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  1. A couple of weeks ago ... shot a 75 (with a triple) ... seven days BEFORE my 75th birthday 🤪
  2. I enjoy the challenge of golf, and finding ways to score when the swing or putter isn’t cooperating is part of that for me. I’ve been working on achieving the “one shot at a time” mindset for the past couple of months. Don’t keep up with my overall score. I treat each hole as a singular experience ... basically, I’m playing 18 rounds. I start each hole with a fresh scoring plan for that hole, taking into account what is working. So far, this approach has worked well, especially on days when some aspects of my game are off.
  3. I mostly play the Callaway Chrome Soft these days, but I recently tried the TP5 and was very impressed with its overall performance. Probably can’t go wrong with any of the premium balls.
  4. Glad to hear you had a great experience with Golftec! My daughter gave me a package of lessons with them for my birthday, and my first, the swing evaluation, is on Friday. I’m really looking forward learning more about my current swing. My last six rounds have been in the high 70s, which is good for me, but I struggle with the driver. I can see my swing flaw on video, but have not been able to figure out what is causing it.
  5. When playing by myself, I usually mix the tees up, just for a different experience. Playing in a group, I go with the tees that allow me the possibility of reaching all greens in regulation. Fifteen years ago it was the tips, now its the member or senior tees.
  6. I bought these on Sunday, played with them in 97 degrees on Wednesday afternoon ... they really helped and I intend to wear them working in the yard as well 😎
  7. I resort to ESC at least once a round. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have an index that I could live with 😎
  8. I believe the one plane swing produces a more consistent strike, but I lack the flexibility and strength that it requires. On good days it’s two planes, bad days a few more ...
  9. I watched a video on YouTube recently that followed Jordan Spieth through his warmup routine. There are several more videos that feature different celebrity tour players. They all follow an approach similar to what DeadMan describes above. A proper warmup routine should make a difference in how well you play, but in my case I am just as likely to play well without one. Because of a rain delay in a tournament I played in last weekend, we got zero time on the range and I had my best ball striking day in the past two or three years.
  10. Beautiful day, mostly empty course. Greens in perfect condition, though a bit fast as there was a tournament over the weekend. Monday is maintenance day, but members can go off after 12:00 if they don’t mind the crews working on the course. I didn’t hit the ball well and almost quit after my fourth double on number 11. Felt like I was scoring in the mid 90s, but when I totalled up after the round it was an 82. Maybe I should have gone biking instead, as my mind wasn’t in the right place to enjoy golf today.
  11. Vinsk, you may have diagnosed my problem! I’ve really been struggling to get a full shoulder turn on the backswing this year, and I bet this has had an effect on my hips. Can’t wait to get on the range tomorrow and work on the iacas drill. Alas I don’t have video. I’ll need to chase down my grandson and get him to record my swing in the proper format. Thanks so much for your timely advice 😎
  12. The season has started and a new problem has popped up - lateral head movement on the downswing when I bump my weight to the left side. When I try to keep my head steady on the downswing, I end up with lower back pain ... my weight doesn’t transfer and I hit the ball right. (BTW, I’m 74 and a lot stiffer this year)
  13. I assume the rules formerly forbade leaving the flagstick in because it conveyed some sort of advantage to the player, so it’s not surprising to find this confirmed by empirical data.
  14. My goal for 2019 is to post 100 rounds. It will be a stretch, as I don’t play in cold or wet conditions. Last year I played around 30 rounds, took lessons, and practiced quite a bit with the goal of lowering my handicap. I didn’t particularly enjoy practicing and my handicap only came down a couple of notches. This year, I’m going to relax, smile, and enjoy being outdoors with my friends. 😎
  15. Last year - 2018 - I decided to follow a plan methodically, as Haney recommends, to clean up the idiosyncrasies that had crept into my swing over many years. Haney’s approach certainly worked for Tiger 2002-2008. About a third of the way through, I started hitting the ball - and scoring - really well, so I basically stopped working on my swing, didn’t complete the plan. I should have known better, as Haney warns against doing this very thing. Anyways, this year I am back at step one - the grip - and this year I intend to stay the course. I recommend the book; it is clearly written with pictures that demonstrate the key points. Especially interesting are two chapters about how Tiger approaches both practice and play.
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