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  1. I have no disagreement with all you wrote, but this part really rang bells to me. Like many of us, I have days when I hit greens and more days when I miss greens. I've always been a pretty good putter, so on the days I miss greens, the quality of my chipping or sand game is really what makes the difference between a good round and something I'd rather forget. It's kind of a matter of neither driving for show nor putting for dough. I can't make a cute saying out of it... chipping for my flipping sanity?... but among the old fart generation I'm part of now, I see an awful lot of good scoring based on guys who can get up and down really well.
  2. That was exactly my point. Maybe i should have emphasized it more explicitly.
  3. Oh man, I'm old... I remember what was a very interesting poll taken back in the 60s. Back then, there was a pretty even division between golfers who loved to see the pros make lots of birdies and the other side who wanted to see them struggle. The former wanted to put pros on a pedestal, seeing them be so much better than amateur players. The latter wanted to see pros play under conditions the amateur couldn't relate to, but under which the pros would perform with scoring results just slightly better than good amateurs. The former group felt it made conditions fair to all pros instead of favoring only some with certain abilities, whether long drivers or great putters. The latter group wanted the absolute cream to rise to the top. Personally, I don't mind either way, but with the U.S. Open being set up to create something close to par having a chance to win, I will say this. I don't mind hard courses. What I dislike is a good course set up with such ridiculous conditions that way too much luck comes into play. More times than not, that's how I feel about the U.S. Open. So where does that put me with Rory's argument?
  4. I won't defend the owner of the phone or Bio Kim, but the Korean culture is much more harsh about breaking general rules of humanity and manners. In other words, I don't expect to totally understand the thoughts of the ruling body. I agree with everyone who said 3 years is way too much a punishment, so I hope after a certain time, he can appeal the ruling. Three years could totally ruin a career, so I also hope he can play elsewhere in the meantime.
  5. Does anyone feel like it might matter where you play? For example, sometimes I play Palmetto, that's pretty open and the rough isn't very penal. There are few trees and a shot in the rough is often preferable to the fairway on a long hole where it takes me a hybrid or 3 wood to have any chance of getting to the green, even from forward tees. On the other hand, Killian Greens, where I play most, runs through a subdivision of homes and forest land behind the homes. Off the fairway there is almost always going to make you play out with little chance to get on the green. I'd say at Palmetto, I putt for dough and at Killain Greens, to putt for dough, I definitely need to drive for show first.
  6. At the proshop where I worked part time, we supposedly didn't allow groups of more than foursomes. The problem was, every Tuesday afternoon, there was a little tournament hosted by the pro who was the co-owner of the course. Since the course runs through homes, you can see much more than the first hole and 9th fairway from the proshop window. As soon as they were out of sight, groups would join up and play between 5-8 together. They quickly developed a reputation for not letting people through and while Tuesday afternoon wasn't the busiest day of the week, I definitely noticed how dead we were after a while. Then internet ratings started mentioning it, but the owners didn't care. I definitely don't miss working there. I've heard in the past reports claiming 5 or 6 play as fast as 3 or 4, provided they play ready golf. IMHO, i don't believe it.
  7. For the last year, I've played mostly 9 holes at a time. Part of my decision to do that had to do with healing from surgeries, but a lot has to do with being unable to deal well with the insane Miami heat and humidity. Sometimes I simply feel like I'm being squeezed and I can't concentrate or muster the energy to make a decent swing. I know part of the problem is because certain meds I take make me more heat sensitive. Even using sugar free Gatorade drives up my blood sugar so badly, so I tried drinking water, but I'm still wiped out after 9 holes. What's made it better is Powerade Zero. I don't understand how, because regardless that the ingredients read pretty much the same as sugar free Gatorade, the Powerade product doesn't bother my blood sugar and having a few bottles with me in a little cooler really helps. I hope to return to being an 18 hole golfer during the fall and winter when Miami temperatures drop from the high 90s to the low 90s.
