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  1. Couldn't agree with you more...that is what I'm talking about. I have played with some scratch players and most of them play fades or at least have a go to shoot which is usually fade. That being said some can move ball both ways..pretty cool to watch
  2. Break 75 on 18
  3. Yeah that's honest.." I like the way it looks" I know what you mean..You probably see everything right to left..I still do with my tee shots..as I am adapting to left-to-right and playing it predominantly, I noticing that fades are less offensive when i do miss hit one.
  4. Here is what I don't understand.. every time I went for a lesson..like every pro is teaching their students to hit draws..I am yet to see a benefit in that. I think people who start off slicing the ball always desire draw which is like 90% of the beginners, Please don't quote me on that..made up figure. I was one of those when I started off..over the years worked hard on making my stock shot a draw..Now i can't stand it..1. Time consuming to maintain, 2. Some days swing feels great and out of no where it feels like im picking club 1st time in my life...Now after i moved it away from it..I am b
  5. LOL fair enough..IDK i feel like the worst will happen if I mishit one..it will go straight or shorter
  6. I agree with you that a draw can e as reliable for some. My big miss has been a pull draw with irons and push fades & with my driver for the last 6-7 years and when that happens bad things follow.. as I'm adapting to my new ball flight I'm enjoying the consistency and "NO" swing thought aspect of fades. I feel like can finally play golf now rather than golf mechanics. All my lowest rounds are the proof of that.. IDK I may be completely over my head here
  7. Rahul


  8. Let's hear your thoughts on it. My view Fade all day Long. Even though I played draw off the tee and approach into the green my whole life never really was able to depend on it. I recently started playing fades and only fades regardless of the situation, gained about 5-7 shots per round. Loss of Distance: 10-12 YDS with my driver, maybe 5ish YDS with irons. but what I gained in accuracy far outweighs the loss of distance IMHO
  9. Buy a 5 WOOD or a 7 WOOD ..for a new player 3 wood (BY FAR THE HARDEST CLUB TO HIT) is a glorious waste of $$....
  10. I have had issue with breaking 90...always 91, 92, 90 then I looked at my round..my short game was the issue, was loosing 5-6 shots a round...mostly PITCHING from 100 yards in and PUTTING..So i picked a par 3 course...worked on my pitching and short game 125 yards in, also must have played that par 3 course 10-15 times to understand my misses and approach...The last 3 rounds I played (18 hole) ..saved 6-7 shots..86, 84, 84..if im 150 yards in the worst I'll do is bogey...coz I have practices all those and I know my misses..so I don't have to chip (may be twice/round) anything and give my self
  11. Its good that Lessons worked great for you..Im quite happy where I am...May need minor adjustment...and thats all care for...I neither have time nor patience for lessons..I figures it out so far...Work on my short game...thats where Im loosing 4-5 shots a round to break 80...I enjoy playing than getting all caught up in mechanics..GOOD LUCK TO ALL
  12. I couldn't agree with you more..on slowing the Tempo..Improves game dramtically...Obviously he would feel like he is swinging 50% but in reality...he would be no where close to less than 70-75%...GOLF LESSONS (MUST) but I have golfing buddies...taking lessons and practicing 3-4 times at the range..sure at the range hit great shot..but at the course fall apart like a deck of cards...I never took lesson..but scoring better..Im going to my first lesson in March..and the only thing Im interested in is to avoid 2 way Miss and how to use hybrid to its full potential..Im very happy with my irons and
  13. ALSO..stay away from TRACKMAN for a while develop a feel for distances..you hit with each iron with 50% swing...ANYWAY TILL YOU ARE single digit handicap..NOT ONCE WHILE PLAYING A ROUND SHOULD YOU ATTEMPT A FULL SWING....I know it works..its working for me (Saved 10 strokes in first round, and never looked at a 87 since then on my score card). PLAY A VERY CONSERVATIVE GOLF till you are ready for aggression
  14. By looking at your trackman data..you are good trajectory and distance and not so much offline from the target...but that is from an artificial turf...keeps me thinking why you are struggling with to break 100...Please tell me if this is you on the golf course... You know your your Pitching wedge goes 130 yards...and you are standing 130 yards from the front of the green and you take out PW and take a Full swing at it..and ball only goes 70 yards in the front bunker or you just pulled it 30 yards to the left..and now you are looking at a double bogey or triple at best.and you look at the d
  15. By the looks of it you hit a lot of FAT SHOTS on grass...follow sean foley weight transfer drill..you will do much better than anything that is out there..I know it helped me..Gave me a lot of confidence with my irons...PLAY SMART AND EARN A FULL SWING..till you are comfortable with irons NEVER ATTEMPT A FULL SWING
  16. Awesome..response to this thread...I love how we are sharing info and helping each other to play better golf....Great way to understand golf..Goatlord...I was in the same boat not too long ago..Forget about those ego clubs (Fairway wood and driver)..If you can play your irons to a certain distance...That wil help you more..For example Try to hit you 9 iron only 100 yards..That will slow everything down..and improve consistancy..when I started playing 2 years ago I used to waste a lot of money and time at the practice range..sure you need some of that, however try to play PAR 3 courses as much
  17. TRACKMAN and everything..Man those are PGA tour average numbers...obviously you have the distance and accuracy...taking a conservative approach will break 90..no problem...I know because thats what I did..I was a 25 handicap for 6 months..now I have scored mid 80s for past 3 rounds...haven't changed a thing about my swing..Just playing conservative off the short grass placing the ball at the right spot for the next shot..always thinking about PUTTING for PAR..Making my approach and layups to my exact yardage for pitch shots..leaves me 6-10 Feet for PAR..7/10 I usually make it..Pitching and Put
  18. I wanna know how many 36 handicapper can swing fairway woods...you have to earn those clubs..stay away from those...stick to IRONS...helps to lower score..USE HYBRIDS FOR LONG FAIRWAY SHOTS... Driver: 200-220 (FADE if old habits creep in, DRAW: 250ish) 4H: 175-190 5H: 170-160 6H: 160-150 7-Iron: 140 - 165 8- Iron: 135-150 9- Iron: 125 - 145 PW (45 degree): 90, 100, 115 Gap Wedge (50 degree): 60, 80 SW (56 degree): 40, 50 (75 full shot, Rarely) LW (60 degree): 10, 20, 30, 40 (NEVER A FULL SHOT) NEVER SWING BEYOND 75%...don't waste money on p
  19. I was struggling with the slice for he longest time..once I started slowing down..things are looking positive...LIGTH GRIP PRESSURE...TEMPO (Backswing...SAY 1 and Finish SAY 2)...thats take away the HITTING instinct..helps to cure the slice..body works better compared to FLIPPING HANDS (PURE JUNK)
  20. Callaway Mac Daddy 56 Degree 14 Bounce Wedge "C" Grind...Perfect wedge for just about everything... replaced my 55 and 60 (2 wedges for 1 from my bag) "C" is great from Fairway, rough, dround the greens and Sand (14 bounce)..heavier forged clubs...great feel from 70 to greens and everything in between..
  21. I had the same problem with my drives...contemplating weather to go with some thing more user friendly...it's not so much the equipment but how your swing is reacting to it as we'll.. I have a 10.5 degree TM burner 2.0 shaft length was 46' got it down to 43.5 and added some lead tape to hostel end of the shaft which made the club heavier so my tendencies with lighter club was to pick it instead of focusing on my shoulders in backswing which leads to over the top...after these adjustment and concentrating only on tempo I'm hitting atleast 7-8 fairways in round compared to barely hitting 1-2 pe
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