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  1. Tidewater was awesome! It was a beautiful day... I got to play it alone, and only played 30 bucks to play it! The staff was awesome. The guy in the pro shop was giving me a little shit cause he was watching me play the 18th hole and I flew my 2nd shot over the the green...chipped it within a foot... then tapped in with the flag in... 'nice bogey on the 18th' But I was very impressed with the southern hospitality. I played 4 courses when I was there. The most forgiving by far was Myrtlewood. They have 2 courses there I think, and the both are pretty wide open. I really could
  2. The more I reflect, Prestwick was probably my favorite. I thought it had some awesome par 3's... fairways were very tight. It was tough but u could definition score on it. Next year I'll definitely be back in the area. I wish I had the means to just pick up leave Wisconsin lol. I wouldn't every spend a weekend here in the winter! I've played all the Kohler courses, but I really want to play Erin Hills. Came close last year... just never happened.. hopefully this year! I'll go alone if I have to. I'm not a very good golfer, but i love golf. It's a passion, like I'm sure it is for most on t
  3. Yea... I had a great time! I can't wait to go down there again! I've heard good things about True Blue and Caledonia. Next time I'll definitely play both. I've done 36 holes a day for 5 days straight on a little golf trip I took in Door County 3 years ago. That was a good time!
  4. I enjoyed The Irish Course at Whistling... Whispering Springs in Fon Du Lac is a great track... There's a little known course in Valders, WI called Autumn Ridge.. one of my favorites! Door County has a few really nice courses out there also... but The Bull is my favorite... just an awesome layout... tough as nails course... it's such a bully but it is fun and I love the challenge!
  5. Well, I live in the northeast now... near Green Bay. I've been a member at a little course out here called Mid Vallee for the past 4 years. Nothing special, but it's a cheap membership and the course is always in great condition! But I like to play everywhere. Closest I've been down that way is probably Washington County Golf Course. I played there last year. I play at least 2 of the Kohler courses every year. I'll play The Bull in the summer.... then hit up Blackwolf or The Irish Course. I got buddies in the Milwaukee area cause thats where I'm from... usually I'll go down there and play Si
  6. Gotcha! I used to live in North Prairie myself... years ago!
  7. One of my buddies owns a golf store... I saw these balls in his back room and he told me to take a dozen. I seen they been out for a few months in a limited amount. Any one try these out yet? Courses are not to dry yet to try them out here in Wisconsin. I
  8. I'll be back out there again for sure! Like I said before, I had a great time with you guys. I greatly appreciate the awesome hookups you got for me also! I'm also confident next time I get out there I'll be putting your drives to shame! Lol... definitely be seeing ya sooner than later Brian.. thnx! Yea, I definitely can't play in that heat either! Rather play in 30 than 90 personally.. Yea...I'll be further along than most golf-wise... i see some courses are opening up now here! Where are you from in Wisconsin?
  9. Yea, man it was awesome! I'm with you on playing Erin Hills. It was a real bummer we couldn't do it last year. Especially after I somehow convinced my I would be paying 300 bucks or so for a round of golf! I don't know if I have that persuasive power in me anymore...lol Thanks. I know it was just a brief little tale of my trip. I could have went into more detail but I don't have the patience for typing. Lol... yea that plane descent was terrible. I chewed gum.. didn't help. I will try the Vicks next time.. something has to give! I felt like my ears were gonna explode!
  10. I got to start by saying Myrtle Beach was pretty awesome! Maybe a bit more to me cause I haven't been out of Wisconsin in over 20 years! It was actually my first... and probably last time on a plane also. My ears are not built for the landing part of the ride...so much pain... Anyways, my wife and I arrived in Myrtle at about 11 o'clock a.m. last Wednesday. I was having my clubs sent with Ship Sticks and I was hoping that they would get there in time so I could hit the range and knock some rust off before my early tee time Thursday morning. (All my golf was hooked up by Brian Noblin or @b
  11. Yea, I actually live 40 mins north of a Fon du Lac. Initially we were going to drive also. Decided to fly though. I've never flown so I was a bit against it. I'm not too comfortable being up that high and having no control lol. I was also sketchy about taking my clubs on the plane. I'd be devastated if they got lost during the flight... layover. .. or changing of planes since it's not a direct flight. So I did send them with Ship Sticks. Heard good things... hopefully they'll be at the hotel when I get there! I may try to hit up a driving range right away!
  12. Yessir...we will be flying. Looks like it'll be in the 60's... rainy? Hopefully that forecast changes though... either way I'll be well prepared!
  13. So Brian and I have the intenerary all ironed out pretty much. Starting off with Myrtlewood Palmetto. Then playing Prestwick. Then he offered to take me out for my 3rd round somewhere. Actually he offered to take you out. He checked this thread out and thought I was you. Lol! He started talking about Carolina stuff and I'm like 'lol I think you're a bit confused add to who I am'... but he said even though I wasn't you the offer still stood haha. I told him next time I visit I planned on playing with you. He'll be in that group now too! Awesome guy from what I can tell so far! Can't wait to get
  14. So Brian emailed me today. He was very inquisitive of what type of golfer I was and the kind of courses I liked. Pretty specific, which I loved, cause he s looking to give me exactly what I'm looking for. Funny, I just emailed him and told him the exact words you just said lol. I would like to start with Myrtlewood as a warm up cause he explained to me that it was a good scoring course with generous fairways. I don't care about gimmicky /signature courses. As long as they are well kept and sonewhat challenging, it's fun for for me. We have a course like that here in Wisconsin. I've heard lots
  15. I appreciate that. But you don't have to go out of your way to find his number. I've emailed his work email... and PM'D him on here. If he doesn't get back to me by tomorrow, I plan on just looking for a package deal on my own. If you could just recommend some nice courses to play near where I'll bring staying, that'd be awesome. And I'll be sure to do a follow up post about my trip when I get back!
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