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  1. Amateur Tournaments in Ohio

    Just played in the Ohio Amateur on Tuesday and qualified with a 75 on a par 70. I finished bogey bogey bogey, but kept it together. There were 12 golfer's tied at 75 and there was only 1 spot left with 3 alternate spots. I birdied the first hole and watched as everyone else made par or worse. It was a great feeling to keep it together and get that last spot. Now it's on to the championship in July.
  2. Quitting Smoking

    Not a day goes by when I don't think about smoking, but then I think about the 34 days that I have not smoked and realize that it is not worth it. I can only hope to play golf with my grandkids. You really don't realize how important it is to play golf with your dad until you get to be older and then you realize how much of an idiot you were when you played with him before. Wish I could go back and enjoy every round with my pops, but luckily I can still play with him and enjoy the present and future. Starting P90x today, 34 days smoke free, 12 without the patch.
  3. Amateur Tournaments in Ohio

    I noticed the championship weeks for the oh am and the pub linx are the same week as well. I am already signed up for the oh am and can't afford to go to OK. if I qualify for the us pub linx anyways. I will take a look at the us pub linx though. Thanks a lot.
  4. I bet all 10 are pured and spined and frequencied... :)
  5. oh it feels good

    Well done!! keep it up.
  6. Tiger's new driver shaft

    You have to get a shaft that will fit your needs, this is why you should not just order a shaft because of how it looks or who has hit it. It is all about what your swing needs and that leads to better swings and better shots all around.
  7. Playing in the rain...

    Have rainpants and water proof shoes obviously. Like Dub said, bring extra gloves and don't be upset with how you play because it is so bad out there.
  8. Tiger's new driver shaft

    No one will ever have the shafts tour pros have. They are frequencied and spined as well as built specifically for them. They have technology in those clubs you could not think of for golf. They shut down Nike's production factory when Tiger asked for new shafts, they built him 30 new shafts to test and frequency them so they were perfect, and then started the factory back up for public shafts. That is insane.