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  1. My club consistently is know for some of the fastest best maintained greens in Arizona. Nearly all of my practice putting comes on these greens, and they run an easy 10-11 every day. During tournaments and other times as the greens firm up a bit they can ocassionally run 12 or 13, and I have been out rarely when they seemed to run an 8 or 9. For me this is why I dont see it as a problem to have faster greens: I played a course called longbow on monday, walked on as a single. The buzz was that there was a big tournament over the weekend and rumor had it the greens were running a 13 hard as rock. Two putts on the practice green I felt right at home, had one of my best putting days shot a low score. The thresome I played with from out of state struggled like crazy. Every putt was a comment about how fast the greens were and mentally they never got into a groove. As it has been pointed out it is IMHO far easier to score well on fast greens, but also putting on slower greens when you are used to fast is also much easier, as you feel much more agressive in your lines and speeds.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I have zero experience with New England golf. Im pretty stoked to have the chance to play two courses there. I do see that Cyprian and Blackstone are similar distances from Boston as Pine Hills. Since Granite Links is so close I think that is a no brainer as first choice... Which of those three would you recommend for the second? If there is a definite must play within a few hours, I am willing to travel a bit more. I just didnt see anything that jumped out as far a public golf goes. Again thanks for the info.
  3. End of May I will be traveling to Boston for business, but have two days that I can use to play golf. I would like to stay within an hour each way travel time. Here are some options, and I would love to get some feedback if there are other recommendations. My home course is in the same network as Ipswich golf club, so I can essentially play for nothing.... Is this course worth the time? The other courses I am considering are: Pine hills,Granite Links, and Shaker Hills Obviously I would love to play The Country club, Boston Country Club, or the TPC Boston, I just dont know how strict the guest policy is. Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks.
  4. I played these three courses (pebble then spyglass then Spanish Bay) in October. It was so amazing, you will have a great time. Clothing: Im an Arizona guy, so for me it was a bit chilly (low 40's high low 60's). Pants weather for sure. I wore an under armor long sleeve under shirt with a regular golf shirt. When it was breezy I had on my pullover light weight jacket, when it was more sunny and calm it was too warm with it on. I teed of early (just before 8 am) each day. Spanish bay was the coolest as the beginning holes were right on the breezy ocean. I wore a beanie for the first 9 holes that day. I was always comfortable, not to chilly for golf. Pebble was the toughest for me, the greens are very small, and it took about 4 holes before my pulse was below 100bpm. Technically spyglass is more difficult, but it set up better for me. I hit some great shots at spyglass, and generally played better than at pebble, and avoided the trouble for the most part. I had a blast at spanish bay. (the only course I didnt use a caddy, but by the last day I had a pretty good grasp of the poa anua greens.) had three doubles on pebble to go with three birdies shot an 80. Had one birdie on spyglass, also shot 80. Two birdies on spanish bay and shot 75. Usually shoot mid to low 70's at my home course. Greens were running about 9.5-10. Not too fast, but really true. I was playing mostly bermuda at the time (before overseeding) and it was an adjustment. I putted well at pebble, and trusted the caddy, it was a good call. He was right on. We had the same caddy at spyglass. I had better iron play there but didnt putt quite as well as I did at pebble and Spanish bay.
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