  8. That's what I still call Melreese... I think they call it Miami National now. It's on the west end of the golf course and yes, you get the feeling a lob wedge could hit a plane. That's the course they want to turn into a soccer stadium and I hate to see that. The opportunity for a lot of inner city people to play golf is most convenient there and I hate to see those programs disappear. The other course near the airport is Miami Springs, on the north side of the airport. Back when I was playing much better golf than I can now, I usually found however much I was over par happened within the first 4-5 holes. It simply took that long to get used to the noise of all the jets taking off and landing. That course is interesting if people take the time to look around in the clubhouse. The trophies and photos from the 40s and 50s when the Miami Open was played there are a pretty neat history of professional golf in Miami. Anyone who was anyone in the game played or won there. What's nice is, unlike Bitmore in Coral Gables, the Miami Springs course has never been changed since the days the old icons of the game walked the same fairways. Anyone with a passionate sense of golf history can't fail to feel something there. What's nice is, Miami Springs is still a very affordable public course and consitions are always very good. Since i often just play 9 holes, I wish those prices would be around here. I'm curious though... Are the courses subsidized? How do they afford to charge so little and still make a profit?
  9. What I felt when I went to Plantation Preserve was as if I was being treated like a menber of some exclusive country club. The place has that look and the staff treats you like something special. Down here in SW Dade, (West Kendall), Calusa CC closed a few years ago. It's owned by a member of the Bacardi family, who is trying to build a retirement community on it. Keys Gate CC closed a number of years ago. I have no idea what plans are for that site. And now the local politics are saying they want to close Melreese GC to build a soccer stadium on that site. I also know the Miccusukkee Tribe is unhappy about having bought Kendale Lake CC some years ago. They are trying to sell it because they claim they can't make money there. Killian Greens has a new owner who has worked hard to improve the dog track conditions that were there while I worked there part time. The covenant with homeowners on the course is apparently supposed to last about 30 more years. I originally heard 11 years. It's the only privately owned course around here that I know is actually being worked on to make it nicer for the clientele. I have only played there once and I don't remember much about the course. The reason for that might be because an error with the sprinkler timers cause some to come on just as we were putting on something like 15. I recall having to play a few more holes to finish.
  10. I'm old enough to have been a 3 Dog night fan... I thought ONE was the loneliest number...
  11. Is UGLY a number? I seem to be in a rut, hitting fairways, but when I miss a green, I can't get up and down to save my life.
  12. If you click on the Game Golf round included by the icon to the left, it's not something I posted. I have no idea where it came from. LOL I'd love to claim it was me, but alas... I couldn't get the Game Golf site to work properly on my phone. When I arrived at the course and turned on the app, it never gave me the screens to select the course. All I could ever get was the notifications about how other people had posted scores. Having just put new grips on my clubs, I'm going to reinstall the sensors and start over again. Has anyone else had trouble getting their system to work?
  13. Since I don't see anything in his profile to say so, how do we know? Admittedly, I did not read the whole thread before making my comments. A couple other forums where I've been a moderator, when someone is banned, all their posts disappear, as does their profile. i don't expect every forum software to work the same way, but how are we supposed to know, not that a reply was solicited anyway.
  14. Yesterday actually... I shot 41 on the front nine at Killain Greens. While i wasn't thrilled with the score, the fact it included 2 doubles, 1 bogey and 6 pars did make me feel better about things. When I played my best many years ago, I was known for making lots of pars and just a few birdies or bogeys to determine what my round turned into. I felt a bit like that yesterday morning. It felt good. So, the big question is... Anyone want to buy my Sand wedge... cheap?
  15. This is a problem I also get into. When I talk to my pro about it, what he almost always immediately sees is me making a lateral weight shift instead of turning. It results mostly in me pushing the ball, but sometimes, depending on my hand position, I can hit some monumental pulls too. Obviously, like others, I'd suggest you see a teaching pro. I bet he or she can fix you up in no time flat. Then it comes down to practice.
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