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  1. A quick google from a vet in the UK states that a dog cannot pass a golf ball. It can stay in the stomach as long as something doesn't shove it into the intestines, which would not be able to handle it. The best thing that could happen is that he vomits it back up. Barring that, it might have to be removed surgically. Fingers crossed. I hope for the best!
  2. That was a non-apology apology, take back the apology, tell the haters **** you, but I love you, even though you hate me. All while looking right up his nose....Yup! I'm a fan!
  3. Yeah..."I walk so fast and hit it so far that it's unfair". Kind of like "woe is me, I'm so rich it hurts to sit down because my wallet is so fat"
  4. I'm playing a drinking game where he says "and then my caddy pulled me away from that putt" Ouch, and he threw JB Holmes under the bus too. (to be fair, JB Holmes is so slow, that a bus going 10mph would hit him because he can't move fast enough)
  5. I feel better when I drink fluids with Electrolytes, also wearing lighter colors rather than dark. Generally the heat index is around 100 for much of 3 months where I live. As much as I like to wear them, visors can be a no-no in the hot sun during the middle of the summer.
  6. Outside of a lot of parties and social engagements I find myself as the odd person out and don't like to cause issues when I feel outnumbered, as I was in both rounds. There were a couple of times back in NJ where people threatened me physically (both times because they almost hit me with a ball, once someone else yelled something and once I yelled something back). Although it does remind me of this little ditty from near the end of living in PA: I was scheduled second off the tee on a Wednesday morning where there is very little play (it was a private course). I rode up to the tee, saw a cart down the first fairway, so I teed off when they cleared. Someone came up behind me and yelled something to me off the second tee. I happened to be walking, so I was going to be a little slower. I hit on the next hole, a par 3, and while walking down saw them rush up and one guy crosses his arms and looked like he was fuming. I was behind the green when they drove down and barked at me "we are playing thru on the next tee" and drove off. While driving back to the tee, the driver was cursing me out big-time. When they passed me on the next hole, they stopped and the driver made sure to lay into me again about how he reserved a time and I was jumping in front of him, which I didn't understand. At the turn I went into the pro shop and complained. Anyway, I finished my 18 and was in the bar and he comes in trying to apologize and say he didn't understand. Turns out someone jumped ahead of both of us, so when I got to the tee and saw someone I thought I was in the right position, being second. He tried to pass it off as one thing, but my response was "Is that how you treat someone under any circumstances?"
  7. @Patch I've told that story many times, I recall seeing it a while ago here. It's hilarious!
  8. LOL! I've used this one several times, "swing hard in case you hit it"
  9. Imagine being the one short hitter who duffs it in there....as you are walking out and looking over the pristine sand you must think "it looks like no one else has been in there in years!"
  10. I was actually looking for another thread that I recall that seemed right about this, but it mostly ended up being about something else... anyway, I hate a very fun day a couple of weeks ago. Well, not fun, everyone I was paired with was either crazy or rude for both rounds. There have to be some good stories here. First of all, the morning round was in my normal league. There is a guy in it who has a full on setup he puts on his cart show-casing the political leanings of his choice (names and afflictions kept secret to avoid talking about actual politics). But needless to say it can be multiple political flags and other assorted stuff that he brings. Generally he doesn't talk about it, so it doesn't bother me. However on this day, it all went south. He came driving up and a number of people were high fiving him and telling him that having all that stuff is awesome and that hopefully it pisses people off. Oh boy, this was starting to go down hill. he proceeded to tell everyone that he sticks the flags thru his sunroof and drives around and laughs at people it offends. Then someone in my group tells a pretty offensive story about a minority group of people. So....I am keeping to myself mainly and trying to focus on my game and they had a discussion on the 8th tee along the lines of "those people" and "how ****ed up they are". So that was a big downer. In the end, I used my back nine to make sure that we didn't win anything by trying every crazy, aggressive shot I could and blowing up our score. I was happy to get away from that round. I didn't say anything to anyone, but the guy that runs the league saw me and my brother talking about it on Facebook and he called me up. Didn't like what happened and was tired of incidents like that, so supposingly things are going to be different. I was going to take a few weeks off to get away from it, so we'll see what happens. And for the record, what was talked about around me was the opposite of my politics, but I would be horrified to talk like that around other people because you just come off as an a**. I don't mind "I feel this way". I hate "people are stupid for believing..." this was all the latter. However, it almost pales in comparison to the joy of my afternoon round. I met up with a threesome on the third hole. I asked to play, they said yes. I think it was one of those "since we have a fourth, let's use his score for our game". The last time that happened, I had someone tell me "you need to think about what you are doing and put in a good score because we are using your score for something". Then they proceeded to give me advice they thought would help them. Oh the joys when you are a single! Actually that happened before then as well, when a hemp smoking knuckehead yelled at me "you need to help me find my ball, I have money on this!" followed by "we need to use your score here, so don't **** this hole up!". Anyway, the first guy hit, dribbled one and yelled a homo-phobic slur. Loud. I mean, really loud. And we were off! Here's some of the fun with that group: 1 - more slurs on 4-5 more holes. referring to #5 below, let's just say this guy had a problem getting it up off the tee.... 2 - hideously vile sexual comments that cannot be repeated here whenever more than a single person hit to the same area. 3 - everyone was taking their time, so I stepped up to the tee on one hole and put my tee in the ground. I got this barked at me -->. "Since when does bogey beat par?! Now you can hit this time, but you better not do it again!" If this was a joke, then the delivery needs some serious work.... 4 - (my personal favorite). On a short par 4, I drove into a green side bunker, left my second in the bunker then put it close and made the putt. I got asked "what did you have?" and I said "Par". The guy looked at me and said "You better count again boy." Again, if this was a joke, you might want to re-think your delivery and tone of voice. 5 - on the 17th tee I was treated to what one of the guys wanted to do to his wife when he got home. I suspect there is neither a wife, nor did he have the capability to do what he wanted. That was all in a single day. At least I think it was. It seemed a lot longer.
