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  1. Same here, loving my Taylormade CB's, but just about get a change, and don't know whether to go to titleist CB's or AP2's, or to stick with these. I say go talk to your local pro and get a training session and after, ask for some advice on which would benefit your game more. goodluck.
  2. Played with both types, started with the vokeys a couple of years back, recently got the new Cleveland 588. personally prefer the clevelands. Its very hard to tell the difference from a mid to high handicapper like myself, so i always go to see the club pro at my club before buying any type of club, even bags sometimes. What david and imsys said is definitely right. i usually have a 1 - 1.5 hour training session with the pro i am consulting and get some advice on which club would probably get me the best outcome. Hope this helped. goodluck.
  3. I always keep 10-15 titleist's in my bag for weekends and tournaments, but i keep 20 balls for chipping practise in the back pockets (Precepts and srixons).
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