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  1. I stopped playing golf because I could not putt because of the yips. That was about 8 years ago and recently I have thought about trying again and have been practising in the hallway at home. Yips continue to haunt me even after that period of time. I have found it is the right hand that is the problem so I tried putting left handed only and that works fine but I have trouble keeping the club steady on the back swing. I found just touching the club with only the point of two fingers of my right hand enables me to now putt yip free. Not yet tried it on the course. My handicap prior to early retirement was 10. If anyone has a better cure for the yips I would welcome your input. Ken
  2. Very interesting comments on this subject and it seems to be a concern for a number of people. I am an ex player but a keen spectator on TV. My understanding is the players are to be listed firstly by their score, then by the number of holes played and if scores are level (on same number of holes) then alphabetically. i have always thought that is part of golf etiquette. It is certainly the case on British TV coverage including the European Tour, Australian TV coverage also abides by that. Not sure why American TV coverage should be different to all the rest.