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  1. you may be playing the wrong size grip. and also the overlapping grip may be the wrong style for your hand size try the interlocking grip. its the style i use, i also wear a small glove and play an undersize grip double tape.
  2. got out to play yesterday 2 1/2 weeks after my injury shot a 92. wasnt able to hit it very long but my shoulder didnt hurt at impact
  3. got out on the course yesterday and even though i'm suffering from a shoulder injury, and wasn't hitting that long this helped me keep my score down
  4. snow finally cleared up. got to play yesterday. now they are calling for more snow. when is it going to stop!!!!!!!
  5. depend on the shot im trying to hit it from 60 up to my pw
  6. i build clubs for my friends and my self and use hireko
  7. it all depends are you rapid fire, hitting balls if so make sure to go through your routine, if you don't have i suggest getting 1 and use i in the range as well as on the course. i get like that sometimes when i start to just go through the motions instead of staying focused on what I'm doing. my hands start to get to far forward in the set up and i start to drop the club to far to the inside
  8. for now your main concern should be should be length of the club and lie angles for your swing. even tho your lie angle may change as your swing progressively gets better. than when you get more consistent with your swing you can start getting into kick points, shaft torque and other shaft attributes that effect spin rate and launch angles.
  9. what did the cortisone shot do for you. my issue is a torn labrum so i can move my arm i have almost full range of motion i have very little to no strength in certain directions and the ball seems to pop its been 2 weeks today I'm going to start with a little weight training to work on the deltoids to strengthen them up to hold the shoulder in place so its not as sloppy
  10. the place i go to has to simulators b.y.o.b. 2 couches and 2 TVs i go in play a round of golf and leave. i guess because i don't drink the drinking is not a draw for me. but the simulator is also a tracman so if i wanted to some hard numbers on my swing i can do that as well. what i would like to see is the driving range with 6 to 10 in door enclosures so that when its cold or the weather is bad i can still work on my game cause isnt that what its all about being able to play in the winter months so that we dont get stale. i think thats when you start to get the serious golfers at your place
  11. your talking about an all out bar and grill with simulators in another room i don't to play golf in a place like that. i want to go to place that caters to golfers but yes has an option to grab something to eat while i'm playing.
  12. im in south jersey and i play on a sim every once in a while in center city it costs me $40 for the hour on week days plus parking and bridge tolls. the owner of the place is a nice guy if you want in box me and i can give you the name of the place and his number maybe he can help you. he is also a cert. stack and tilt pro. and cert club fitter for callaway so he use is facility for more than just playing golf
  13. since my last post i have been to the specialist. no surgery just rehab. been icing it for days, taking motrin, and stretching in out, working with very lite weights and i swung the golf club today a couple times in my garage. in the morning i wake up and it takes about an hour for my shoulder to wake up after. have to stretch it out every morning to get mobility and range of motion. i see the dr again in 2 weeks ill have to tell about that.
  14. also from jersey. watching the snow fall again
  15. it all depends on how much time you put into practice. go to the range and start paying attention to how much the ball draws with each shot. practice as if you where out on the course playing a round. pick your target go through your routine set up play your shot. go through your hole bag, take notice of the ball movement and when your out on the course you'll start to see your scores coming down again. might take 500 to 1000 balls on the range before before you start to trust your new swing. ball flight.and distance
  16. in order to get a set of irons with little to no offset you'll have to get something in the players or pro version of the iron. but thats a lot of bending
  17. ok now im getting real depressed. 13 years ago i tore a labrum and the dr didnt want to operate so i rehabed it. that took about a year. and just this past week i feel and i think i tore a rotator cuff and it hurts like i go to the dr. on thursday. after reading all these posts it doesnt look good for my season this year. please someone tell me there s a light at the end of tunnel.
  18. i dont like the pures for just 1 reason if i have to double layer the tape to beef up the size a little bit. and as far as the full or half cords my baby hands got destroyed by them. but hey did play very nice
  19. winn feel very nice but as hammer 4 said they do not last very long. golf pride last the longest and have a wide variety to choose from personally i play lamkins tour velvet all going to depend on what it feels like in your hands
  20. for me its the nike mojo. my sing speed with driver is in the low end of he 90's and i can stop it on the green with a long iron. as far a short game control i hit a lot bump and runs and low run out chips so i can tell you about stopping power from short shots.
  21. what ever you do don't buy off the rack.what ever brand you go with you will get much better results from something that is custom fit. i play something i built for myself much better than the other off the rack sets i've purchased in the past.
  22. the golf ball thing isnt a bad idea. when one of my kids want to play we me ill either play a par 3 course and take the time to work on some thing or if im at a regular size course ill move them up to the 200 yrd marker and star them from there. it takes some of the challenge out of it and they dont hold everyone up as long.
  23. after reading a lot of what you guys are saying i went back and looked at my stats for the last 2 years on my golf logix program. what other stats should i be keeping track of to help me know what to work on to lower my scores. and is there a better program that i can use when im out the course to help keep these stats thank in advanced for any input
  24. the things i've been told to take into consideration when buying wedges where do you play most of your golf does your golf course have alt of of tight lies what kind of sand are the bunkers (loose or tight packed) is the rough thick or just average grass and so on as far as a brand new i cant give you 1 but i would replace all the wedges so i had the same fell through out the set if you can get fitted for your wedges and make sure to gap them correctly
  25. because im not a long ball hitter on par 5's and some of the longer par 's on my course i have to remind myself don't go for it hit the longest club you can keep in play you can still make par. so the best tip i can give is know your game and the course from it. dont try shots you didnt practice.
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