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  1. I remember when I first joined here, FreeDrop was causing trouble and that was really, really odd.
  2. Yeah I find I do a lot of 9 irons and PWs where I would normally do a SW. personally I’d like to work up the confidence to have more shots available when the course is sopping wet, generally I hit what I think I am most. O for table with. the conditions I am talking about are not just soft. Generally it’s where about 25% of the fairways have standing water on them because it rains so much. We generally are on the cart path from late November until May
  3. That’s a good point. I tend to overthink things. Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, I live somewhere where most of the winter is wet conditions and I was wondering if I should switch to wedges with a higher bounce for the winter. In other words, would it make much of a difference? current wedges: Vokey 50.08 and Vokey 56.10. (Both sm7) older wedges with higher bounce: Vokey 50.12 and Vokey 56.14. (Sm4) my swing type is more of a sweeper. I don’t often take a divot, with wedges I might take a small one but I don’t take long or deep divots. opinions? I was thinking of switching for a couple weeks and seeing what difference t
  5. I didn’t read what Rory said as being against BDC at all. He was wondering how someone could overpower the golf course the way that he did, I think the headline was misleading. Bryson, whether people agree or not, is trying new things and afaik doing it completely legally. People have a right to challenge whether that is good for the game or not, but I didn’t think Rory was criticizing him personally. Just saying he’s taken advantage of things that others haven’t. I don’t think bad of him for doing his science stuff, I just don’t like his attitude sometimes. That headlin
  6. I use Vice on and off. I originally got them because I thought they were a higher end ball with great colors. At the time, no ball I would game made a pink, red or even decent lime. I echo what other people think. I think they are below ProVs and Snell, also the TP5s. Vice feels harder off a putter than any of those, and the greens I play are fast. I want a soft feel for fast greens. But I’d say I play one a decent amount of the time. Best red color I’ve found. Generally a ball is 8-12 holes so if the paint gets knicked it’s not a big problem as long as it’s not cut. They are
  7. He can be abrasive and has been caught a few times where some people think he acts like an ass. Having someone win a major where a percentage of people have issues with him is going to bring out negativity. Unlike someone you might just go “meh” to. I don’t think it’s bad for the game, but unfortunately he’s someone I would root against. Not the only thing, but someone who lashes out at a cameraman about hurting his brand is not someone I’m going to enjoy winning. Ricky Fowler is uber conscious of his “brand” but doesn’t act like that. BD acts like the game has to bend to him. Not
  8. The closest we seem to have is Billy Mayfair who has the worst reputation (maybe Reed has it now) for consistent cheating. Reed has had a better career, IMO. But those 1-2 shots here and there that you save by cheating can be the difference in how you place and that can translate to serious money.
  9. I’d chalk it up to automation sending out letters. I used to get tons of letters even after I renewed. Because I used to live in the ass end of nowhere, I wasn’t thinking about golf until the hell mouth thawed out, so it would lapse and even after I renewed I would get a couple. I’ll bet that stuff is out sourced so they’ll keep sending sometimes no matter what.
  10. It may not be perfect but it does do a lot of good, generates a lot for charity and gives people the ability to see amazing things.
  11. I took my kids to see if today and overall feel better about it. I disagree with some of the undoing they did from 7 and 8, however seeing it a second time allowed me to stop trying to keep up and feel the proper emotional beats. They did do way too many callbacks, and Easter eggs and the movie is overloaded. Some characters are just wasted. They needed more cohesion between Rian Johnson’s movie. it has its issues, more so than the prior 2 films (7 and 8).
  12. Trying to do too much is not the worse crime a movie can make, but this movie actually makes the rest of the trilogy worse.
  13. Haney is a great example of the size of his ego being disproportionate to the size of his brain. Must be great to play poker against. whatever cards he has, he doubles down....
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