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  1. Haney is a great example of the size of his ego being disproportionate to the size of his brain. Must be great to play poker against. whatever cards he has, he doubles down....
  2. too bad Tiger ran out of captain's picks. he could have pulled in Billy Mayfair and had them team together. how could they lose?
  3. I've done from thinking this guy had a rough time earlier in life and was affected by that, hence some of the scrapes he has gotten into.....to just an outright jerk. I don't even think what he said there was all that bad. He claimed it wasn't intentional, and yeah it's a competition so you try to use criticism to motivate you. But what ever happened to "hey, I didn't mean it. I screwed up. Let's move on, and I can understand why people are upset."
  4. Davis Love III in an early debut?
  5. There was a time that I was playing with some real idiots. I was paired up with them, and they were using my score for whatever game they were playing. That's fine by itself, but they starting telling me what to do and that they were counting on my score so don't screw up. At one point, I was told, when my ball was on the other side of the hole and I was first to play, "you need to help me find my ball, I have money on this". Two holes later, when searching for his ball again, I saw it in the woods and didn't say anything, let him take a penalty instead of being able to punch it out
  6. For pretty much the entire round I was behind a threesome as a single. The course wasn't too crowded, and as the round progressed they were falling a little behind each hole the foursome in front of them. The course doesn't have any parallel holes and there is pretty much always some kind of drive between holes, so it wasn't easy to see how far behind they were, and if I could just go around them until after I finally did. They started with people on the green while they were on the hole, but after a while, when I pulled behind them they didn't have anyone on the hole in front of them.
  7. Welcome! I used to live in Western PA and there is a lot of great golf. Enjoy both the golf and this forum.
  8. I don't own any, but used to play with someone who did. They are beautiful!
  9. That would be a single piece of paper, really. I never have to buy golf balls, I am lucky enough to find enough of them. As long as clubs fit, they don't have to be expensive or even new. My driver is 7 years old and I don't see spending a lot of money for new woods as worth it. eBay is great for both woods (which tend to be standard length) and irons, because I have found ones with my specs (upright + longer than standard). In fact, I haven't bought woods anywhere else but eBay for 12+ years. Golf courses don't have to be expensive, in fact playing a cheap goat path is enjoyable wh
  10. My old home course in PA had 6 sets of tees and did not really breakdown between men and women except for the red tees, which were fifth of the sixth. The sixth set were juniors or beginners. If you were a woman who hit the ball further than a casual player, then you most likely were playing the fourth or third set of tees. Men technically had 4 sets of tees, but it was strictly by distance, and how far you hit the ball. And they had hybrid tees of different sets of tees for people in-between, so it cut out some of the trouble if you were struggling on the higher set. It was ver
  11. Nice! I caddied for a lot of people with putters like that in the 80s and 90s.
  12. A quick google from a vet in the UK states that a dog cannot pass a golf ball. It can stay in the stomach as long as something doesn't shove it into the intestines, which would not be able to handle it. The best thing that could happen is that he vomits it back up. Barring that, it might have to be removed surgically. Fingers crossed. I hope for the best!
  13. That was a non-apology apology, take back the apology, tell the haters **** you, but I love you, even though you hate me. All while looking right up his nose....Yup! I'm a fan!
  14. Yeah..."I walk so fast and hit it so far that it's unfair". Kind of like "woe is me, I'm so rich it hurts to sit down because my wallet is so fat"
  15. I'm playing a drinking game where he says "and then my caddy pulled me away from that putt" Ouch, and he threw JB Holmes under the bus too. (to be fair, JB Holmes is so slow, that a bus going 10mph would hit him because he can't move fast enough)
  16. I feel better when I drink fluids with Electrolytes, also wearing lighter colors rather than dark. Generally the heat index is around 100 for much of 3 months where I live. As much as I like to wear them, visors can be a no-no in the hot sun during the middle of the summer.
  17. Outside of a lot of parties and social engagements I find myself as the odd person out and don't like to cause issues when I feel outnumbered, as I was in both rounds. There were a couple of times back in NJ where people threatened me physically (both times because they almost hit me with a ball, once someone else yelled something and once I yelled something back). Although it does remind me of this little ditty from near the end of living in PA: I was scheduled second off the tee on a Wednesday morning where there is very little play (it was a private course). I rode up to the te
  18. @Patch I've told that story many times, I recall seeing it a while ago here. It's hilarious!
  19. LOL! I've used this one several times, "swing hard in case you hit it"
  20. Imagine being the one short hitter who duffs it in there....as you are walking out and looking over the pristine sand you must think "it looks like no one else has been in there in years!"
  21. I was actually looking for another thread that I recall that seemed right about this, but it mostly ended up being about something else... anyway, I hate a very fun day a couple of weeks ago. Well, not fun, everyone I was paired with was either crazy or rude for both rounds. There have to be some good stories here. First of all, the morning round was in my normal league. There is a guy in it who has a full on setup he puts on his cart show-casing the political leanings of his choice (names and afflictions kept secret to avoid talking about actual politics). But needless to say it c
  22. Two kinds of "that guy" that I cannot stand. They are related, but there really is quite the difference between them. The first is the self-absorbed guy. Not someone who is into his/her game and doesn't say much. Nothing wrong with that. it's the selfish, "no one else really matters" persona that drives me crazy. The best example I have of this was a match I was playing against another member where I used to play in the NE. We get paired up with a twosome, one guy is fine the other is .... exactly what I described. We tell them that we are playing a match. First hole goes
  23. Any magazine with a pull-out centerfold of sexy, curvy Mizuno players' blades.....
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