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  1. For those of you that are still able to play, are you posting rounds where the cup is raised out of the hole? The few courses that are open here for the most part have metal inserts inside the hole, however, one course had the cup raised so we just called putts in if they touched the cup. What are y'all doing in these cases?
  2. Working from home for the foreseeable future. As for golf, it rained all weekend and is supposed to rain pretty much all week, so that was the killer. Once it dries up, I'll wash off the push cart and hit em, so anybody in the DFW willing to do the same, HMU
  3. Seems short-sighted. I'd move them to Frisco before I go to Stamford.
  4. Probably "In The Stone" by EWF. Or the NWO theme lol
  5. So I've set me a goal to play Pebble Beach for my 40th, in roughly 2 years. Here's my question, how much should I be looking to stash away to enjoy this experience (ballpark number). Also, are there any other reasonably priced tracks near there or whatever airport I'd fly into?
  6. Byron Nelson Golf Tournament set to move from Trinity Forest, source confirms It is not yet known where the tournament will be played in 2021. Looks like the PGA tour has seen the error of its ways. Building a course with no shade in Texas that's at least 15 minutes from any hotels/restaurants was not sustainable. They now have a crucial decision to make going into 2021. My thought would be take a look at TPC Craig Ranch if they don't want to go back to Las Colinas.
  7. I'm in your boat as well. I wish Frisco Lakes had a package close to that but I'm on the lookout for something.
  8. I did and my group pulled the okie-doke on me lol. Back story, we have an annual trip where if anyone gets a hole in one, everybody on the trip pays $50. Fast forward I get one and everybody pays me, but when I went to get a round at the golf course for everybody, they conspired to want to get their round at the cigar lounge we were going to later. So my round of beers turns into a round of scotches and cognacs I'd never heard of. Oh well.......
  9. I've become a Vice loyalist. I used to play the Tour, but stepped up to the Pro because I like to have a little more spin on my approach shots.
  10. Very interesting update. I'm about to start year 2 on the Golfweek Tour out here in Dallas. Real cool bunch of guys and way less pretentious compared to the Golf Channel tour. I will say your B flight is HUGE. The 4-5 events I played last year, we normally hovered around 18-20 guys. Good luck the rest of the way.
  11. I'm on the Golfweek tour now and did the Golf Channel last year. I will say that the Golf Channel does have events at some tour caliber courses, for example Golf Club of Houston, TPC Craig Ranch around here. Due to my schedule, Golfweek is better due to Sunday events, which are better for my schedule. Golfweek even has this live scoring feature where you can follow along just like the pros.
  12. We are a sports mecca here in Frisco lol. Though the article kinda lied about being close to DFW airport, unless they think a 30 min. drive is close IJS.
  13. Now that I've tested out both the Golf Channel and Golfweek tours, I feel like that I'll be sticking with the Golfweek tour. My real question would be what's the difference in between the two, considering that Golfweek offers live scoring, some of the same tracks (at cheaper rates), same money games. I guess you must be paying the extra money for all the commercials the Golf Channel inundates you with lol.
  14. ElWagonne


  15. My goals are pretty straightforward: 1) Lower handicap by 2 shots (it's a 9.0 at the moment) 2) Increase GIR to at least 8/18 per round 3) Get a practice regimen of range work once a week 4) Win a Golfweek Am or Golf Channel Am tour event in my flight
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