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  1. Where I caddied as a kid there was a greens keeper who was in the process of spraying something on the greens. It required watering or the greens would get badly burnt. He thought it was going to rain the night after they sprayed five greens late in the afternoon. It didn't rain and he also became unemployed for the damage done to the greens.
  2. I'd say that it's more than someone got around to having a class like that. Every generation has had people who are nothing but overgrown children. I just don't understand the hate that some people have for participation trophies. Why not give them out, especially if the kid is not the best at the sport or activity, but stuck with it and didn't quit. It doesn't mean as much as winning, nor should it. For some people putting in the effort, not giving up, or even doing moderately well at something that they aren't attuned to is worth something. For people who disagree with it, just explain to your children why you feel that way and give your opinion. I can see why some people don't like them, but I hardly think they are for ridicule. I think it also comes from the theory that positive re-enforcement for doing something right is preferred to more negative approaches. aka, praise someone when they do something right instead of highlighting a negative (you didn't win so it's nothing worth anything).
  3. My decision would depend on how the course worded it and what the repercussions were. I played at a course that had something like this. If no one was in danger, we would take the shot. If people could be hit, we wouldn't. It's a fault of the course design, but in our case they only had so much land available. The pro there was a pretty mellow guy and if you were a serious player or decent person he trusted you to do the right thing. The problem is that it was a semi-private course and you can't count on the general public being smart enough to always do the right thing. Hence the restriction. Slightly off-topic, but since it's mentioned above. My home course has a lot of artificial OB for pace of play and I've played two balls when in a situation where it's clearly golf course property but OB. I post the score with the OB penalty, however my feeling is that what I really shot is the non-OB ball. It's clearly wrong to make such places as OB and I feel they are doing a disservice to players in making it such. However the course was rated based on it, so I feel I have to post the OB penalty score.
  4. Had exactly 78 yards to the pin yesterday, uphill. Hit a smooth sand wedge to 79 yards and a bit left of the pin. I doubt my gap wedge is viable for this shot unless I choke down and shorten my swing.
  5. Probably higher. But I tend to either blow up or go low when the pressure is on. Depends on the day and situation.
  6. 5 for me. I've had several with 4. But I'd say that on an average day I am in the 0-2 range.
  7. Interesting. Every once in a while when you hit a shot off the driver very cleanly I feel like the white version has a little extra zing and might be a few yards ahead of my normal spot. However I have driven the same par 4 with the Flamingo ball (it's fun to come right up behind someone with an obviously nailed shot and it's pink) and those are pretty fair cracks but I've never hit with the pink a shot like I describe with the white ball. I ordered 5 dozen each.
  8. Many of these are just going to be ticks or idiosyncrasies that people have. Counting on your fingers is more of a unnecessary learned Someone once asked me on 18, whilst holding the flagstick, "Do you know how much a flagstick weighs?" I said no, not understanding. And he goes "Yeah, you probably wouldn't because you haven't picked one up all day."
  9. Ha ha! I have a couple of poker chips that I use. They are about the size of a 50 cent NZ coin that I like to use as well. I just happen to like the look, but will put a smaller one down if I am close to someone's line for the very reason to not distract anyone putting. I used to play with someone who would shoot the pin from 40 yards and while it didn't annoy me, I thought it was silly. I suppose if you specifically go out and get a feel for those distances you want to know within a few yards at that close range. But let's just say I knew he didn't go to the range and do that.
  10. Like being an A list actor is something that the very few achieve, pro golf is really, really hard. I've heard that golf is hard around here.... Plenty of super talented actors who never get their break. Plenty of really talented golfers who for various reasons don't make a break-through, but for a couple of shots perhaps they could have been exempt for a year or two, and then built up a better career. Better to be a peasant in heaven, than a king in hell is the phrase I'm reminded of.
  11. I have two 5 year old twin girls and have taken them out for 9 holes a few times. They have plastic fisher price clubs but enjoy hitting it and get so happy when they hit one a long way. I hope to encourage them more to play as they get older and if they have an interest will get them some kids clubs. Junior golf by me starts at 6, but I don't know if they will want to do it yet.
