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  1. easyjay39402

    Hard sand in bunkers

    It has rained just about every day this summer and our traps are like wet concrete. Even my 60/8 can’t get under the ball up and out of greenside bunkers. My strategy is now avoid the bunkers at all cost. Otherwise, I am certain to make my ESC limit 😕
  2. easyjay39402

    Warm Up

    Well, the pros go through a rather lengthly, systematic warmup before playing a round. I don’t believe they would be doing that if it wasn’t important. On the other hand, a thorough warmup does not seem to guarantee that they will score well on the course that day. As for me, I find that hitting balls on the range before playing has no more correlation with my scoring than skipping it. I actually tested this back in May. One thing that I must do before playing, however, is warm up my body on a rowing machine followed by a bit of targeted stretching. Skip this step and I will hit some ugly shots on the first three holes.
  3. easyjay39402

    Sand Wedge Still Common?

    We have had rain just about every day this summer, so the sand at my home course is wet and firm. My sand wedge is a 56/12 and it bounces off the sand into the side of the ball under these conditions. So I leave it in the garage and use my 60 degree lob wedge. I have definitely become careful when the pin is anywhere near a bunker.
  4. easyjay39402

    Stay with the clubs I've got or ??

    I agree. Unless you have arthritic hands, you should just work on the basics for a while with your current clubs. I’m 74 and still play steel shafts. I just like the feel. As for flex, that depends on your swing speed, not your age. I have a 74 year old friend who still needs stiff shafts. I got a fitting last month and still need regular flex shafts.
  5. easyjay39402

    I Thought I Would Be Shooting in the 90s by Now...

    This past May I shot 105 😫 and considered just quitting the game. The very next day I shot 78 😃 same course. Neither score is typical of my usual game. Pretty much everyone who plays has these inexplicable experiences 😎
  6. easyjay39402

    3 Club Tournament

    Much to think about in these comments. 1. My strength right now is mid-irons. A 5 (maybe 6) iron would give me the possibility of reaching every par 3 and par 5. I carry my 5 about 175 max, so it could put me in good position off the tee. 2. I’m thinking my 50 or 54 wedge to take care of business from 100 yards in. 3. I’ve tried putting with a wood and with a wedge. It’s not going well, so I’m thinking of putter for the third club.
  7. easyjay39402

    Pulling short putts

    Thanks again, guys. Based on my last two outings, I can state with confidence that my short putt problem is resolved. Inside of 4 feet I am once again solid. Unfortunately, I have NEVER been any good with lag/long distance putting. For some reason, I enjoy practicing short putts, but the long ones ... not so much 🤮
  8. Over the years, I have not noticed that getting fit for clubs made any difference in my handicap. Only lessons have accomplished that piece of magic. My last fitting put me on the line between regular and senior shafts, so I just kept my current clubs until I get a bit older. My guess is that it might be important if you are exceptionally tall, maybe have mastered a really weird swing, etc Probably off the shelf is fine for 90-95% of golfers.
  9. easyjay39402

    Need Some Advice on Playing Golf With Higher Handicappers

    I’m a higher HCP senior golfer. Sometimes I’m really into playing the course and keep to myself, but usually I enjoy socializing with the other players in my foursome. If someone indicates either by action or word that they are trying to concentrate on their game, I take no offense and allow them their space. In my experience most golfers are like that, so just speak up, something like “No disrespect guys, but I’m trying to focus on my game today” ...
  10. easyjay39402

    3 Club Tournament

    A 3 club tournament is coming up soon at my home course. I’m thinking maybe 6i, PW, and Putter. Suggestions?
  11. easyjay39402

    Playing Golf With Fewer Clubs?

    I carry 14 clubs and, playing from my usual tees, normally use most if not all of them. I will tinker with the setup a bit if the course is wetter or dryer than usual. Often I enjoy walking 9 in the evening. I will carry a Sunday bag with 5 clubs - 3w, 6i, 8i, PW, P. Doesn’t seem to make much difference in my score, but there is more thinking involved. 🤔
  12. easyjay39402

    Your Game, Without Continued Practice

    I live near the clubhouse and walk over just about every day for a variety of reasons, not just golf, so I have a good idea as to who is on the range practicing, taking lessons, etc. I can see a pattern regarding our better players, who I will stop and observe. The ones who came to golf later in life and have less picturesque swings are out there every day grinding on the range. The ones who learned as kids - two of them former tour players - just show up, hit a few balls and play. I suspect that the effect of skipping practice might depend on which category you fall into.
  13. easyjay39402

    The "Stop Conning Yourself" Thread

    My golfing goal for this year is a 12 HCP. Hahahahahahahahaha 😂
  14. easyjay39402

    Has this ever happened to you? What should I do?

    Spot on! You never know what shape your body is when you wake up in the morning until you hit the links. Consider weight-lifting - how many days in a row can you bench your max? I was a power lifter as a young man and periodization was a key factor leading up to a meet. You might approach golf in a similar fashion to get your best performance on the day it matters. You cannot be at your peak physically every day. Notice how pro scores vary over a four day event. Tiger’s dedication to managing his body towards Majors is legendary. (Read Haney’s accounts of how Tiger prepared his body for Majors). But, most likely, as others have noted, you just reverted to your old bad habits. Review your lesson notes, go to the range and sort things out. You’ll be back on track with those sweet new clubs in no time 😎
  15. easyjay39402

    Pros and cons of lining your putts up instead of using feel?

    I really don’t enjoy putting, so on putts outside of 4 feet I just step behind the ball, glance at the hole, get a “feel” for how it breaks, and go. This approach does not work very well and I am a decidedly mediocre putter. It probably costs me 3 strokes per round, maybe more. So I would recommend lining up your putts for best results. Don’t be like me.

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