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  1. That’s very nice that you have that tradition and that you take the time to do that. I don’t think that I have the discipline and ability to serve in the military and when I was of age, there was little to no conflict the US was engaged in. I have a lot of respect for people who pledge part of their lives to protect and define the country. while we might not agree on some things from other topics, it’s both very admirable and thoughtful that you take the time to remember those who gave their lives so that differing viewpoints can be debated and the American Experiment continues to evolv
  2. In general, you always need to consider the current state of the course and what can make it better by adding or subtracting things. i wanted to reply to this because there is a funny story from a senior tour event at the TPC at Jasna Polana, where I was a walking scorer. It’s a kind of overdone private course, interesting but definitely over the top. The group I had on Sunday got to one of the holes and just started ripping into the design of the course amongst themselves. Hated the bunker design, waterfall was stupid, etc. really funny. One guy said “Player is an idiot to have bun
  3. I think a vocal minority of people have fallen to that point. Without getting into the what’s and whys, there is a very vocal type of person who thinks the country is changing or not going they want. The claim is that the people they perceive as the change are not true patriots, or that they hate this country. That leads to exaggerated patriotism. people should have pride in where they live and want to play the anthem, wave the flag. Etc. personally I think it gets tied to the military because we have several holidays that celebrate people who have served, or who died in ser
  4. Make it a law? No. Completely defeats the purpose
  5. I voted yes. It’s the same as saying grace or thanking someone who serves/served in the military. It’s a small gesture to appreciate something greater than yourself. Don’t mind if other people don’t participate or stand. Doesn’t make them bad people, it’s just not their thing.
  6. I echo a couple of the things above. Tournament or Handicap committee can set a tournament handicap. It sucks having someone disrupt the rhythm in a flighted tourney, on the opposite end, there are a couple of people who might get that at my club. Enough of the magical days where they shoot a net 64. it’s actually off putting to some people for the weekly money games. A few people don’t want to throw in $25 when certain people play, their handicap never seems to move yet they get “hot streaks” and sweep the net payouts.
  7. Thank you. The second girl started getting worse a few hours after the first. They both broke their fevers last night and are mostly feeling wiped out with some bad congestion and mild sore throats. The one who got it worse hit 103 at some point, and couldn’t calm herself for awhile. We are getting them to drink as much fluids as possible and hope to get them back to normal by the weekend. The Dr. told us to keep them home for 7 days away from other people.
  8. Anyone who still wants to argue about waiting to see what happens down the road, or gauge the effectiveness like you are smart enough to decipher the data yourself or any other excuse to not help out the community can go shove it at this point. My wife and I are waiting to confirm that both our 10 year daughters have COVID, but their doctor is pretty certain since they have the same things as every other kid unfortunate enough to get it. We’ve continued to distance, only do low risk outdoor activities and the only exception is the in-person testing at their school, otherwise they have b
  9. I don’t think it should be changed from S&D, I don’t have any concerns about the rule. What bothers me is how some courses mark things blatantly wrong. Safety comes first, so internal OB for that reason isn’t really bad. But here’s some of the ways courses have marked this. Tell me it wouldn’t drive you nuts. 1. Parallel fairways that are really tight so they have OB stakes between them so that people don’t get in the way hitting out of another fairway. 2. My old place in western PA claimed that they had so much OB because they respected property lines, even if the prope
  10. Yeah, just to add….it should make any contracted case mild, but if you have underlying health conditions you should still consider masking and distancing. I believe that would be something like an immune compromised person, not any random problem. And even so, having the vaccine can only help.
  11. Not at the full rate that they were asking for…. Although I suppose the conversation went something like this: owner: how can we save a lot of money? greenskeeper: we’ll we could rebrand the sand traps as waste areas. People could ground their clubs! Win win!
  12. In 30 years of playing golf, I finally found a course that could be called the worst. There have been many that are really rough, bad design or other things but they usually had something going for them. Or at least there was an experience that, even if you didn’t come back, you could remember. However one sad day, I hit upon Highland Creek in the the Charlotte area. I have never seen such neglect or insanity in a golf course. All the bunkers had no maintenance and had grass taking them over. The greens were unevenly cut. Worse was the fairway and rough, it looked like ran
  13. Oh yeah, definitely. This was in the late 80s/early 90s and it was old then. All the clubs were. The “clam digger” 5 wood was metal, but I think everything else was wood.
  14. The claim is that it was equivalent to a 9-iron. So it’s not far off. Try pitching with that clunker though….
  15. I’m getting a real vibe of Marty McCoy being called chicken here…and I love it!
  16. Really, really bad. I feel like it was for punching out from trees, not as a driving iron. He wasn’t going to knock it on the green as a second shot on a par 5 either…. his set was: driver 3 wood 2 x 5 woods ( a “clam digger” and a “normal” ) 6 wood 7 wood 9 wood 11 wood 12 wood 15 wood 2 iron 6 iron SW putter
  17. 9 wood would be in the middle of someone I caddied for years ago. He had a 9 wood, 12 wood and a 15 wood. His only irons were a 2-iron (why?) , a 6 iron and a sand wedge. The 15 foot was equivalent to a 9 iron. that said, if you like the head and shaft on that vs, a hybrid that’s great! I imagine with the loft it launches high, so that’s something good to hold a green with.
  18. Well now I have to look it up. The writer for Invincible, the comic, is really, really good. I didn’t know they had a TV show. Awesome!
  19. Oh, is that based on the comic? The comic was awesome. I dropped off with that way too soon. The Queens Gambit has been my favorite this year. Although I’ve been watching the Brokenwood Mysteries for some quirky milder mysteries when I get a chance.
  20. Since you aren’t getting the shot, can you please put masks on those emojis?
  21. Have you read the science on this? Where are you getting your information? This isn’t like some random policy where there are different rules for different people. The same people who develop, produce and advocated for these vaccines were among the first people taking them. I have a fear of foreign things in my body. I don’t like to take medicine if I think my immune system benefits from beating something on its own. I read up and got my first shot as soon as I could. It’s the right thing to do.
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