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  1. Mulligans are fine if you aren't posting or are not holding anyone up. And I wouldn't be bothered if someone took 30 seconds to hit another shot if they were trying to work something out and proceeded without delay. The people who are just oblividiots bother me. The original story reminds me of a match I played earlier this summer. Teamed up with 2 guys who "didn't want to play as a twosome" presumably because they didn't want to wait all the time. Boy did they make us slow and make us wait. Multiple balls on many holes that they would drop and hit! With people behind us waiting, and while my opponent and I were hitting! Other fun stuff with them was deciding to play music out of a speaker without asking me (in a match!!), they asked my opponent but never bothered with me. That didn't stick out until later in the round when I was complaining about how rude they were. They talked so much during our swings by the end that something was said to them. Completely just into their own thing and don't care if they affect others. Just like the people in the OP.
  2. only at the top of the bag will it change. I have a Driver, 4w and 3i as my longest clubs. On a course with longer, narrow par 4s I might swap in a 3w and take out the 4w. Also depending on the course I might swap a 3h for the 3i. On rare occasions I'll go Driver, 4w and then right to a 4i if I feel the need to swap in a 64 degree wedge. However usually it needs to be firm conditions since that takes away two clubs I might tee off with (3i and no hybrid to replace it)
  3. Clubs that let me down on the course don't get wiped off. They can stay dirty and think about the evil that they have done.
  4. Am through the first few chapters of "A Tight Lie" by Don Dahler. Very witty and wry writing. Lot of humor, darker humor, but he seems to write distinctive and descriptive characters. Looking forward to reading it this week. Recommended from me.
  5. I think the article overreaches, even though there are some good points. Selling clothes is different than the equipment side, however Nike pursued the same strategy that other golf companies did which is pay a lot of tour pros money to endorse and then use that to sell clubs. They didn't completely bank on Tiger, they had a number of pros over the years. Adding Rory was surely an attempt to get the "next Tiger". So they are following a business strategy that others did. Tiger was the leading face for Nike and two things happened in 2008. First there was the fire hydrant and all the fallout. Not to get into it, but that might send some segment of the population away from Nike clubs and clothes, just like any other celebrity stepping in it. Second was that the economy cratered in 2008 and that surely had an effect as well. So I don't think we can blame it all on Tiger and the decision to market him extensively. So the article collapses under it's own weight in some areas. I think the decline of Tiger had an impact on their business, but it was hardly the only reason. I never heard that about the amateur status complaints. Don't we have a lot of people who are going to turn pro soon still be amateurs and it's just a matter of time? I agree Earl had his plans out there for years probably, but how is that different from other pros who went thru this?
  6. 3i Less dispersion than my hybrid although it goes a few yards less. I generally don't have any issues hitting it off the deck. Mizuno doesn't have a 2-iron for the set. I find the clubs ok enough to hit to get one, if they had it, to play around with. The 2-iron would be good for a number of places where I choke down on my 4-wood.
  7. Usually a polyester golf shirt when it's warmer, and a cotton polo when it's cooler. With either polyester golf pants or shorts, depending on the weather. In the winter I usually wear a turtleneck with a fleece top and corduroy pants. At my home course or private courses, the shirt is tucked in. Otherwise I leave it untucked. It's rare to see a tucked in shirt on a public course where I live.
  8. Ah got it. Yes that's different. What would happen with what I describe is that if you started walking and then paired up with a single/threesome on cart and if you hopped on you were supposed to pay for the cart at the end. It was broken out where the cart fee, per person, was a certain amount. however I'm pretty sure I have seen this somewhere in the NJ area. Not the best IMO because usually you pay a fee for walking and then if you take a cart it's more with a cart rate. Nothing tied to the number of people in the cart.
  9. I've played at several. Usually there is a rate for walking and a cart fee if someone wants to ride. So it's say $12 per person to ride a cart. The muni courses in Mercer County, NJ used to be like that. Haven't lived there in over ten years so I don't know if it is still like that.
  10. I don't know where you live, but there are probably a couple of different options for somewhere else you can be fitted. Driving ranges with a pro might do it for a lot less, or if you are playing somewhere you might ask the golf staff if they could give you a fitting for down the road purchases. That being said, I think the fitting is a good idea. If you pay $100 for the fitting and can find clubs online based on that for $300 - $600 (guess), then you are ahead of the $1000 he/she quoted. I got a nice set of Hogan blades years ago on eBay for my specs (upright and longer). There are people who can bend the lie angle on clubs as well, making them more upright and downright. Yes, that is further cost but it might be cheaper. My club pro bent and re-shafted a 3-iron I bought on ebay to match my set since I bought 4-PW. You can probably find more recent than 5 years on ebay for something reasonable. Depending on the brand
  11. Few companies look ahead more than a year, and many divisions and employees are concerned with only the current quarter and what can be done to make, or massage, those numbers. I don't think rounds going up is going to affect Nike's decision. Golf is a small part of what they do and closing the business has minimal impact. If Taylormade can't be sold soon, Adidas might not sell if there are improvements in the golf industry. TM has bigger market share and if they do the smart thing and cut back on their product lines and keep a size-able share, they can rebound. Nike's decision is probably a smart one, business wise, although I hate seeing people lose their jobs when they were making money, just not enough money., Even at my country club, with it's OOC membership, a lot of people are not putting new equipment in their bags year after year. There are a few who always buy the latest and greatest, but most don't. With too many equipment companies it depressed the industry. There simply are not enough golfers to have so many companies with large product lines or mass produced clubs. Replacing clubs is a long cycle, even for the latest and greatest drivers. I don't think the equipment makers would be considered in a slump if there were fewer. PXG actually has the right idea in this market. Make a huge mark-up on the small segment that will pay those prices. You can't start a large equipment company right now, there are too many players. It's like getting into the PC business. FWIW, my current irons are keepers and will remain for 10+ years at least. Hopefully until I cannot hit them anymore., I am replacing the shafts, but would rather do that than get new models. To me, irons are irons. If they go far enough and have the right ball flight, I don't need to upgrade every 2-5 years. Woods are a little different. I've gotten new ones at different technology changes, when there is something that proves to be a benefit. The last upgrade was a Titleist 913 to get the fitting system with those clubs. Hope to have them for years. I'm probably not the ideal customer for a club maker.