  12. I have a pair of Lime Green, with yellow-green mirrored lenses, that I wear frequently on the golf course. I can only hope it gives me an edge in a match or nassau.
  13. Stayed at 7.6. if I go down 2/10 more I max at double on my home course. You would not believe how many people want that so that they don't risk a 7 on a par 3. Three of the six par 3s definitely can bring 7 into play. (27 hole complex)
  14. Slicing will happen with any club. Some clubs maybe a little less. I concur with everyone else on the right thing to do. The only time I blame my clubs is on the course.
  15. There must be some clunkers that didn't sell well, but I doubt it got more than something like the following phrases: "Some people might not like the deep face" "Some people might not like to chip with the higher irons" "Some people might not like the over/under sized heads"
  16. I think it cuts both ways. By requiring solo rounds posted, it allows people to cheat by putting in whatever they want. I'm sure my playing partners don't know if I shot an 85 vs an 87 when we play...but if you are playing well and they see you put in a 95 then it's more of a red flag. However I also see the other side of this, and my old caddy master told me that people did this. You can have an index that is not reflective (and higher than it should be) because you play a lot of solo rounds so your game is in better shape than your index reflects. So you could game the system by playing solo and not posting to bring it down. So they took action to prevent the unverified scores. I don't agree with it. But people will find a way to game the system no matter what. To answer the questions, I suppose the intent is that if possible you could ask whoever you played with if the score posted seems real. Or the intent could be that playing with other people is a check and you won't pull a fast one with anyone else present.
  17. I could see not shaking the President's hand or not standing if he came into the room if there was something that he did that I considered horrible and against what I think our country's values are. That is doing a protest to someone/something specifically, not something that is very generic like the flag or the national anthem. Although I really don't have much of a problem with what he did, I feel like it's protesting all soda because you don't like something Pepsi did.
  18. The way I read it is that despite how you feel about, in this case, standing for the pledge of allegiance, you should do so out of respect for the people who fought and died for the what the flag/pledge symbolizes. People are going to be all over the spectrum on that one. So for example if I knew that people like that would be offended, I might choose another way to protest. And FWIW, I would probably not protest in this way. I support the right to do so, and I also think that if you choose to do something like that then you have to take the consequences or criticism. If so, then that's fine. I don't think it was intended to be a slap in the face to the military so that's fine with me. Given that there are some many wonderful things about this country I would find another way to voice my protest.
  19. A zombie Bobby Jones will burst from his grave and turn pro.
  20. You can pick someone who talks like that if they can back it up with stellar play AND it doesn't bother other people on the team. If it takes away from the overall team mood, then he might have warranted not being chosen despite his ranking. Lots of brilliant people in my field who don't get what they might deserve because of personality flaws that go uncorrected or they don't play politics well. Is that fair? maybe, maybe not. But comments and attitudes like that can hurt you.
  21. He had great range and was one of the better actors of the 70s and 80s. Although Stir Crazy was a hilarious movie, I laughed and laughed at See No Evil, Hear No Evil. He was a unique and wonderful individual.
  22. Yes, I know. And I like that they do. :) My point is that I don't think there is much benefit year to year, unless there is a completely new technology in play. I doubt I could get anything worth a new driver purchase within 2 years because I've been shaft and loft fitted with the 913D3 I have. The fitting and an adjustment to my driver setup has given me a boost in length and a better trajectory. 22 yards is a nice pickup. I was lucky and the second best shaft based on the numbers was the one I had. Did you have yours modified, or were you able to be fit and then order the shaft you wanted?
  23. Somehow these three responses sum up how I feel about this....
  24. It rarely is. I have the 913 driver and hitting the ball longer than any other time in my life. I doubt plunking down for a 915 right now is going to get me anything for the price. Which is why I think a 2-3 year product cycle makes sense.
  25. Depending on conditions, soft sand wedge or choke down SW. I agree with anyone who has posted it can be any number of clubs. I don't get enough chances to play 7i in for that kind of distance. But it's certainly fun to make clubs do things like that.
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