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  1. I want to go to the Masters this year. Most likely the Mon. or Teu. practice round. The tix prices on seat geek or stub hub are like 900-1200. Prices on Craigslist are a little less. Curious is anyone knows about just scalping tickets outside the designated free zone? If I were to show up Monday morning, wondering what my chances are of getting tickets? Thanks for any feedback!
  2. I would also throw in the 'international', in bolton,ma which should be around an hour or so west of Boston. I played there last year on a groupon and thought it was great. T hey have two courses there, 1 is private and 1 public, we played the public track and heard from a few people that the public course was the better of the two. O ne annoying thing is that the golf carts will sense that you are off course and slow to a crawl, never seen anything like that before. I have never played Granite Links but heard it's nice, out of my price range and they don't seem to offer any
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