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  1. I haven't played Miami Shores in years. It's simply very far from my house and none of my usual playing partners are interested in the long drive. It's generally in good shape, but not known to be any kind of big challenge. Same with the 2 courses at CC of Miami. They were nice way back when, but it's way too far to drive on a weekday when i get to play. Some of the public courses around Miami are Palmetto, in the SW area near me. It can stretch to play quite a bit longer than many other courses around here. Crandon, on Key Biscayne, is pricey, but well worth it. The natural beauty is a challenge to your concentration. The senior tour used to play an event there. Bayshore and Normandy are on Miami Beach and both are always in good shape. The Biltmore in Coral Gables is nice, but it's been redesigned since it's glory days when icons of the game played tournaments there. One of my favorite courses is Miami Springs, owned by the City of Miami. It's a very old course that's pretty much the same since the 30s through 50s when it hosted the Miami Open. In the clubhouse are a bunch of the trophies with the names of the winners over the years. Personally, I can't walk those fairways, (when I'm infrequently in a fairway), and wonder if Snead or Hogan stepped right where I am at that moment.
  2. I totally failed, mostly due to inactivity after a couple knee injuries. Now that I'm somewhat better, my 2020 goals are a bit more positive, but are based on maintaining my physical condition.
  3. I completely agree with this train of thought. I started a thread some time ago about what I considered to be the fallacy of gold tees, (forward tees of whatever color). In short, the course needs to be designed in a way that moving forward actually lets you play a shorter shot to the green on mostly par 4 holes. A lot of courses I've played don't do that. When I have to play short of a lake or canal from the white tees, but moving forward doesn't let me hit over that lake or canal, I still need to play short and I still have the same long shot into a green. Moving forward to hit 3 wood off a tee instead of driver is of no help what so ever. My point was, your benefit from moving to a forward tee will vary with the course. If the course has par holes that pass the test the way David described, leaving you shorter shots into the green as a result of your average drive, then it makes sense to move up.
  4. I really don't need to think much to answer this. I need to get back into MUCH better physical shape first. In the past 3 months, I've fallen 3 times and I wrenched a knee in 2 of those falls. It's kept me from walking as much as I did and I definitely feel it on the course. I've become way too sedentary and I feel it badly. Once I regain some strength, I need to get a contractor to the house to rebuild my practice area. The net is fine, but the ground under my mat has become unlevel. I'm going to put concrete under it. I'm also looking to have a company build a practice green about 12 feet in diameter. Then lessons, so I can come home and practice the correct things. I'm 70 years old. My long term goal is to shoot my age before I'm 75.
  5. My next door neighbor feels it was worth the money. If I paid and played, maybe I would too. When I play a couple courses in Miami that are the same as they were in the 40s or 50s when a bunch of iconic players walked those fairways, I definitely feel something, a very loose kinship with Hogan, Snead, Middlecoff... Maybe I'd feel that way about Pebble.
  6. I shot some ugly number. I might actually need to count in base 12 to understand it.
  7. There are a couple bunkers where I play a lot that were turned into grass bunkers many years ago. They are just as difficult to get out of as sand would be. I would imagine it costs a lot less to maintain too.
  8. I wish I had pictures of some things I've seen... One course, now closed, had foxes, hawks and an incredible assortment of fish in the lakes. Living in Miami, I've seen gators in a few ponds and a wonderful selection of colorful birds. Up in Temple Terrace, Florida one time, there were some Bald Eagle nests and quite of few of them watching us play. When i lived in Jamaica, there was a surprising total lack of wildlife, other than small lizards. All of that aside though, THIS was the strangest wildlife I've seen on a golf course.
  9. Your simple analysis statement is something I also try to do after a round. Sometimes, after a bad round, I can't remember things well enough to figure out what I did wrong that created a domino effect of bad scoring. Then I keep simple records on my next few scorecards, fairways hit, greens hit, up/downs, sand saves and putts. It leads to the kind of thought you just expressed and I highly recommend it as something that might help a lot of people.
  10. To echo the comments of many, I'd pay a little more if the condition of the course was better, including the bunkers. Where I play most has to do with where my friends want to play. The course used to be a dog track, but a new owner has throws a lot of money at improvements and it's MUCH more pleasant now. None the less, the bunkers are still an issue because they were never built properly. They were just hollowed out with a bulldozer and sand dropped in them, so they don't drain properly and the sand tends to filter into the ground. that leaves them in their usually hard condition. A lot of people at this course ground their club in the bunkers and chip out instead of trying to hit something resembling a blast. Since I play Ping G700 irons with a very deep sole, I tend to avoid my SW or LW out of those bunkers. I have a Vokey wedge with a thinner sole and only 6* of bounce to chip out of those bunkers.
  11. Since I was late going to the course, I told the guys to go without me and I caught them on the 4th hole. I played the remaining 14 holes 6 over par, so I shot 61...
  12. Mine isn't accurate or inaccurate. It's nonexistent. SAny given day, I might shoot 5 over par and any other day shoot 15 over par. Sometimes even within a round, I'll shoot par on the front and 45 on the back. It's schizophrenic golf.
  13. The course record, set by an Assistant Pro a few years ago is 62 and he admitted it was a day when he simply caught lightning in a bottle. Even from the back tees, the course is only about 6400 yards long. Thus, I'd suspect a tour pro would drive about 6 of the par 4 holes and the second shot on the others would probably be a flip wedge. They would definitely hit all the par 5 holes in 2. Only 1 of the par 3 holes approaches 200 yards from the back tee and has a small green. Another that's about 190 has a huge green. The 2 others are no longer than 160 from the back. They would tear it up so much they'd probably get bored.
  14. Speaking for my group, yes and no. I play the ball as it lies, though I will move it away from tree roots to be sure nothing is slightly underground that I could hit and injure myself with. (Been there Done that) Two of my usual group regularly play preferred lies. We are playing any matches and there's no gambling. It's totally social golf, so nobody is too bothered by it.
  15. I have no disagreement with all you wrote, but this part really rang bells to me. Like many of us, I have days when I hit greens and more days when I miss greens. I've always been a pretty good putter, so on the days I miss greens, the quality of my chipping or sand game is really what makes the difference between a good round and something I'd rather forget. It's kind of a matter of neither driving for show nor putting for dough. I can't make a cute saying out of it... chipping for my flipping sanity?... but among the old fart generation I'm part of now, I see an awful lot of good scoring based on guys who can get up and down really well.
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