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  1. Mavrik driver, old XR 3 wood, (best I ever had), Bertha 4 hybrid, Rogue irons, 5-GW, 54* Mac Daddy SW, 58* X Tour LW... old Cobra putter.
  2. I can definitely relate to that. As hot, humid and uncomfortable as it is most of the year here in Miami, I really enjoy the 2-3 months of cooler weather we get. For the past 4 years, I had knee issues, carpel tunnel surgery, shoulder bone spur issues and later surgery. I missed the best part of the golf weather and this year. I'm hoping to get through it without an injury. I hope you can avoid any problems, but honestly, a screen name like DeadMan? Really??? It sounds like you have given up.
  3. Considering some medical issues and the limitations of the Covid pandemic, I only played at 2 local courses in Miami. I didn't even average once a week this past year. For that matter, I played 9 a lot more frequently than I played 18. In 2021, I hope to get out to northern California to meet my birth family and play there. I also hope to get to Louisville, where I grew up, and play a couple times there.
  4. I hesitate to call this gamesmanship, because the high level of teasing in my old group was just insane to begin with and there was no betting, so it was all in good fun. Playing at Kendale Lake Country Club one day, one of the guys stopped at a bathroom between nines. The rest of us went to the 10th tee and teed off. I hit a horrible shot into the left rough less than 200 yards out. I was usually good for 250-275 way back then. Our friend comes back and in this booming voice he had asks, "WHERE'D YOU GO BIG BOY?" Smart assed as I could be, I said, "Suffice it to say, you can't get
  5. I grew up in Louisville, Ky, home of Hillerich & Bradsby, so naturally, my first set of clubs were H&B Citations.
  6. Oh boy - Where to start... I think my main goal has to be, stop being stupid, meaning I need to stop messing with a variety of sets of clubs I own and settle on which one I'm best with. Next is to re-establish my practice area in the backyard and use it. (It was taken down when we had trees trimmed) Secondary to that is to do more to exercise specific golf muscles. Recovering from surgery has not been kind to me. Third, I really want to meet some new people to play with. My usual Monday morning game is often canceled because the guys have other interests that get in the way
  7. Callaway Epic Star driver and 3 wood, plus Rogue X irons and a V-Line putter. I recently got these and I need to start looking for clubs to fill in the distance gaps between the 6 iron, (at about 175 yards), up to the 3 wood, (at aboout 210 yards)... The irons were also lengthened and backweighted by me. They are extended 2 inches and have 60 grams of lead in the extenders. All of them swing C3.
  8. I agree, but at the same time, I'm sure the individual marketing departments are looking at every single detail, including the connector, to make some point why their brand is better. I might burn the connector out of the regular flex shaft so I can use the senior flex. I have no doubt which is better for me, but otherwise, I wouldn't risk messing up a shaft. I do have a heat gun, so as opposed to a torch, I could probably just burn one hand instead of both.
  9. I've had the same problem, even within the Amp Cell line. I have one Amp Cell driver with 6 adjustments on the hosel. I bought a second Amp Cell driver to get the senior flex shaft cheaper than buying the shaft would be, but when it arrived, the 2 connectors are very different. The second driver had an open, closed and neutral setting, nothing else. If you get into the newer Cobra drivers, you will find there are some that you can swap from model to model, but I know what you are going to say... and I agree... The Amp Cell feels so much better than anything Cobra has made since then.
  10. We'll just have to agree to disagree, based on nothing more than it's interesting to you, but not to me. You have every right do be interested in the details for cause and effect, but in the end, we both know our equipment choices will be based on the end result.
  11. THAT'S EXACTLY MY POINT!!! Why should we confuse ourselves with esoterica? Let the fitter prove his or her worth by messing with what might affect spin numbers in a positive way. Look for results and focus on nothing else.
  12. Honestly, no offense intended to anyone here, but why do spin numbers really matter? I'm interested in an end result, not the biproduct stats of hitting balls. I know we are inundated with numbers in golf these days, measurements we hear about on the tours and in the computerized booths, but really? If I want to choose a new driver and I hit one longer and straighter, those end numbers are more important, because they, and only they, express what I'm hoping to accomplish. Sure, the fitter might have messed with the settings on the driver in ways that positively affected the spin
  13. Agreed on all points, but further to all... As to lofts... We all know why the gap wedge had to be invented, because club makers wanted to fake technology to make clubs hit the ball farther by doing little but reducing the loft. As I've gone through the past 20 years, from 50 to 70, I've gone from hitting stiff shafts to senior shafts. I've gone from hitting a 3/4 8 iron 150 yards to needing a fairly full 6 iron. One thing that has helped though is my recent turn to Cobra One Length irons. Because I'm very tall, mine are modified to be 2" longer and back weighted to C4, (I love that
  14. About 12 years ago, I had a fitting for a set of Ping irons. The fitter went through the prescribed routine, fitting me for irons 2" extra long and 2* upright with stiff shafts at that time. While that fitting might have been technically correct, what he never took into account were certain subjective things like my advanced age and the nearly constant heat and humidity where I live in Miami, Florida. I complained while hitting balls in the booth that the swingweight felt too heavy for me to manage, but he kept making excuses that swingweight didn't matter. He also said Ping could re
  15. I don't know about that... I have friends in Kirkwood who lived elsewhere and near retirement, moved back. Personally, I love St. Louis. The Sheldon Concert Hall is one of the most perfect acoustic rooms in the country and I've seen some incredible artists there. A friend runs Jazz On The Bistro down the block... Other than the cold weather, it's one of my favorite places to visit friends.
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