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  1. Funny. For a small investment of $200, they are now selling on ebay for over $360, sold prices as high as $380. The power of MJ.
  2. We rented them in Las Vegas at Las Vegas National for $20. They had the bag stand/handle bars attached and it had a cup holder. The control switches were on the handle bar, not the wireless remote version. It did make the round more enjoyable and it makes you want to explore more of the course and take the scenic route to your ball. However we had a fivesome and they did speed up play for us. We never fell behind although the group in front was a little slow. They could be a little dangerous around cart paths with curbs which a few of us found out the hard way. I would rent one again for sure.
  3. ^making it harder by trying to find a way to make it easier lol. its marketed towards mid to high cappers like me, most of who are looking for the miracle swing fix. when i was coming ott and slicing i tried putting an r9 on draw, didn't help me one bit. so i spent countless nights on the range (free buckets lol) trying to hit draws with the fade setting hosel. now i hit slight draws, and play a slight open face with my irons at address.
  4. get an adjustable. that way when your swing gets better you can adjust it accordingly. if you get a draw biased driver you may never fix your swing fault with that club. and if you do you might have a bad hook.
  5. finally finished my bag with the purchase of the 910d2. but then again if this 910 keeps swinging like it does i may have to get the 910 f and h lol
  6. check ebay for sharpro. they are less than half the price. and i'm pretty sure GP stole the design from them.
  7. its easy really if you get hot and you keep rolling it over you double up every time, of course its just as easy to lose it. i hit on pro bowl over 1st half for 100, rolled over 200 on 2nd half over, turned 100 to 400 in a day. then rolled over 400 onto green bay turned that into 800, along with a green bay and over parlay 100 to win 250 and another 100 for 2nd half over. since i was up a threw a few 100 on some bball games and thats how you get up to 1650 starting with a 200 bank roll and starting with 50 plays. its not like i go undefeated, in this run to finish the season i went 15-4-1 since pro-bowl. just because they are straight bets i'm parlaying the winnings to double up which is how i won that much. so i was risking a few hundred at a time. like i said in my OP i usually average 50-100 unless i get hot which is what happened. same thing at the black jack table or crap table, if its hot you bet big!!
  8. if you're buying heads only from ebay, most likely they are counterfit. what country did they ship from?
  9. it's funny how some people think it's okay to piss on the course but not spit. lol. spitting on the course is like rain drops in the ocean. seriously if you can piss on the course you might as well be able to take a shit right? the geese at my home course do all over the place. if its not in a place where someones hand is going to get close to it like marking on the green or a loogie where im going to tee my ball up, i dont think its that serious (the spit that is)
  10. i used lacquer thinner and a plastic scrub brush and most of the paint came right off on my studio style. for the hard to reach places i used an x-acto knife and was able to get everything off in about 10 min.
  11. lol you're right! i got fitted for a 910d2 lol why not right
  12. i used to be a big slicer due to coming over the top, now my ball is mostly straight or a tiny draw. and all i did was practice the jim furyk swing, maybe not as drastic but get the feeling of it. never took lessons been playing since summer 08 and it finally hit me watching hank haney : ray ramano to figure out i was taking it too inside on the backswing and coming over the top on the down. started doing the opposite taking outside on the backswing and it will drop in the slot on the downswing and you'll be on plane, reverse the loop. of course you need to make sure your shoulders aren't turning back around before your hips fire so they can clear to drop the club in
  13. i've been working on getting my hands deeper at the top, this will flatten out your plane.
  14. i think anywhere but the green/fringe is ok. and when you are inside the tee box as well since people are almost or are touching the ground in this area, but if you are standing on the side of the tee while your playing partner is teeing up, i think thats fine. i play with people who chew tobacco and they always spit in a cup when on the course, and I would hope most people who chew do the same thing.
  15. just interested to see how many people here who bet on the course also bet at the sportsbook. any action whether its playing the match ups for a golf tourney like d. johnson -130 vs. phil mickelson +100, or betting football, baseball, basketball, parlays, ect. i'm always playing skins, greenys, sandys, ect with the 4some on the course. i personally only bet football and an occasional golf future or prop. usually avg $50-100 plays unless i get hot i might throw a couple 100s. i love parlays. i won big on the super bowl from the money i won the previous week on the pro bowl OVER lol. cleaned up with GB and the OVER. parlayed and straight up, and also had the 2nd half over. great way to end the season. pulling out $1650 from my beted account next week might have to get something new for the bag
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