  11. Two kinds of "that guy" that I cannot stand. They are related, but there really is quite the difference between them. The first is the self-absorbed guy. Not someone who is into his/her game and doesn't say much. Nothing wrong with that. it's the selfish, "no one else really matters" persona that drives me crazy. The best example I have of this was a match I was playing against another member where I used to play in the NE. We get paired up with a twosome, one guy is fine the other is .... exactly what I described. We tell them that we are playing a match. First hole goes ok. Second hole, he starts playing music while I am teeing off. Fourth hole, we wait for him to stop talking while he tells us that he belongs to another club and it's much better than this one. Couple of times on the front nine, he drops extra balls while myself or my opponent are hitting their shots. Finally we get to 16 and he just starts laughing and laughing at some joking while I am swinging, lose the hole to even the match. On 17 he does the same damn thing as earlier...drops a ball while I am hitting my approach shot (over a lake and woods) to the green. I end up losing one down because my approach flew crazy left. It was right in my back swing and he was like 15 feet from me. Hilariously, my opponent told me "you shouldn't let someone like that bother you". My unspoken response was "he did it to me more than you!". I didn't even shake his hand or acknowledge him at the end of the round. People like him are just poison, because while most people are nice and won't get into it with people, they put up with a lot from buffoons like them. Second person is the person who obsessively has to tell you that their play doesn't reflect how good they are. The "this is the worst round I have ever had" guy, despite carding a handicap that leads you to believe that this is exactly how he plays. There is someone like that in my Sunday game. Several people won't play with him. It's not that he is a bad player, its that in his mind he has to justify every bad swing he hits, to the point where he won't shut up. He'll follow you around and go on and on about what esoteric thing is causing his troubles, yet he is clearly much better. And then, whoa boy, when he hits a good one...that's your conversation for 4 holes. The main issue that I have is that he can't just shut up. No one cares. If you are a nice person who doesn't cause trouble, you're gold on the golf course. Secondly, I'll freely admit when I hit a bad shot, or have a bad round. I am confident enough in my play to say so. It's no big deal. If someone asks me what the heck happened on a swing, I'm fine to say "I just made a bad swing". However, this guy....you'll here it's the ground conditions, the slope of the ground, his wife, an injury, etc.... Next time I'm unlucky enough to be paired with him, I'm wearing my Beats headphones the whole round.
  12. Any magazine with a pull-out centerfold of sexy, curvy Mizuno players' blades.....
  13. I used to play a lot more and before having to scale back due to moving and working, ended as a 7 handicap. I had (still have) Mizuno MP-69s and think they are the best clubs I ever owned. I still cannot play and practice like I used to and was having a number of issues, so I got a set of TaylorMade MP5s and really like them, They generally fly straighter than the Mizunos, and have a lot more forgiveness in them, however are not as clunky feeling as the MP6s, which appear to be SGI clubs. For what I am playing and practicing now, they give me the ball shape that I want (my standard shot is straight) and overall gave me a distance boost of 10-15yds, which is pretty consistent when I hit the clubs. While I hope to get back to the Mizunos and play them again, I don't consider the MP5s a crutch, I consider them to be a viable way of compensating for a lack of practice.
  14. Heck no, I wouldn't tip. I like the rangers at my course, but I assume the people that they choose not to tell to speed up are tipping them something, because some people get treated like royalty and the rest of us get griped at.
