a cast MOLD were the Producer in the mid 70's and the Magnum cavity back. The EDGE was a perimeter weighed forged head and was very popular.
  4. Songs With Girl's Names In Title...

    Oh Caroline - Cheap Trick
  5. Changing the loft on a wedge

    No, that's not a V-Foil.
  6. Changing the loft on a wedge

    Are you referring to a V-Foil VIP 52° wedge?
  7. Man, Tiger gets all the hottie nymphs!
  8. Dbuck is correct. That club is from '86-'87. Notice the Claret Jug on the soleplate? Just like a Muirfield wood. The value here would be strictly sentimental if you owned it brand new. A mid '80's used driver isn't a mid '50s Armour designed by Toney Penna. Play it, clean it up and enjoy it.
  9. 2014 NHL Playoffs

    Congratulations, that was an amazing 7 game series.
  10. 2014 NHL Playoffs

    Well, the LA Kings appear to be snakebit now...Since I'm a lifelong BLACKHAWKS fan, I foresee another trip to the Finals for the Indian heads. The momentum has DEFINITELY turned back in Chicago's favor. Heck, even Keith Jones of NBCSN predicts a Blackhawk victory on Sunday. Anyone think differently?
  11. Ram was a major brand in the late '60s, '70s and '80s. Tommy Armour was during the '80s and '90s.