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  1. 105 with a 50 degree Gap Wedge. Smooth and usually a slight fade.
  2. I let the length of the shot, the terrain and the amount of green I have to work with define the club I pick. I prefer minimum loft to get the ball rolling as I feel that over time that gets me closer to the hole in average. I don’t feel I can lob it high, and hence less roll, from longer distances as that leads to being shorter than I like for my putt. I also try and use the same swing effort (length taken back and firmness) where possible so the main work in deciding is how far effectively does this ball need to roll. That includes distance, slope and grain. I do prefer a wedge, 50 and higher, from green side rough.
  3. One of the par 3s on the Monster course in the NY Catskills. 233 yards. Uphill with a huge bunker in front of the green. The entire course is supposed to be "monster" length.
  4. It all depends on the people you play with. A horrible round can be a great experience if you are playing with the right people. While I don't have a problem with people who want to play this way, or playing with people who goof around ; Spark seems to take issue with people playing the game as intended and I have to ask why?
  5. They also finally addressed the issue of distance by requiring Pros and amateurs of 2.4 or lower to use persimmon clubs and balls made in the 1980s.
  6. Same type of ball for me. I vary between Titleist ProV1, Vice Pro and TaylorMade TP5. All feel very similar to me. That includes the V1x and Vice Pro Plus. Around the green is what is important and all of those give the same feel. Vice and ProV1 feel harder on full shots than the TaylorMade TP5 and ProV1x . For around the green, I think it helps slightly
  7. As long as I've played there has always been something that tells your rough distance. That is very meaure-able and although some people take their sweet time with their range finders, it does help speed play and that is a good call. Yeah, wind and elevation is definitely something different and I'm glad they left it out. It doesn't take much brains to figure distance, but I think it's a good skill to learn if you want to be a better player. Or at least develop the skills to be a better player.
  8. it reads to me that because of the Olympics, you cannot smoke weed and to participate in the sport you have to conform, even if you aren't going to be part of the Olympics. That's fine, but I wonder if this was the first action. 3 months in this instance seems excessive since it is legal in a lot of places in the US. I wouldn't say it's harsh if the Tour told him to stop and he didn't. But given the overall circumstances, I think it's ridiculous.
  9. I have had a number of courses tell me that they will not pair me up, nor will they take a time for a single. I'd be more than happy to be paired up, I don't expect to play by myself. I find it to be short sighted and/or lazy. if you won't book me as a single, then I probably will shy away from choosing there when playing with other people. It also smacks of laziness since all you need to do is look at the tee sheet to see if there is room and put me in. There is a big difference between "I don't see any openings right now" and a blanket "we don't book singles".
  10. Great publication. I have been slowly reading thru them because I find myself thinking about it after reading, so I like to be able to reflect and not take too much in at once. There is also a good magazine I found from down under, Caddie magazine. So far has a lot of great articles. What I like about both publications is the obvious love of golf that the people have who write for them.
  11. I have been lucky enough to play about 30 of the courses on this list. I was surprised that I had played that many. I caddied right across the street from Hollywood at Deal Golf and Country Club and went over to Hollywood to caddy once in a great while (got to play it once as well). Great course!
  12. I'd throw out my wife before I threw out those clubs.
  13. This thread reminds me of a guy I caddied for years ago. His bag had a SW, 6i and a 2i (why?), everything else minus the putter were woods. This was before hybrids came out. He had up to a 15-wood, which was equivalent to a 9-iron. He also had two five woods, for some reason.... However, he made it work. He wasn't a very good golfer, but he could score decently enough. For me personally, I go back and forth with my hybrid. I have a 19 degree and I can definitely feel where people are coming from when they say a miss is left. That's my miss with it, not any other clubs. It is however a very useful club. It covers the spread between 2i, 3i and a weaker 5-wood. I do however interchange it with a 3-iron, and when I do I take my 3-wood out and replace with a 4-wood. Choking down a little on the 4-wood and laying off a little replicates the distance of the hybrid. The reason I so this is for when I have a number of holes where the ground is dry and I want the 3-iron to roll out. For me, it doesn't go as high as the hybrid does so I get more roll. hybrids tend to hit and stick since the fly so high. Depending on the course and conditions, I can see both sides of having one or not. I hope that when I slow down later in life that I have the good sense to replace longer irons with hybrids. At some point I will not be able to generate the swing speed to effectively hit a 2 or 3 iron consistently.
  14. I remember it distinctly because it was one of those "I cannot I am not scoring well on a course like this". One of the double greens was also very close to the edge of a runway on the adjacent airport, so putting was fun when it looked like a plane was going to land on you...or potentially dump it's chemical toilet. Of course, that might have improved the course. I might do a write up on my old home course in the area. It was a very challenging course with some design decisions that made me wonder if Arnold Palmer had a secret evil streak in him. It was unlike any other course of his that I played. This exchange sums it up, it was with someone I played with a lot there: Jim: It's hilarious, when I travel I tell people that I play on a 27 hole Arnold Palmer golf course, they tell me "That must be great", and then I tell them "NO! It sucks!" Me: I agree with that.
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