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  1. Right now, I have Taylormade M4 woods and a very old Mizuno putter, but my hybrid and all my irons and wedges are Ping G700s. I do have a Ping Anser putter and I'm going to be trying a Ping G400 driver early next week. It's possible everything in my bag will be one brand by next week. In the past, I've had all Mizuno in my bag.
  2. I couldn't play yesterday, but one of my buddies texted me to tell me about a weird shot one of the other guys hit. The 4th green is directly behind the 5th tee. The 5th tee has a few trees to either side. My other friend apparently hit his tee shot on 5 so badly of the toe that it shot dead right like a shank, hit a tree and bounced hard, back over his head and wound up in the bunker by the 4th green. Apparently, an argument endued, all in good fun, over whether he was to play the ball as it lied or take a drop.
  3. I heard something interesting yesterday and I wonder if other places do this. The middle school down the street from me has a golf team. They also have a soccer team, flag football, a track team and a cross country team. Apparently there are more sports coming too. The bottom line is, as long as it comes close as possible to requiring no money to be spent by the school for anything but transportation, they will let the kids organize it. Obviously, in the case of golf, the kids have their own equipment. So, the school, or maybe it's the teacher/advisor, just makes arrangements with the course. From what I heard, the courses generally let the kids play their 9 hole matches free and they give the coaches a cart to ride around in. Are middle schools doing this anywhere else?
  4. OMG - I can't wait to use that line the next time I have a friend in the car with me. As for your question about things that remind you of golf, yes, every day around my house, there are lots of things. In the livingroom, across from where I'm sitting now, I have an old set of Haig Ultra woods and irons, just sitting up in an umbrella stand as an ornament. In the bedroom, above my closet, I have an old wooden shafted putter on a wooden plaque I made. On either side of it are hats from famous courses like St Andrews, Wing Foot, Baltusrol, Hazeltine and others. In my music room, where I keep my guitars, I have some photos on the wall of players I like, Arnie, Ben Hogan, Ernie Els and Bobby Jones. When we had closet organizers designed for the bedroom closets, one of the requirements for mine was space to store a couple sets of clubs. What's in there right now is an old set of Titleist clubs that I use a couple times a year to punish myself when I mistakenly feel I'm good enough to use them anymore. And in the backyard is my little practice area with a very good mat I bought from a local course when they replaced theirs and a net to hit balls into. So, yes, unless I go to the bathroom, there's all sorts of stuff around my house that constantly make me think about golf. Gotta do something about those bathrooms...
  5. Each of my friends have routines of different speeds, but none are terribly slow. Personally, getting contact lenses helped me play faster because it eliminated my need to clean my glasses before every shot. What bugs me are certain habits a couple of them have. They will finish a hole and walk back to the cart, then with people waiting back in the fairway, they will stand there pointing to where they hit shots, calculating their score on the hole and then sit in the cart writing down the scores before moving to the next tee. I constantly remind them that we have people waiting, but up to now, I haven't been able to change their behavior. One guy tends to hit a chip shot, let's say from 50 yards out, and he'll walk to the green with his putter from there instead of pulling the cart up by the green. Sometimes I go back to get his cart. He's getting better though. One guy we used to play with is notoriously cheap. (He would regularly need a bathroom as soon as the check for lunch arrived) We stopped calling him to play because he constantly spent way too much time looking for lost balls in the lakes and canals. One time when he was riding with me, I drove off and left him because he refused to stop looking for balls while he held up people in the fairway. I have absolutely no time for people like that. His wife is a good friend of mine and she once asked me why we never called him anymore. I told her the truth and there was no question she understood.
  6. Glad to hear you learned that. My own situation didn't need much convincing. I'm 6'7" tall and weigh 240 lbs so when I began to hear about fitting, I was pretty immediately interested. I played regular length irons into my 50s before a Ping fitting suggested specs with longer clubs and upright lies. About 10 years later, a Mizuno fitting took my specs further, into jumbo grip size and variances in how upright my long irons were versus my short irons. that fitting also included a great amount of detail about what kind of flex design would work best for me. I had heard shaft flex really has no industry standard, so at first, I almost discounted all the trouble the guys were going to so they could put together a test club for me that the computerized booth said performed the best. When I had my bone spur surgery on my shoulder, a new fitting suggested changes to help my game. Now that I've recovered, a more recent fitting helped me again and that leads to a point... In general, once you know your specs, you can sometimes find good used equipment to your specs, (or close enough to be adjusted), and you can find it a lot cheaper than constantly buying new. Deep specifics about the shaft performance will still be a lottery, but knowing your own specs can get you really close.
