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  1. I placed my order on 7/14 - and received the same message. Support says they are shipping out starting late september. If you ordered one now, the website says you should get it in November. So I am guessing, I should receive mine in less than 3 weeks (otherwise, I would be really disappointed). I don't like having the phone in my pocket and the app burns through my battery. That being said - I can't wait - I like the product. Luis
  2. I use a video delay on my iphone/ipad. With the video delay, I can take my swing, set the video delay for 8-10 seconds. Then after a swing, I can walk back to the device and view my swing. I don't need to press / stop / rewind, etc. I believe there are other apps out there, but I use BaM Video Delay for apple.
  3. I use BAM (video delay) IOS app (for apple devices). I use this at home, I mount an ipad on a tripod and setup the video behind me. The app "films" you and then the actual video is delayed (I set it for 3-8 seconds depending on the club) so after you swing you can turn to the ipad (what I use) and see the swing you just took. This way I don't have to stop and press rewind and start it again. Very easy to use.
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