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  1. You could take the Donald Trump from the 1990s and make these statements. I grew up in NY and he was always like this. He was a notorious jackass long ago, politics aside.
  2. I sincerely doubt it. I am very unhappy with the results of the election but feel that it is more important to honor the wills of the voters. There will be talk but I would be surprised. A peaceful transfer of power is both expected and required. No matter if any language might give them wiggle room (if it does) and in my mind, a Hilary Clinton presidency would be illegitimate if that happened.
  3. @toto mis-spelled his/her username. I believe they misspelled troll. Wrt to the EC. It's hard to change. Personally I think its fine for a number of reasons. There is no reason to not do a national popular vote and have it be just as valid. I think a better change would not be the ridiculous drawn out primary process where early states control who the nominees are. Changing to a straight popular vote doesn't change the fact that democrats in urban areas balance against republicans in more rural areas. That's an over simplification but essentially changing something so entr
  4. Couple of things that get overlooked I think.... 1 - State demographics change over time. Because a state is red/blue today doesn't mean it will always be. People are more mobile as well. I don't think it marginalizes someone's vote to have a winner take all system within a state. I don't think that proportionally allocating is bad either, but that is (per the Constitution at this time) a decision for each state to make. A weak candidate in either party could shift a state the other direction. 2 - The fact that certain states are reliably Red/Blue are also because politics
  5. I agree. Deciding to not be bothered, or be bothered, is a case by case basis for me. Trump is the owner and front man of his company and properties. That has more of a direct impact that other cases in the past few years. He also is very closely involved with his properties. he doesn't just buy something and tell them where to send the checks. I'd argue that differing politics should rarely be a case to engender such action. However politics now encompasses a large number of issues that are outside the core political realm of economics, education, public safety and the military
  6. Back to the topic, I voted that I am not sure. Earlier this year when I played a lot more I was beating my handicap more than 50% of the time, so I definitely feel like it helped me game the system. Now that I can only play once per week for the time being, it's cutting the other way. I spend several holes struggling until I hit my stride and shoot what was normal months ago. Frustrating being +6 or +7 over the first 5-6 holes and then being +2 or so the rest of the holes. And if I am having an off day then I am no where near my handicap and would lose all ways. As a golfer I fee
  7. I saw something to that affect on the Grill Room page. Personally as a community I'd hate to see things that people talk about regularly be banned. Putting it into a corner of this site seems to make sense. Unfortunately that creates overhead for the moderators because when it gets out of hand (hey, we'are all human it happens) and no one wants to see things get out of hand. We're a community here, someone going off the deep end has repercussions. While I'd not cry a river if there was such a ban, I'd prefer that we self police and people who are interested in being a part of this f
  8. Yes. They run large. I take large in almost any other shirt but would consider a medium in FJ. They aren't sloppy big but are cut very large. There is enough material under my arms in them at a large to cut a shirt for a 5 year old. And they tend to run a little longer too. The polyester material is very nice though. One of the better I've seen.
  9. I went from 9.5 to 11 to 12 and have not lost any distance. At 12 I can bomb the ball. Personally I don't find bumping my driver to 12 affected my ability to find the fairway. It's all about launching more optimally. If you want to go this route then maybe it's the shorter shaft which might help for more control? Maybe try choking down on the driver you have a bit? I do that a lot for when I need to hit further than a 3-wood but can run out of room with a full driver. Regardless. If you are going to carry a driver I would base the loft on optimizing launch angle. I notice
  10. This happens to me as well. However I can have some pretty dire blow-ups playing alone as well. Just fewer. I voted "Something else". Basically I don't know because I let my own tracking go and didn't keep up with it. I play a lot late on weekends and used to play on Wednesday mornings and people are rarely around. I think the rule change sucks because if the intent is to prevent cheating then cheaters will find another way. Someone also responded that this is part of a step to converge handicap systems and have one global standard. That may be, but I think it's a mistake.
