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  1. Regripping at top of backswing

    I am so glad I found this forum. I struggled with re-gripping at the top of my swing for a couple years. I had a very strong grip and as you can imagine, I hooked the ball and hit a lot of low shots. Good news is, I fixed it and have never looked back. Here is what I did and I hope it helps someone. First, I tried to hit the ball without re gripping and I got slice city. That was a no go. Next I tried to aim way left and play the slice, again no luck and embarrassing. Lastly, I found if I regrip before I take the club back I no longer needed to regrip at the top. I played like this for a while and my game improved. Then I really wanted to get rid of the regrip all together, so now with it at the beginning of my swing instead of the top I began to regrip before I approached the ball. Pretty much what I found for me is it was just a mental tick I could never get rid of completely, instead I just moved it from the top of my swing to the beginning of my swing (before the takeaway) to a move I do in my setup. I hope this makes sense.