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  1. Very interesting update. I'm about to start year 2 on the Golfweek Tour out here in Dallas. Real cool bunch of guys and way less pretentious compared to the Golf Channel tour. I will say your B flight is HUGE. The 4-5 events I played last year, we normally hovered around 18-20 guys. Good luck the rest of the way.
  2. I'm on the Golfweek tour now and did the Golf Channel last year. I will say that the Golf Channel does have events at some tour caliber courses, for example Golf Club of Houston, TPC Craig Ranch around here. Due to my schedule, Golfweek is better due to Sunday events, which are better for my schedule. Golfweek even has this live scoring feature where you can follow along just like the pros.
  3. We are a sports mecca here in Frisco lol. Though the article kinda lied about being close to DFW airport, unless they think a 30 min. drive is close IJS.
  4. Now that I've tested out both the Golf Channel and Golfweek tours, I feel like that I'll be sticking with the Golfweek tour. My real question would be what's the difference in between the two, considering that Golfweek offers live scoring, some of the same tracks (at cheaper rates), same money games. I guess you must be paying the extra money for all the commercials the Golf Channel inundates you with lol.
  5. My goals are pretty straightforward: 1) Lower handicap by 2 shots (it's a 9.0 at the moment) 2) Increase GIR to at least 8/18 per round 3) Get a practice regimen of range work once a week 4) Win a Golfweek Am or Golf Channel Am tour event in my flight
  6. Possibly 2 in 25 yrs of playing. I say possibly 2, because the first, I still think my friends were playing a prank on me way back when for my first, because you can't see the hole where it happened. The second, I could see all day.
  7. I think it may be part setup and part competition. You get a lot of mini-tour and Web.com guys trying to get in on the east coast, just because that's where they set up shop. My home state of TX is the same way. -3 was the number to hit at the one closest to my house.
  8. I'll admit that after thinking about it, maybe, just maybe, I misunderstood. Your remark was still careless, but don't fret over it, I won't. All in all, LeftRightLeft explained the situation the way I see it. It was definitely careless, because we'd be foolish to randomly assume that she had malicious intent over a putt at least 1/2 of casual golfers would pick up. People making rulings from outside the ropes has always been something that rubbed me the wrong way, just my thought. Having the ruling occur the day after just shined a bigger light on it.
  9. Please explain how this was disparaging. Seriously. We're on different sides of the fence here, but for you to say that my remarks were disparaging and to include the word 'always' is foul. I would like for you to look back on my other posts to find other disparaging remarks. Back to the debate at hand. Point 1 & 2), you're correct, although kneeling on a towel is a bit more obvious than marking a put a 1/2 inch off the spot. You're right about the emailer probably having some inside knowledge. And lastly, I don't know the person's intent or motivation. My justification is this, just like in the ladies basketball game Friday, the flagrant call was made after the fact, but not anonymously. That was bad. This was mad after the fact and is bad. I respect you and your site, but your remark at the end was uncalled for. CL
  10. The rules are the rules, but the rules are antiquated. This rule, in particular, does not take into consideration on-demand access or DVR capabilities. I have more qualms with the incorrect scorecard ruling. However, if you're willing to drop a dime from your couch, be willing to put your name on it. Refs in other sports can't make bad calls anonymously, why should Joe, TV viewer that has taken a rules class or two and wishes he was between the ropes.
  11. 1) Get back into real competition golf, whether it's the Golf Channel Am Tour or state competitions 2) Shoot 75 or lower. 3) Knock 2 more shots off the handicap 4) Make my game strong enough to where I can shoot at least low 80's on most tracks.
  12. Cedar Crest here in Dallas has one of these, most likely to protect players on the opposite hole which runs parallel with it.
  13. This course is down the road from my house. This had to be brewing for the whole round honestly.
  14. They've given up on the DFW market. Only one left is in Arlington. Luckily there's a Dick's 15 min from the house and a PGA Tour Superstore on the other side of the highway from Dick's.
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