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  1. Couldn't agree with you more...that is what I'm talking about. I have played with some scratch players and most of them play fades or at least have a go to shoot which is usually fade. That being said some can move ball both ways..pretty cool to watch
  2. Break 75 on 18
  3. Yeah that's honest.." I like the way it looks" I know what you mean..You probably see everything right to left..I still do with my tee shots..as I am adapting to left-to-right and playing it predominantly, I noticing that fades are less offensive when i do miss hit one.
  4. Here is what I don't understand.. every time I went for a lesson..like every pro is teaching their students to hit draws..I am yet to see a benefit in that. I think people who start off slicing the ball always desire draw which is like 90% of the beginners, Please don't quote me on that..made up figure. I was one of those when I started off..over the years worked hard on making my stock shot a draw..Now i can't stand it..1. Time consuming to maintain, 2. Some days swing feels great and out of no where it feels like im picking club 1st time in my life...Now after i moved it away from it..I am b
  5. LOL fair enough..IDK i feel like the worst will happen if I mishit one..it will go straight or shorter
  6. I agree with you that a draw can e as reliable for some. My big miss has been a pull draw with irons and push fades & with my driver for the last 6-7 years and when that happens bad things follow.. as I'm adapting to my new ball flight I'm enjoying the consistency and "NO" swing thought aspect of fades. I feel like can finally play golf now rather than golf mechanics. All my lowest rounds are the proof of that.. IDK I may be completely over my head here
  7. Rahul


  8. Let's hear your thoughts on it. My view Fade all day Long. Even though I played draw off the tee and approach into the green my whole life never really was able to depend on it. I recently started playing fades and only fades regardless of the situation, gained about 5-7 shots per round. Loss of Distance: 10-12 YDS with my driver, maybe 5ish YDS with irons. but what I gained in accuracy far outweighs the loss of distance IMHO
  9. Buy a 5 WOOD or a 7 WOOD ..for a new player 3 wood (BY FAR THE HARDEST CLUB TO HIT) is a glorious waste of $$....
  10. I have had issue with breaking 90...always 91, 92, 90 then I looked at my round..my short game was the issue, was loosing 5-6 shots a round...mostly PITCHING from 100 yards in and PUTTING..So i picked a par 3 course...worked on my pitching and short game 125 yards in, also must have played that par 3 course 10-15 times to understand my misses and approach...The last 3 rounds I played (18 hole) ..saved 6-7 shots..86, 84, 84..if im 150 yards in the worst I'll do is bogey...coz I have practices all those and I know my misses..so I don't have to chip (may be twice/round) anything and give my self
  11. Its good that Lessons worked great for you..Im quite happy where I am...May need minor adjustment...and thats all care for...I neither have time nor patience for lessons..I figures it out so far...Work on my short game...thats where Im loosing 4-5 shots a round to break 80...I enjoy playing than getting all caught up in mechanics..GOOD LUCK TO ALL
  12. I couldn't agree with you more..on slowing the Tempo..Improves game dramtically...Obviously he would feel like he is swinging 50% but in reality...he would be no where close to less than 70-75%...GOLF LESSONS (MUST) but I have golfing buddies...taking lessons and practicing 3-4 times at the range..sure at the range hit great shot..but at the course fall apart like a deck of cards...I never took lesson..but scoring better..Im going to my first lesson in March..and the only thing Im interested in is to avoid 2 way Miss and how to use hybrid to its full potential..Im very happy with my irons and
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