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  1. That's pretty neat.  I'm in IT and I wrote a handicap tracker in python.   It keeps track of the courses and slope/rating and will take the last 20 in the data file that I write and calculate the handicap.   It's great for keeping track since I cannot put in rounds where I am single anymore.

    I have plans to expand it to a stats tracker where I can say whether I hit the fairway, or went out of play.   Or hit the green and give percentages on what the tougher shots seem to be, but that'll probably be down the road.  Useful if you add club information because then you can pull accuracy stats for each club and overall numbers for each hole.

    I don't know much about databases (I support DBAs, but am only an end user of DBs) so this is completely different to how I would approach it.  Good luck!


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