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  1. Low density foam might be a good option. They used to put it inside woods when steel heads first came out but quickly stopped the practice after realizing consumers associated the louder sound with more power.
  2. Augusta has radically changed its layout over the years more than any other famous course. The green may be in same general area the 12th green sits today but most likely a fundamentally different hole
  3. Probably an issue with the software and/or sensors. The mat wasn't designed for the dumb crap this kid is doing.
  4. So you claim to understand a book you haven't read?
  5. Agree here. Spreading your events apart is going to kill any momentum. I would play a string of consecutive events so my game could get into "tournament shape" and hopefully pave the way for later opportunities in the season. I don't really car much about who sponsors me. Any major reputable company is fine.
  6. It is basically like a Visa gift card. You can buy them with cash and use them like a debit card except it isn't tied to any of your personal information. Ideal for people who a very wary of using their card online and criminals alike.
  7. Three steps to beating Warrior golf. 1. Pay with a Green Dot card. 2. Have it sent to the nearest abandoned home. 3. User a disposable phone number from an app like Burner.
  8. I don't believe I have seen a single shirt of his in person, though I wouldn't have recognized the logo anyway. I remember mentioning it in another thread but I really hate the trend of every semi-notable athlete making their own logo.
  9. If the panel is removable, why can't you just remove it yourself and take it to a local embroiderer?
  10. The truth right here. People who think they are lucky are simply good at forgetting their instances of "bad luck". Golfers who consider themselves unlucky are just the ones who dwell on the bad bounces.
  11. Quality of contact can and will often improve from a shorter shaft to balance out that potential distance loss. Also, for high handicappers it is more likely that their swingspeed will top out out a length shorter than what is offered in today's standard drivers, so they may not be able to gain any benefit at all.
  12. I think that feeling when the mechanics fall into place at max speed is more or less the same as being "in the zone". The feels never last quite long enough.
  13. I wonder if you can still get the build stats on those club with the serial number. Couldn't hurt to call them.
  14. Waste of a green fee in my opinion. A 200 yard hole isn't going to challenge anyone, even for a short hitter you would just be hitting straightforward pitch shots into the green 90% of the time. Not going to make him a better golfer though.
  15. I have one of those training aids and it is pretty fun to use. They are apparently rebranding it under another name now, don't think they sold a lot of them.
  16. I think you just ruined two perfectly good clubs.
  17. Miry Run Country Club closed by me two years ago. It still has a chance to come park if the county decides to make it a part of their parks systems. Never was in the best shape but I found nearly all the holes to be interesting.
  18. Picked option #2. Barring some miraculous medical procedure his condition seems to touch and go to get his game into winning form.
  19. I covered a much more interesting variation of this at the PGA show last year.
  20. No I mean the marketing of the actual console. No kids present in this ad, all appear to be in the 25-40 yo range.
  21. ??? I don't think they would ever sell off their greatest assets. I would guess they will eventually give up on hardware and focus solely on developing their IPs for other platforms. The one thing Nintendo is doing right with the Switch is shying away from the kid friendly advertising. I think they are starting to realize their fan base is now getting old and the kids of today aren't loyal to Mario.
  22. They could go back in that direction if they wanted and they really need to. Nintendo is slipping because their lower console power doesn't get them the third part multi platformers anymore and less and less people are willing to buy a new console just to play the newest iteration of Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and Zelda.
  23. A big step up from the traditional simulator. Chipping and putting on a simulator are just terrible and this layout seems to solve that issue. I just don't think people will be willing to pay the additional cost for that luxury when simulator golf is already quite expensive in standard form.
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