  11. I'd say we are already at the point where he's thrown the Emperor down the shaft and well before the funeral pyre.
  12. Shame. I would like to see him back. He's the Anakin Skywalker of golf.
  13. I regret not taking lessons sooner and I regret getting so frustrated with the game and letting it show. TBH, I've had a very difficult time emotionally and golf is my bail-out and when it doesn't go well it crushes me. But that's not anyone else's issue. Since my daughters were born I've truly felt lucky to have my life be exactly as it should and that trickles down. Otherwise, I suspect that the deathbed feeling will be that I didn't play even more than I do now. Golf is a worthwhile pursuit that is above work and many other things in life. Truly a bad day at golf is better than
  14. I have a rangefinder and a voice caddy. In general when the greens are weird shapes and I don't feel that front/middle/back tells me enough I use the range finder. Otherwise I feel that center of the green tells me enough on many courses. Voice Caddy is pretty much the same information as a GPS watch. I happen to already wear a watch on both wrists, so I don't have room for a third.
  15. Usually there is some percentage of the population who is undecided and the debates help. However they also serve another purpose. Political campaigns are largely echo chambers now and the debates are the rare opportunities where candidates are challenged in a forum they don't control. If they make a telling mistake it can turn non-tribal voters off and change votes.
  16. He has toned down the orange spray tan, but social media? Never, ever! He's addicted!! I think he'd give up eating before not posting on Twitter. Someone would have to wrestle him to the ground, take his devices away and then tell him to put his big head down on the desk.
  17. It was....odd...to say the least. I pretty much agree with your take. I am disappointed in Kaine. I don't think he is suited to the role of attack dog. The moderator did not do a great job either. Either let the candidates get away with not responding or cut them off at certain points. In the end, Pence got the better of the debate. I wonder how many "Kaine interrupted" memes are floating around on twitter today.
  18. I have the MP-69s and love them. when I did my shaft fitting I used MP-4s and loved them as well. The MP-69s are a little bigger. Feel is great. I love them. I hope to have them for a very long time. if you google "Mizuno iron numbering" you'll get a couple of hits from other golf forums. I didn't see anything obvious in a search here.
  19. I think what has changed since then is that barring a candidate shooting someone on live TV, certain states have enough inbuilt support for one party that at least 15 states will go for one side. I think Hilary has a chance to get states that otherwise would not go blue into her column this election, but Trump as bad of a candidate as he is*** will get double digit states. *** Not talking about issues, policies or anything other than he is unpredictable, unconventional and has issues that historically would not win him anything in a "normal" year. His unfavorables are extremely hig
  20. My former home course had this. They had: Gold (back) Blue (longer men's tees) White (shorter men's tees) Silver (Senior) And then: Gold / Blue Blue / White White / Silver Each of those combos would take what was considered to be the 9 easier holes of the 18 and put them at the back tees so that it was graduated in difficulty. Also, it was a great way to play if you were a shorter hitter because you still added/deleted some length but the course wasn't completely different for you.
  21. I was mulling this over since this morning and here's what I think. David is correct that the primary has the most impact because veering towards one candidate as an alternative vs. another is the most effective way to get a better candidate. Or at least the one you want. However for effective third parties to rise, you need to have them outside the political parties that exist. They either need to get on the ballot as a member of one of the two parties or run a primary of their own and be on the ballet next to the existing 2. What third parties have tried to do is get 5% of the p
  22. And we need more people to go out and vote in the primaries!!!
  23. Doh! Actually the Simpsons quote I was referring to was the Halloween special where the aliens Kang and Kodos ran for office, replacing Bob Dole and Bill Clinton. The quote was: Oh, no! Aliens, bio-duplication, nude conspiracies! Oh my God! Lyndon LaRouche was right! And this page has a lot of goodies from it: http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Treehouse_of_Horror_VII/Quotes
  24. That's true for the outcome of the election, however there is a wider implication. By pulling enough votes away from the 2 main candidates it can set the stage for other political parties to emerge and greater influence the 2 party system. The US has never effectively had to deal with coalition governing, however as the parties are moving to their more extreme endpoints (policy wise), it leaves a lot of people in the middle outside of many policy points. Consider the Tea Party. They identify as Republicans, however they zero in on a subset of issues within the party platform. If they
  25. Yes! One of the oddest people in the public eye in the 20th century. Great punch line in the Simpsons
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