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  1. FYI: A new review of the GA of A posted recently. Moral of the story is.... don't get sucked into their scam trap. As a former student of the GAA Myrtle beach I can tell you that it is a waste of money. I graduated with honors and a "Ribbon" in every available class. The GAA is a great scam. Charge students 30k for an education that means nothing in the golf industry. I am still employed as a golf pro but because the 2 years and 30k I spent on my education is NOT accredited by the PGA I am spending 3 more years and 10k more to get my Class A certification. My advice is to get a job at local course and if you like the business get you education directly through the PGA. This will save you time and money.
  2. Wow that is really not a good sign. Then again, I don't shop at Dick's because they have a PGA pro in the golf shop.
  3. Eccos and Footjoys fit well for wide feet.
  4. Some more to add: For guys thinking about going to school to get into the golf industry, here are some regular, public, not for profit community colleges that offer an actual golf management degree that is transferrable to real colleges. http://www.collegeofthedesert.edu/students/ap/Pages/golfmanagement.aspx in Palm Springs, CA. There has to be over 100 golf courses around the school. http://www.wwcc.edu/CMSX/main.php?module=department&deptcode;=PGM Walla Walla, Washington http://www.sandhills.edu/programs/turf/ Internship at Pinehurst? Not bad at all http://www.scottsdalecc.edu/programs/aas_hospitality-and-tourism-golf-management Scottsdale is a nice golf destination. http://www.hawkeyecollege.edu/academics/programs/business/golf-course-and-country-club-management/default.aspx?=rotators-homepage Iowa http://www.monroecc.edu/depts/fhtm/golf.htm Golf Mgmt specialization with a hospitality degree http://www.genesee.edu/academics/programs/sports/golf/ Transfers to a long list of 4 year colleges http://www.kirkwood.edu/site/index.php?d=501 Turfgrass degree for those outdoorsy types
  5. Is this a serious question? If so, it would have to have a broad base so it doesn't punch my greens!
  6. Not mine, but my partner had a "bathroom accident" on the course in the middle of a tournament. Not a pleasant experience at all. Luckily there was a restroom nearby and he could tie a sweater around his waist.
  7. Golf is a game based on integrity and tradition, so if what you do on the course is not with integrity or somehow degrades tradition, then I'd be inclined to assert that breaking the rules in this way is really bad.
  8. That's what I was thinking also. Now, can he compare his "school" to a legitimate university? I would like to see him try. All things related to the education aside, many encounters I've had with students from these schools (Golf Academy of America or Pro Golfers Career College) include mentions of rampant drug use and abuse-- students using drugs on campus and on the golf course. I'm sorry, but if my sons or daughter ever wanted to get serious about playing golf or working in this industry, there's no way in he*l I'd let them do it in that kind of atmosphere. Those schools have so few students so your kids would be CONSTANTLY surrounded by it. At least at a traditional college atmosphere, there are more opportunities to NOT be surrounded by rampant drug use. I'm well aware that drugs are everywhere, kids experiment, yada yada yada (heck, even in middle schools) but it seems like at a small academy, it would be more concentrated. If I'm spending $30k+ I want my kids to focus on their golf skills and not whether or not they're going to be able to play after taking bong rips or doing lines in the dorms. I wouldn't be surprised if the schools know about it, but don't do anything about it because it would mean less tuition $$ in their pockets. Shame.
  9. True, but I was saying that simply getting a regular degree and working your way up is a better alternative than going to a for-profit. I agree that attending a PGM university is a good idea, not refuting that.
  10. Even going to a traditional college without a PGM program would be a better idea than going to a for-profit. Get a part time job at a golf course while attending school, work your way up during the time you're in school and you'll have your 4-year degree and a bunch of experience working in golf. Besides, you don't need any sort of degree to wash carts and clean clubs or press buttons on a register and fold shirts. If you're not of "college age," really think about what you're getting yourself into. $40k+ debt (tuition + living expenses) to start at the bottom all over again? If you don't have to take out any FAFSA loans and are able to afford it outright, fine (I guess) but know that you're emptying your wallet into the pocket of the wealthy shareholders at the top. They're laughing all the way to the bank. What will you get out of it? Probably some things you didn't know about before, but you could easily learn by working at it on your own, being proactive and networking. If you've worked in another industry, or have had another career before, you probably know the value of networking. Do it on your own(for free), don't pay $40k for that. Ask around, there are plenty of guys like myself that never went to college for golf that are working in golf courses. And girls.... if you have half a decent golf game, you definitely don't want to go to one of these for-profit circus shows. You can probably just walk in and get hired.
  11. Before you waste your money going to a scummy school like GAA or PGCC, ask to see what kinds of jobs the graduates are getting and how much money they make. Why spend that much money to get a $15k a year job? You are nothing but a number to those companies. Yes, companies and not schools. They are businesses who report to shareholders who see you as dollar signs. Save the money and just get a job at a golf course. Go to a real college.
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