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  1. easyjay39402

    Shanking My Wedge

    It’s always something. That pitch shot from 60 yards and in with the 54/8 wedge that I never had to think about, that was always there? Well last month I started shanking it. Tried fixing it on the range, it only has become more frequent. At impact, my hands are laid back with an open clubface and the hosel aimed dead on at the ball. Something is going on with my backswing/downswing that is resulting in this impact position. Any ideas, suggestions for things to try?
  2. The 300+ hitters at my home course are mostly former professional athletes, especially ex MLB pitchers and ex NFL quarterbacks. Then there are the tall, lanky college players. As for the rest of the membership, a cart path generally has to be involved at some point to get beyond 300 ... You can’t put in what God left out 😁
  3. easyjay39402

    What do you do when your driver isn't working?

    My driver has really become unreliable this summer, so it only comes out of the bag on holes that I can’t reach without it. Otherwise, it is the 3 or even 5 wood.
  4. easyjay39402

    A *Serious* Loss of Distance!

    Just got back from our annual fall guys golf trip, which marks the end of the season for me. We can play year round, but I dislike cold weather golf. So, like you, I have switched my focus from playing to fitness. I bike and circuit train on alternate days, six days per week. Yoga every day. As for golf, I plan to use this time to work on all aspects of the short game. I’m also going to take advantage of the mirrored walls in the Fitness Center to fiddle with my impact position.
  5. easyjay39402

    Oh my aching ______! (Fill in the blank)

    My biggest pain problem regarding golf has been lower back pain. I finally understood that it was caused by sliding my hips excessively on the downswing - basically my upper and lower body get out of synch - ending in a reverse C finish. Now when I get that lower back twinge on the course I stop my round before I cause major problems, head to the range and carefully, slowly, fix the issue.
  6. easyjay39402

    A *Serious* Loss of Distance!

    18Birdies has a similar GPS function. It also saves the measurements that you make by club, so you can see the various distances that you have recorded for a particular club.
  7. easyjay39402

    What tee to play from?

    I play the green (5713) or white (6031) tees at my home course. Because the driver can hurt my shoulders, I often tee off with the 3 wood. There are two par 4s that I seldom reach from the whites.
  8. easyjay39402

    A *Serious* Loss of Distance!

    I’m 74 and hitting my driver around 220, with a max of around 240. As far as equipment, you might consider a ball with lower compression (commonly marketed as a “soft feel” ball). As for technique, as I aged I failed to notice that my driver swing had gradually become shorter, with less shoulder turn. Yoga and video helped me with this. At 66, in the absence of a physical limitation, I think you can do better. Check in with a teaching pro and tell him/her that you want more distance with the driver. 😎
  9. easyjay39402

    Hard sand in bunkers

    It has rained just about every day this summer and our traps are like wet concrete. Even my 60/8 can’t get under the ball up and out of greenside bunkers. My strategy is now avoid the bunkers at all cost. Otherwise, I am certain to make my ESC limit 😕
  10. easyjay39402

    Warm Up

    Well, the pros go through a rather lengthly, systematic warmup before playing a round. I don’t believe they would be doing that if it wasn’t important. On the other hand, a thorough warmup does not seem to guarantee that they will score well on the course that day. As for me, I find that hitting balls on the range before playing has no more correlation with my scoring than skipping it. I actually tested this back in May. One thing that I must do before playing, however, is warm up my body on a rowing machine followed by a bit of targeted stretching. Skip this step and I will hit some ugly shots on the first three holes.
  11. easyjay39402

    Sand Wedge Still Common?

    We have had rain just about every day this summer, so the sand at my home course is wet and firm. My sand wedge is a 56/12 and it bounces off the sand into the side of the ball under these conditions. So I leave it in the garage and use my 60 degree lob wedge. I have definitely become careful when the pin is anywhere near a bunker.
  12. easyjay39402

    Stay with the clubs I've got or ??

    I agree. Unless you have arthritic hands, you should just work on the basics for a while with your current clubs. I’m 74 and still play steel shafts. I just like the feel. As for flex, that depends on your swing speed, not your age. I have a 74 year old friend who still needs stiff shafts. I got a fitting last month and still need regular flex shafts.
  13. easyjay39402

    I Thought I Would Be Shooting in the 90s by Now...

    This past May I shot 105 😫 and considered just quitting the game. The very next day I shot 78 😃 same course. Neither score is typical of my usual game. Pretty much everyone who plays has these inexplicable experiences 😎
  14. easyjay39402

    3 Club Tournament

    Much to think about in these comments. 1. My strength right now is mid-irons. A 5 (maybe 6) iron would give me the possibility of reaching every par 3 and par 5. I carry my 5 about 175 max, so it could put me in good position off the tee. 2. I’m thinking my 50 or 54 wedge to take care of business from 100 yards in. 3. I’ve tried putting with a wood and with a wedge. It’s not going well, so I’m thinking of putter for the third club.
  15. easyjay39402

    Pulling short putts

    Thanks again, guys. Based on my last two outings, I can state with confidence that my short putt problem is resolved. Inside of 4 feet I am once again solid. Unfortunately, I have NEVER been any good with lag/long distance putting. For some reason, I enjoy practicing short putts, but the long ones ... not so much 🤮

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