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  1. the commercial, duh: Xv3Pjicfsr8
  2. oh! and i've also been really into Great Northern!!!! i heard a song of theirs in a car commercial and someone had mentioned on another board I'm on that it was them and i clicked 2 and 2 together and now i'm obsessed.
  3. so so so sad!
  4. I am getting re-obsessed with the Verve lately because I heard their new song yesterday and it's so amazing.
  5. omg, you and i could be best friends i think!
  6. try this
  7. oh man! it sucks that you cant go far from where you are becuase maui has the best corses on earth. i think miami has some nice ones, if i'm not mistaken! plus there's lots to do there and it's really lovely at times.
  8. as a woman who is a little bit older than you, but not by much, i wouldnt worry about the pain in your knees too much. i get that a lot, but it's not arthritis. i think that it just happens from standing a lot... i would try some yogo stretches.