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  1. I work in IT. Years ago we got a ticket one day with the subject "Server is well hung".
  2. It's so bad, in the "What did you shoot today?" thread, I keep getting tempted to post "myself". Zero degrees where I am. With 6-10 inches this weekend.
  3. There's a log of study on the weight that people put on hearing something and personal accounts is high up there, which is why stories repeated, like on this thread, end up influencing people. Unfortunately, sometimes it was just someone having a bad day...other times a bunch of them together paints a picture of someone in a not very nice light. For example, the is a story about Couples (that he retold himself) about snapping at someone after the British Open one year because he felt like he blew his chance to win. Completely someone coming up to him at the wrong time, and doesn't (IMO) detract from the guy. I've heard a couple of people tell me about Justin Leonard on the course, mostly during practice rounds where he hasn't been nice. I wasn't there for either story, but hearing from people in person does put it in my head that maybe he's not a nice guy. For the record I think he's a classy guy. But there do seem to be a few stories out there.
  4. Did someone get on his case about preferred lies or something in the past? Even so, starting a bunch of threads and recycling the same material is not going to endear him to anyone. His posts do kind of sound like they are generated by a random grievance-o-matic.
  5. I'm with David on this one. There is a line between what the OP was talking about and doing something in anger. When someone crosses that line, it's wrong. If it's harmless, then it's not a big deal. You do have to be careful. I once smacked away a ball from next to the hole when I missed a putt. I completely goofed and took a swipe away from the green. Felt horrible. Was playing with strangers and they were like "WTF!" At the turn I threw myself on the mercy of the pro shop for not being careful. Thankfully they were nice about it. I wasn't even angry, I just went to knock my ball over to my bag. Oops.
  6. Depends on where you live. If you live in SFL, your throat is probably so waterlogged, you sound different.
  7. If nothing else,there is brilliant wanna-be haiku in this thread.
  8. I'd say what I put is a good average of people I've played with then. I tried to even it out for "average". I used to play 100+ rounds a year and still make it to 60+ and I'd say it averages to 15 rounds per year and not a lot of people are beating the score I posted. My point about the regions is that these things tend to average out across the country. NJ, with the expense, too many people and random bridge closures requires more of an effort compared to where I live now. I rarely met someone who played a couple of times a year there who rolled out of bed and decided to play golf that morning. Out where I am now, hoy boy is it different!
  9. Kreskin? I thought you were in NY, not South Florida!
  10. 1). 15 rounds 2). Average score: 105 3). Average age: 45 A lot of this is, I think, regional. I grew up in NJ , and there weren't a lot,of people who wouldn't play at least 20-30 times that I met. I live near Pittsburgh now and there are a lot more people who might only play 5 times a year but keep up with clubs, balls, etc..
  11. That's how I feel. Frustration and exasperation is one thing. If someone was being a hothead, I don't like that. But it's better than not caring. There is so much money in golf now that it's nice to see people getting into,it and caring about the win, not the big check.
  12. This sounds like the old farts at the public course by where my in-laws live who claim that the pros couldn't figure out their greens and that they are so soft they couldn't hack it on their "real course". That real course being a slope 110 with 2 par 5s that are 3-wood, 7-iron and 2 par 4s that are drive able with irons. Somehow I don't think pros are quaking in their boots to score badly there. I don't advocate LCP unless you are forced to play and the conditions make it obvious that there are questionable debates over plugging or playing as it lies. Otherwise. The ball should be played as hit. No matter what you do, you still have to hit a good shot and you are playing the same course/rules.
  13. IT, dealing with large computing environments. If it ain't broken, I can fix that!
  14. 52 / 37. I had a hot dog at the turn. Should have had a Jameson on the rocks.
  15. I am 6' 4" and slender. For years I played 1 inch longer an 2 degrees upright. When I was fitted 10 years ago they did it 3/4 of an inch longer and 3 degrees upright. I feel this is comfortable and have re-ordered this ever since. I agree with the comments about shorter drivers, better for control. All my woods are off the rack length. I should be using a slightly longer putter maybe, but again what I have is comfortable at 35 inches.
  16. I read through some of the threads about Patrick, bomber an and freedrop. I just about fell out of my chair laughing at some of them. I honestly hope Patrick57 is a troll who was making stuff up because I'd hate to think that someone really acted like that. Whoever posted that Patrick57 looks like he made a bowel movement in his swing analysis has brightened up a very slow day for me.
  17. I've taken some lessons over the past year to remove a lot of the movement from my swing and this has given me better contact and solid shots. I feel like I am hitting the club on the sweet spot a lot more. After going back and forth I decided to replace my game improvement irons with player irons. I want to force myself to swing right and use this to identify what needs to be worked on next.
  18. I do one of two things. 1 - if I am trying to groove a swing change, I will block off a lot of time and just beat balls until I feel I am mostly there with it. It usually takes me 3-4 rounds to feel comfortable on th course with it, if I do it like that. I am talking 2-4 hours. 2 - if I am trying to practice in general I don't hit the same club more than twice and I vary th shots being hit. Fade, draw, straight, high low, etc... I feel like this is overall the best way to maintain and get more comfortable with shots. If there is an identified weakness, I usually do a straight/normal shot with the first shot of a club and then the second will be what I am working on.
  19. Well, there are different ways to deal with this kind of pressure. I personally find that not focusing on the outcome and getting out of your own way so that you execute with the minimum amount of tension, you'll do better. Perhaps if your livlihood depends on it, you would feel different. I'm not wired that way, personally. Yes, putting yourself in the situations where you have to execute and having the practice to back it up is a very good plan. No doubt about it. Many successful people come from that.
  20. I voted no. Good teachers look for the way to instruct their students and that varies from student to student. Good students look for things to listen to that compliments what they need to know, or what they can understand. If you don't understand it, or it's nothing like what you do, don't listen. But it might help someone else. Just don't count on it meaning something to you.
  21. That's my vote as well. British Open next because it's usually the truest test, IMO. Let the weather decide except when they bastardize a course. I do love the US Open, but feel the harsh setup takes away from the drama since so many people are out of it since it's hard to make up shots. Great tourney, but they go too far, too often. I love watching the west coast swing.
  22. Playing from the green tees on my home course is actually a lot of fun. If you are a better golfer all of a sudden you have things like hybrids to par 4 greens and tricky shots on some par3s. Get out there and play them with new people to bring them into the game!
  23. Driver: TaylorMade RBz 9.5 3-wood: TaylorMade RBz 3-wood Hybrid: Cobra 3h baffler Irons: Mizuno MP-69 4-PW Wedges: Titleist Vokey 50.12, 56.14, 60.10, 64.07 Putter: Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 That's technically 15 and I have a R11 adjustable 4-wood as well. Based on conditions I take out either the driver, 64 degree wedge or swap the 3wood for the 4wood. The ideal set is 5-PW with all the other clubs above since I rarely use my 4-iron where I normally play and can make due with a shortened hybrid.
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