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  1. I agree with the light grip philosophy. I keep my grips clean and wear a dry glove. The clubface will try to naturally return to square if you don't grip too hard.
  2. I haven't been on in a while. Pretty easy decision. My stock shot is a draw. With the pin on the right, if the wind is from the right, I aim for the center of the green and hit a fade. If the wind is coming from the left, I aim at the pin with a draw and let the wind hold the draw off. The wind is tough to play in. I always swing a little easier unless I'm downwind. The extra spin won't hurt as much downwind. I hardly ever play when there isn't wind. I play a course on Tampa Bay and there's always wind. If you can't reliably shape a shot, get a video on the mechanics and hi
  3. Worst president ever. Hands down. Used to be Carter. I can't think of anything positive he has done. His mission was to weaken the country and he tried his best.
  4. I remember the good old days of square grooves. The Ultras are Wilson. The only Wilson ball I like is the FG Tour. That's a real nice ball. Can't find them though. I think they're discontinued? I think Top Flite used to have balls called High Trajectory, Regular Trajectory and Low Trajectory. I think the High Trajectory had the higher, shallower dimples and the Low Trajectory had fewer larger dimples. That's the extent of my knowledge. I'm a Volvik player. I tried to like the iS, but it just didn't fly as far as the iV or S3. Also, it consistently just fell out of the air.
  5. vangator


    The biggest flaw see is over swinging. Many golfers try to swing as hard as they can right from the top. A cast is often the result. Spinning out and poor weight shift as well.
  6. My main reason for Trump being number one for me is the possibility he isn't bought and paid for by special interests. I like the fact he's a contrarian. My immigration policy would consist of Claymores and Brownings. Every other candidate will do as their told. Without real campaign finance reform, we're screwed. Just grab a big jar a Vaseline. I like Cruz the best as far as being the most conservative. I like that the establishment GOP don't like him. That's a good thing. I like his reference to the "Washington cartel". Maybe Cruz will. I voted for Trump in the primary
  7. I like KD mac and cheese. I don't eat ketchup or catsup on anything. Tomatoes and sugar. However, if I get a Whopper or fast food burger, I don't ask them to not put it on. My brother eats everything with ketchup. Swigs it right out of the bottle. He also has brain damage. Don't know if there's a correlation or not.
  8. Are you talking about the Wilson Ultra? Those are rocks. Those are in the goody bags at scrambles. The ProV1 line has models with different dimple numbers over the years. There's one with 332, another with 392 and I assume the one with no number was different from those two. I believe that balls with more dimples flies higher and less dimples flies lower. Not positive though. Not a Cally CS fan either.
  9. Yeah, getting the ball back in play is important. The long shot to the green is the tough one though. I won't take a shot that's too high of a risk unless it's match play and I need the shot. Pulling off that "hero shot" is an awesome feeling though.
  10. I advise anyone to pick a ball and stick with it. If you play different balls, at least determine which balls react the same, especially with the scoring clubs. You should know how the ball will react when you chip and putt. Will the ball check up on approach shots. If find most premium balls to be pretty similar. The Pro V1 is softer and will check up more than the Pro V1x for me. The Srixon Z Star and Z Star XV are to the Pro V1 and Pro V1x for me. I won't play a Cally Chrome Soft because I don't have them figured out.
  11. What do you do if you need a 150 yard shot? There's one hole on my course that if I miss it right, which I do more than I like, I have about a 150 yard approach that has to be punched between trees and low underneath branches. There's water that guards the left side which requires a very accurate shot as well.
  12. I saw Armageddon at the $1 movie a few times. The only movie I saw twice at the theater full price was Born Free (1966). I think it 50 cents.
  13. I was a rassler in HS and was always working on keeping my weight down. You need to exercise and do weight training. Without weight training, you're wasting your time. Just 2 to 3 times per week for less than an hour per session is all you need. Having muscle mass will burn calories by itself. I usually work my muscles to complete failure. Get yourself some good whey protein for recovery. I like Muscle Milk. One of the things that really helped me was beef jerky. Really. My brother had a dehydrator and some really great recipes for some kick ass jerky. We mixed it up. I love it
  14. I'll be voting for Trump. I want to see what someone that has some fiscal sense will do with our economy. I thought his hand reference in the last debate was a little crude, but I agree with most everything else. A little worried about his H1B stance. Hitlery should be in prison for her numerous Whitewater crimes alone. If you or I did 1/100 of what she did with those classified emails, we would be in prison for the rest of our lives. It's not if her server was hacked, but when. So many of these emails are so much higher than Top Secret. Bernie is a commie. What would he do to
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