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  1. I don't know about that... I have friends in Kirkwood who lived elsewhere and near retirement, moved back. Personally, I love St. Louis. The Sheldon Concert Hall is one of the most perfect acoustic rooms in the country and I've seen some incredible artists there. A friend runs Jazz On The Bistro down the block... Other than the cold weather, it's one of my favorite places to visit friends.
  2. Killian Greens runs through homes. In the past, they've had a problem with homeowners having company and their parties overflowing onto the golf course, leaving trash around and occasionally damaging a green. They also have had people simply walk onto the course from the street and drink or have picnics during the night. They leave trash too. They did have one homeowner that called the police when she saw someone about to build a campfire on the course. The course is owned by one individual, thus it's private property, regardless that he runs it like a public golf course for the sake of people who wish to play there. They recently built a fence around the whole course. There will be gates at points where you have to cross a neighborhood street to get from one part of the course to another. They will be opened early in the mornings when they put out pins and locked at night. It should be interesting to see whether it stops the problems.
  3. The only golf related item on my bucket list is to return to Louisville, Kentucky, where I grew up, and play a few of the courses I grew up on. I do want to go to the Golf Hall of Fame and I suppose I'd like to play there, but it doesn't hold as much importance in my mind. Playing famous courses across this country holds no interest of real consequence for me.
  4. At the 2 courses where I play most, the forward tees were placed long after the courses existed and they don't help much. You might save 10 yards on some holes, but on holes where there are hazards to play short of, the tees aren't far enough forward to let you hit over those hazards, so you don't do anything but hit less club off the tee and have the same shot to the green. On average, I'm the longest hitter in my group, so we've never found any benefit to moving up to forward tees. When we've traveled somewhere to play a different course, it's another story. My point is, it varies from course to course and is based pretty much on nothing but design.
  5. One of my buddies uses a set of Cleveland irons that are pretty much a hybrid design all the way through the set. A cousin of mine has something similar, but I don't known what brand. they are both happy with them. Putting together a set of irons and trying to fit a hybrid into the set is another matter. I don't know anyone who simply bought a 4 hybrid to replace the missing 4 iron in a set like mine that starts with the 5 iron. Like most people, I'll hit that 4 hybrid a lot farther than a 4 iron made to match the set. The point is, your concern about such a small difference in the loft might be what you need to keep the gaps between your clubs. The good news is, hitting balls to figure it out is fun!
  6. I can only conclude my swing is highly inconsistent these days. No matter what loft I use, I seem to hit the ball the same distance with the same trajectory. I don't know why. I see more differences with various shaft stiffness than anything, but not loft.
  7. Somewhat allied and at the same time an aside to the subject... I was playing in a match play tournament a few years ago when I hit a ball into what appeared to be the middle of the fairway. We never found it and since I had no reason to have hit a provisional, I had to go back to the tee. Since the group behind us wasn't part of the tournament, they were upset as hell that i didn't just drop a ball and get the hell out of their way. I didn't comment except to suggest they consider learning the rules. I got upset and I feel like it cost me that match. Of course, around here, there are a lot of guys who start drinking early in the morning when they play. Usually they are good targets for this thread.
  8. It's amazing to me how old this thread is, but at the same time, how perfectly relevant is still is. Where I play most, it's very rare to see women playing. Those who do are almost always with their husbands. It's even very rare to see 2 women play together. On the other hand, at another local course, they have a thriving women's association and tournament group. It's a pretty expensive course to play, so maybe this becomes an economic question, those playing in the association being better off and having more leisure time. I honestly don't know.
  9. The course I play most really favors a fade off every tee but one, but that's based on the shape of the holes. The thing is, there's more trouble on the right side at the same time, so a push slice would be the worst shot for me. Even a duck hook leaves the fairway in front of you.
  10. When one bad shot costs me 2-3 more... When I hit what looks like the perfect putt and one stupid blade of grass knocks it offline... When I get to the course and discover I left my golf shoes at home... When I get to the course and find I have no putter because it's leaning against the dresser in my bedroom... When I... Oh what the hell... With my game, are there any good times?
  11. Previously, I said my biggest goal was to get back in better physical shape. The good news is, my Orthopedist says I don't need surgery on either of my knees after hurting them in 3 falls. Strengthening the muscles in the legs should take care of things. So, my immediate goal is to start walking 2 miles a day and do more exercises at home on a stationary bike. I started yesterday. What I can do at the gym will be something to learn about later today. One of the more interesting aspects has to do with the irons I'm using, sort of a combination thought with my physical abilities. I had dinner with a teaching pro I'm friendly with and he commented that my height, (I'm 6'7"), coupled with my usual highly upright swing, I'd be better off swinging around myself with a set of one length irons. We modified a set of Cobra F8 One Length irons to lengthen the 5-6-7 irons and then back weighted them to keep everything at D1. As I said elsewhere, I guess it makes them Two Length... I wonder if Cobra is interested in talking to me?
  12. I had to quit for nearly a year with a wrist issue back in the 80s, then for 18 months more recently after carpel tunnel and bone spur shoulder surgery. I probably was a more avid golfer each time because I didn't think about much of anything else. When I came back, I didn't care much how I played, but really appreciated just being on the course. The feel of a few good shots was all I needed to go home with. I stopped keeping score and found myself challenging myself for other things, like mustering the concentration and strength to hit a good shot when it was late in the round, the temperatures were in the 90s and the humidity was through the roof. Don't quit... Drink a beer, talk to your friends. Don't bet on anything, but challenge yourself in your own little world for the fun of it. There are a lot of other challenges you can find in this silly game. Stop keeping score and do some crazy stuff like intentionally playing short of greens, then challenging yourself to see how much you can get up and down. Try playing bump and run all over the course instead of flying balls into greens, (obviously unless there is water) Intentionally play into bunkers and count your sand saves. Hit a fairway wood or hybrid off the tees and turn your course into something hundreds of yards longer. Or try playing with just irons from the ladies tees. And I see you live in Merritt Island. I had 2 late friends who worked at NASA and lived in The Savannahs. I played the course there about 10 times. It's one of my favorites in Florida.
  13. I used to run a local proshop part time and got the chance to play with 2 different teaching pros who worked at that course. Each of them had different thoughts on my swing. I didn't have actual lessons from either one of them, but what it did make me think of is, lessons can be effective if you go to the right pro, one who can help you correct your faults. The opposite side is, there are some pros who only teach you to emulate the one swing they can teach without any real personalization to your specific swing.
  14. Sorry to reopen an older thread, but I was curious how people felt about the one length concept. Personally, the side of me that appreciates the science behind it likes the idea, but I have trouble with one thing. I'm 6'7" tall and use irons that are 1.5" longer than standard. The extra length of the 8-9-Wedges in a one length set is attractive, but I want the 5-6-7 irons to be longer than a standard 7 iron. I bought a set of used F8 One Length irons and added 1" to the 5-6-7 irons, back weighting them to stay at D1 swingweight. I guess that makes them Two Length? I haven't been able to play with them yet, but hitting them into the net in my backyard felt fine.
  15. I've considered it... I simply find my well struck 3 wood goes nearly as far as my driver once I've loosened up. I really need the driver on the first 3-4 holes because with a shorter swing, I don't miss it as badly as I would with a 3 wood. Neither one is any straighter than the other either, so I don't feel like there's any benefit to either one.
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