  7. So sorryto hear about this. There's way too much of this sort of thing going on that gets overlooked in the news of the current economy. I hope you find something enjoyable and satisfying to do into the future.
  8. Interesting... That's the first time I've heard of that.
  9. Back in the late 1970s, when i lived in Jamaica, my game was pretty close to its best. Good as it could be, I still admit there was a day I really caught lightning in a bottle when I shot 66, (6 under), at Caymanas Golf Club near Spanishtown, Jamaica. It was the amateur course record and stood for nearly 35 years. During the round, I had a double eagle on the par 5 second hole. I also 3 putted the 18th hole for my only bogey. The next day, I shot 82... During college at the University of Louisville, I won the 1970 intramural golf championship for my fraternity. Oh man... You really don't want to get us old guys started, do you? Suffice it to say, my older granddaughter's room looks like a trophy case from all her horseback riding events she's been in.
  10. ROFL - Having just given up Mizuno 900 Hot Metal irons and gone to PING G700 irons, believe me when I tell you my Mizzy friends would definitely agree with you.
  11. While it's not heard anymore, I still think the sound of a ball hit on the sweet spot on a persimmon driver is the best. I have an old set of Haig Ultras and have taken the driver to the course with me. Just hearing that sound again when I hit it a few times made a flood of memories come rushing back.
  12. For about 6 months after college, I was an Assistant Professional at a private club outside Louisville, Kentucky. I had stars in my eyes about what I was getting into and after leaving the job and moving out of the country to work elsewhere, the USGA made me wait 1 year from my date of application before I got the official letter congratulating me for getting my amateur status back. I had heard it was a process and expected the year, though I'm not sure what it was protecting golf from. The sum total of my professional winnings from the one pro tournament I played in amounted to $5.00. (You can be impressed later) So, from my standpoint of been there, done that, I feel like my extremely low level of time and success in the golf business might have deserved the 1 year wait. On the other hand, a tour pro with little success should probably wait longer. A previously successful tour player probably wouldn't want their amateur status back, but I don't agree they should never be able to get it back if they so desire.
  13. I'm 70 years old and I know as you get older, sometimes lack of heat tolerance is a problem. I'll typically take 3 bottles of Powerade Zero with me and usually include a couple bananas and cheese crackers in my little cooler. I've tried polar hats and those towels you wet, squeeze out and flap, then put on your neck or head. I just can't manage the heat anymore and I'm afraid I'm becoming a 9 hole golfer. that idea really bugs me. Like many, I also buy shirts that are supposed to keep cool;er, not that I notice. What do you guys do that you feel works well for you?
  14. Maybe it's just that we're both in Florida, but I really agree with this. I played horribly last Friday morning, but I got around 9 holes with 1 ball. Lately, that's been rare for me. i don't play Pro V balls, preferring something more like the Titleist Tour Soft, but that's not the point. The sandy soil at the courses I play in Miami can take the shine off a ball after a couple rounds. The performance is probably still like new, but the distraction of the damaged cover just gets to me, so that ball goes in my shag bag.
  15. My 2 games each week generally include some of the same people each morning. None the less, the way we play on Monday differs from Friday. On Monday, the course is usually pretty dead, so we look for a lost ball a bit longer before dropping something. We do tend to putt out and all the guys count everything. On Friday mornings, the course is much more crowded and we tend to be quicker to drop a ball and knock a putt back to the player who left the ball close enough to the cup that there's no question he would make the next one. We pride ourselves on keeping pace and since we don't gamble or play any tournaments of any sort, (nor does anyone keep any formal handicap), we've rationalized our Friday play to ourselves enough to have gotten over what terrible people we are and that someday, we will surely go to hell... (Edit) BTW - We're two 70 year old guys who have played for years, 65 years in my case. The other guys are both 49 years old and have been playing about 5 years, so we are concerned that us old guys set a good example in a lot of ways. They both know the difference between what we do out of convenience versus what a tournament would demand. (We're going to hell anyway)
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