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  1. I admire your ability to step up and take in the broader perspective. Like yourself, I was not a big Donald Trump fan, however as time went by, I grew to admire his ability to "cut to the chase" in a manner I find quite eloquent. A trait that I continually strive to achieve...in as sense of being somewhat spiritual...let me not digress. In my opinion, when dealing with people you may not agree with, retain a level of respect so you can work with them (agree to disagree). I mentioned this to many, "You may not agree with me...just work with me". This does not apply to working
  2. Hmmm...aside from what I have read, I believe that Mr. Whan should have had the common courtesy to notify Mr. Trump of his intentions prior to the press release of change of venue. In my humble opinion, that may have provided a more palatable situation to opt out. At least, the LPGA (Mr. Whan) is being release from a binding contract that may have had a clause for liquidated damages. I believe Mr. Whan had already addressed his intentions with the Ladies Golf Union?
  3. I understand your position. It is too bad that with all the noise level of media has made it such that we have to sometimes use over the top rhetoric that may rub some folks the wrong way. We all need to filter thru and understand the essence of the message (intended vs. superficial). Overall we need to deal with a problem and develop a plan which can be implemented and managed properly versys digging in on a position on the extreme end of the spectrum and getting no where. My apologies if I went down this path of discussion on this forum and should have just cast my vote. Aga
  4. In my opinion, I believe Mr.Trump is simply expressing what he believes is a major issue that needs to be addressed. Most politicians will side with being politically correct and it has really created a mess. Hence, I take what Mr. Trump says rather refreshing and am able to agree with the essence of what he is saying and work around it. Some folks simply fall into the realm of being too off centered and we need someone like Mr. Trump to bring us back to center. Regarding, dumping Donald Trump from Golf...should it be a question of Donald Trump dumping Golf. I don't think he will as
  5. Morning regimen of nerve flossing (fascia release) and core strengthening exercises and nightly regimen of swinging Gold Flex and then a E4 (I swing D4) weighted club to condition shoulder / upper torso. Focus on using swinging weighted club to achieve low tension at top of backswing...pause....and downswing (3 times each) at 25% then 50%, 75% and 90% holding finish position. Swinging at a tempo at 25% and 50% requires a conscious effort and allows to focus on nuances of swing I want to address (i.e. weight transfer and hip via momentum on backswing, bowing of wrist, etc.). In addition, I d
  6. I've been taking some time off and will provide the same detailed follow up on another site, since that is where my swing speed increase project first started. After starting my program I was having a few issues with my lower back and left side glute muscles. I started with PT with the belief it was a problem with my piriformis (deep glute) muscle group, after 30 days it wasn't getting much better and went back to Primary Care Physician and wanted to find out what was "the problem". PCP requisitioned an X-ray with an appointment with the Physiatrist (rehabilitation physicians, are ner
  7. Please note that I was considering two options to increase my swing speed; Super Speed Golf and the Swing Man Training Program. I have opted to try the Jaacob Bowden Swing Man Training Program and will simply link to pre-existing post or create new posting on same. Per the webinar that was hosted by Jaacob Bowden you don't need anything special. However, he did recommend a swing speed radar to monitor results and perhaps resistance bands. So I went ahead and purchased the program. For those who may have questions regarding the cost of the program, it does seem to be a bit conf
  8. After researching (check out YouTube videos) and taking part in the Webinar session I opted to sign up. Specifically, I found the what was shared on YouTube on club head speed and driver spin rate and launch very informative. Aside from the long game, Jacoob Bowman had some advice of on the short game which resonated quite well with me and that was using your instinct on a chip shot. Basically after getting the "feel" of a club (i.e. 9 iron, 6 iron, whatever you decide will work for you), you use your instinct and determine where you "are and where you want to be" and execute.
  9. I've been following your progress and postings and thanks for sharing your progress. I currently workout three times a week. I have a cardio routine for 30 minutes and then a full 30 minute stretching routine (lower body, lower back, hip, abdomen, upper body, arms). Then the medicine ball to work the shoulders, hip and core for about 10 minutes. Finally, resistance tubes for 15 minutes to work my hips and leverage off on trail leg / foot along with compression exercise on down swing. I am considering SSL training sticks as well a dopler radar unit to specifically work on incre
  10. Black will always be on your right (right handed) and white will be on your left. Hence, in the segment the break was right to left and after lining up the putt you are standing slightly in the black / right side (high side) you then walk up and approach your ball stepping from black to white. However, if you line up a left to right putt you'll be standing in the white left (high side) so as you approach the ball you step over the line going into the black and then right before the ball you step across the line going black to right. The importan
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