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  1. [quote name="Spitfisher" url="/t/77027/the-new-sergio-garcia#post_1053081"]I've always kind of liked him and wish he would win a major. he's animated and emotional and very human like, compared to some of the robots and others that lack some social skills. Some day he'll be a very interesting ryder cup captain, I guess I see a little Sevi in him. Anyone who dislikes him, I encourage you to watch the GC Ferehty episode where Sergio is interviewed, he came across as very genuine person.[/quote] I've always liked him as well, he doesn't pull any punches, and I feel is honest in his statemen
  2. Bubba thinks acting disrespectful and ignorant is ok, cool or funny, sort of a spoiled kid trait, and not very Christian at all. Not much to like there if you ask me. He certainly doesn't give credence to southern hospitality, manners or charm. In fact I can't think of anyone less charming in the PGA.
  3. I was B-FIt for Bridgestone Tour B330-RX golf balls 1. Rory McIlroy -11 2. Steve Stricker -10 3.Luke Donald -10
  4. Tiger will play Thursday and maybe Friday and then withdrawal. Take it to the bank, he's out just testing his back and swing in a competitive surrounding. And when he withdrawls watch the Newswires light up.
  5. Can we as early pickers change our picks as these guys come in at the last minute and poach the number 2 and 3?
  6. And which many agree as well. The pro's all gear themselves to peak at the major events....winning more of those than anyone else puts you on top. Winning a bunch of tournaments doesn't get you in the hall a fame, but winning two majors will.
  7. That's my view, my opinion, it may differ from the herd, that's the point of a forum, to hear the different sides of a debate. If we all followed the herd on everything then we would all be communist, or worse----Liberals. Ha Ha Ha
  8. While its tempting to argue strength of field or equipment, etc, the fact remains, major wins and finishes is the hallmark of pro golf, Wins-Jack has 18, Tiger 14. Add the 46 top 3 finishes by Jack and I think the question answers itself. Additionally remains to be seen if Tiger regains his former self. Talk to me when Tiger has 18 wins, and a bunch of top 3 finishes. Till then I think Jack remains at the pinnacle of pro golfers.
  9. Exactly, that pretty much says it all, 46 majors with a top 3 finish, unreal.
  10. Geez no hard feelings there, enjoy your cross to bear.
  11. Unfortunately the media acts to create as much interest as possible and thus drive opinion by juxtaposition toward guilty until proven innocent. Side note, adding fuel to the fire is having a professional gambler involved with a professional athlete in an unsavory activity. Innocent until proven guilty my folks, let the investigation take its course.
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