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  1. Sure it does. You brought up she wasn't talking to the media. The article explains why she isn't talking to the media....about anything. I don't expect any Lexi basher to change their point of view, just pointing out there is an explanation.
  2. For the Lexi bashers......http://www.golfchannel.com/news/golf-central-blog/report-lexis-mother-battling-uterine-cancer/
  3. I've double hit a few myself. My solution is to make sure the club face is not following directly behind (and then up and into) the path of the shot. So, I cut across the path a little and the clubface finishes left of the path. No more double hits.
  4. I can see where it would help someone who struggles with mishits around the greens. I know a few players who should give it a shot. I know opening my stance (around 45*) and facing the target more helps me with my pitching and chipping around the greens. I don't take the club back and thru like the video though. I cut across it and swing closer to my stance alignment versus straight back and through.
  5. Miller shot 63 on a much, much tougher course that was undoubtedly setup harder. He wins, and it's not really that close.
  6. Yep. Nicklaus mentioned a player in a Presidents Cup was doing something wrong. He said they spoke to the guy and he stopped doing whatever it was. He never said who it was or what he was doing.
  7. There's no way to quantify how much you'll improve. Some players benefit more from repetitive practice than others. You'll save a few shots as your short game improves, no doubt. Improving the short game is the easiest way to save shots. Improving the long game is very beneficial in that it keeps you from having to test(use) that short game so much. That said, the long game is hardest to get good at and takes the most time to maintain. Good luck!
  8. Article states Tiger was slurring his words, but he "probably" shouldn't have been driving? Ya think? Tiger was really, really lucky it didn't turn out much worse.
  9. I've answered many questions and offered some advice here and there when I think I can help. That said, it's not my website that labels this topic "HOT". All I said was it was enjoyable to watch her win and get ahead of the "issue", but you just can't let that go or any opinion different than yours(on Lexi) without going on and on about it. You're so predictable.
  10. People usually don't keep doing things over and over and over and over again if they don't enjoy it or feel strongly about it. So if one was to post their position on the Lexi "incident", say 50 times or so in one thread, It would be reasonable to assume they have more than just a casual interest.
  11. It was enjoying to watch her win, knowing how much it (her winning) angers those who enjoyed calling her a cheat, and criticizing her handling of the matter.
  12. http://www.golfdigest.com/story/lexi-thompson-defies-demons-wins-kingsmill-championship-in-dominant-fashion Nice to see her put the "unfortunate ruling" to rest with a dominant win.
  13. Be ready to let faster groups through if there is an open hole ahead of you. Walk, play your shots, work on your game, just be ready to let faster groups play through. When I was first starting out, it wasn't uncommon for me to let multiple groups play through in 9 holes. As you get better, you'll find you can keep up better.
  14. I understand what you're saying. JFK is always facing the hole for me. What I am referring to is tour play before the Lexi incident. Sure, some players lined up the nose or whatever and were careful to get it back properly. Some players weren't quite that careful.
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