  12. I kid you not. I caddied for someone who did that so he didn't have to hear the people he was playing with. They were obnoxious.
  13. I'm not a teaching pro either but I've heard too many people over the years say "what he told me doesn't work" and go back to their old ways. A good teacher will find what is best for you. But the student has to be willing to execute the change even if it's not comfortable in the short term.
  14. Any time I think to myself "I haven't lost a ball in a while" .... So I cut myself off from thinking it.
  15. There is a course by where I live that has a nine hole short course, as well as a pitch and putt somewhere near that. They are from years and years ago, I don't know of anywhere I've had exposure to that has built one in 30 years. Great places to grow the game, but probably an expensive upfront cost and the closer to an urban area, the land cost is prohibitive. Here in Western PA where land is cheap, it would be nice to see a couple of more of these. More fun that taking someone out on a course where they might be overwhelmed, especially at a young age.
  16. Oh no, that's right! Sad that Duel in the Sun happened there. He does rebrand everything in his image.
  17. Is anything he owns highly ranked? I'm sure they are beautiful courses, but you need more than superficial beauty. Aside from Doral, does he have any great layouts? Anything that cracks top 100?
  18. Thanks. I get the feeling that a lot of what he promotes under his brand is like that, although like anything it's all in the eyes of the buyer if they are satisfied. To me, he is very showy with his money. That actually turns me off of his products and properties. I'm not wealthy, but I grew up caddying at a country club. It was old money, and they didn't show their money in a flashy way. You wouldn't know who was a multi-millionaire and who had a good paying job and was able to fit the place in their budget but it might be a bit of a stretch. Very nice group of people overall.
  19. I might not seek them out, but I wouldn't blacklist them either. I do not agree with many of his political views and find him completely obnoxious on some topics, however he is an extreme example of someone at, or near the top, of an organization who is rather horrible yet the majority of people who work there are perfectly nice people who shouldn't have his views taken out on them either.
  20. I like risk/reward holes such as the shorter par 5 (over water of course!) or drive-able par 4. However the dogleg par 5 works for me the best in the poll. Something about cutting off a dogleg to risk putting yourself in a good position works for me.
  21. I had Nike woods years ago that I like quite a lot. The driver was the first 460cc driver I ever had. IIRC they had some really good people working on their equipment. Shame that they are getting out.
  22. Golf was profitable for them, but it was their least revenue producing division and I think with Tiger out and the potential that you know have several top players instead of one dominating (and Nike only having one of them) coupled with what a lot of people think is a decline for the game, they got out. I personally don't think that golf is in decline, but I think there was a boom and now we are coming down from that. I don't think it's more of a challenge to get younger people into the game now compared to going out with hard to hit persimmons and irons years ago and golf being seen as a stodgy thing. It might not be the coolest thing around, but it's not the plaid pants that your granddad wears kind of vibe anymore. One problem is that so many of the newer courses in the past 20 years are just not accessible for beginners. At least from what small perspective I have. Overdone, too long and too costly. As an aside on Nike's take, recently my daughters and I have been playing Disney Infinity (video game), They love it and a lot of people do as well. It's the number one game of it's type. Disney discontinued it and got out of the video game business. Why? It was making money, but not considered to make "enough" money. That's how big companies work and I suspect that post-Tiger Nike looked at the next few years and made a decision to focus elsewhere.
  23. For a question like that, first of all I would say that depending on how much money you have to budget for golf if you can afford the club(s) you like best and it's within your budget then go for it. I generally have to buy my irons and wedges new and I put trust in certain brands even though they are more expensive. I agree with @saevel25 that it's not entirely logical. I could get knock-offs made in probably the same factory and they would play just the same, but I do have a certain brand loyalty and I trust those clubs to not break on me. If they do, then I have a company that will be able to replace it. That being said, I am happy to buy my woods off ebay and save a lot. I don't think year to year that much changes so I like to have about 5 years between upgrading drivers and fairway metals. Personally for 30 years I've had 5 sets of irons and my current set will be with me for at least 10. My last putter was an ebay purchase and I would put it against anything else out there. It's a 1967 Nicklaus putter and it just fit me. So if I find something cheaper I'm happy to play it. I played that for 8 years!
  24. I would say that I agree, unless there are other openings. I've been the single teaming up in these situations and I wouldn't mind at a place like that since I might feel like I am intruding.
  25. Probably the same kind of people who think they are entitled to something on the course because their handicap is lower, or some other silly garbage. I never thought that, even at my club (i'm starting to sound like a broken record, but they are very arrogant and silly) where a lot of members act like that, I never thought I "owned" the time. Some people put TBD to prevent others from using the time, but I rarely ever do.
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