  15. I used to play a lot of solo rounds because of my mother-in-law situation, she would be around at odd times and I had Wednesday mornings off, which were generally deserted at my old course. It definitely kept my handicap higher because half of my rounds of golf (I played 3-4 times per week then) were solo and hence I was more in the groove when playing rounds I posted and had so much more playing experience than my handicap showed. Before the rule change, I would post most of the rounds I payed solo. Sometimes I would deliberately play extra balls and different formats that precluded posting a real score. However if I posted the score, it was by the rules and genuine. I asked the club pro and he said that if you are playing significantly more and that kept my handicap artificially high then it's the fault of the rule and not you. The committee might decide to adjust based on some criteria, but no one should think I am trying to cheat.
  16. I happen to agree with that. Generally I feel like the USGA has taken extreme steps to protect par, and while making a course hard is really something the pros should complain about....when you basically set the stage for things to go screwy that is crossing a line. A good example is Shinnicock when they had to water the greens in between groups. I feel like these episodes are few and far between, so there shouldn't be the level of complaints are there seem to be out there.
  17. Years ago I read in golf magazine that you should tee up on the "side of danger" so that you imagine you are aiming away from something dangerous. The key word is imagine. I will do this sometimes and generally it's all a mental helper.
  18. I don't think it's a race to outrage. He made a stupid statement that was in a lot of peoples' opinion, ignorant. It's the doubling down and refusing to see that it was hurtful, ignorant or doing harm to the sport or more specifically women's golf. There are a number of people who are in the spotlight who do something wrong, mostly because they didn't initially think it was wrong. but the ones who don't get grief are the ones who think and at least acknowledge that there is cause that people could have been offended. I am more disappointed in him that he couldn't have the grace to keep his mouth shut with both the win and to criticize Woods, when Woods was asked a question. To my knowledge, the only people that can question Woods' moral authority on his life are his friends and family who he has relationships with. he never broke any laws or did anything without someone else's consent.
  19. For me, it all depends on the culture of the club. I belonged to a private club for several years and it was a struggle to enjoy it for long stretches almost entirely due to the membership. Looking back and talking with several people who also left, largely their complaints might be about other things (food, course setup, conditions, etc) but ultimately there was a large percentage of the membership who felt overly entitled to being treated a certain way and it wasn't justifiable almost anywhere. Beautiful course, but a large number of people who were very high on themselves and loved to put other people down. I play now at a semi-private place and it's a much better experience. While there were nice people in both clubs, there is a much higher percentage of good people to enjoy the game with. The situation could easily be reversed and the private club could have been the better one, but ultimately that was my experience. Try and find out what the culture of the place is before joining anywhere. The people who worked at that private club hated a lot of the members and it really showed!
  20. I have 5 wedges, although I don't even consider my PW as a "wedge" anymore because it's just another iron as fas as I am concerned. I also rarely hit a full wedge, just my 50 degree mainly. It's so versatile, I'd rather hit a 3/4 50 than a full 56. Generally I find that there are enough circumstances with the shots that I can hit, where a 60 and a 64 degree wedge are very useful. If you don't hit the shots where you either have a distance gap by not having one, or you just score the way you want with less lofted clubs then you probably don't need one. Do you find yourself going, a lot, "If only I could have hit that higher I could have saved a shot"? if yes, then you might consider it, if not then save the effort. I have a 50,56,60 and 64 set. I rarely need to hit the 64 anywhere near full, I do it maybe 4-5 times a year. But I do use it a lot when I have little green to work with. It is notice-ably hit and stop, which helps a lot. 60 degree might be the same for you. There is such a different between my 56 and 60. When I choose wrong, I frequently feel like I lost a shot because I didn't use enough loft and it ran away.
  21. I find it hard to like a golfer if they have a bad attitude or personality. For me, Tiger did years ago. The Tiger I see now seems very genuine and and positive. I'm glad he's winning again. I can appreciate his golfing skills, which is what he should ultimately be judged on, but I am much more of a fan of him today than 10 years ago
  22. I'd prefer to walk, but my home course is very hilly and spread out thru a housing complex. So there are no quick walks from hole to hole and 11 of the 18 holes have decent upgrades on them to get to the green. So I only walk on the 10% of times I play elsewhere, if it's a walkable course.
  23. 105 with a 50 degree Gap Wedge. Smooth and usually a slight fade.
  24. I let the length of the shot, the terrain and the amount of green I have to work with define the club I pick. I prefer minimum loft to get the ball rolling as I feel that over time that gets me closer to the hole in average. I don’t feel I can lob it high, and hence less roll, from longer distances as that leads to being shorter than I like for my putt. I also try and use the same swing effort (length taken back and firmness) where possible so the main work in deciding is how far effectively does this ball need to roll. That includes distance, slope and grain. I do prefer a wedge, 50 and higher, from green side rough.
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