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  1. My wife and I have made up our minds who we are voting for.  However we've been following what is an extremely unconventional election.   Hilary Clinton should be as she usually is and no major surprises from her, I'd expect.   However which Trump will show up?  Will it be the brash Trump who steamrolled the primaries, or the "more presidential" version of Trump?   It should be interesting to watch....

  2. 2 minutes ago, Valleygolfer said:

    Yes if you enjoy weak coffee, it's okay.

    Why bother with a kuerig if you are just going to do all the steps required to make normal pots of coffee.

    Ha! Ha!  I'd say we both like something not too strong, but not weak either.   When I am not home in the morning it's easier to put in a K-Cup instead of brewing a small pot.  I've only done it a couple of times, but isn't it just popping it in and then making sure a cup is underneath?

  3. 5 minutes ago, newtogolf said:

    They will both lie to convince us to vote for them, blame past Presidents and Congress for their inability to effect change and really won't care what you or I think once the election is over.  

    This is a pretty accurate statement, sadly.   On both sides what the candidates promise will never make it through Congress, or has to be so back pedaled to pass.   There are plenty of politicians who outright lie, and many who make promises they know they cannot keep and do it to win votes.  As voters we need to consider what reality is, not whether someone tells us something we want to hear.


  4. There is a course on the Ohio/PA border that for years would be a once per year trip and it would humble all of us.   It's hard to place exactly why, it's not overly difficult.  Little tight in some places, but it messed with anyone who went that I know.

    My home course, soon to be my ex-home course, is like that.   It's 145 slope and it has illegal drop areas and hazards for pace of play and to make it play easier.   Very few people actually like it.   Our handicaps travel very well from it.

  5. 3 minutes ago, CarlSpackler said:

    His argument is that Trump should pay because he has a lot of money and says the same holds true for Warren Buffet, but if it were a regular muni golf course, they are off the hook. My argument is that DT would have to shown to be negligent first, not just because he is wealthy. If that were the case, then don't we all owe something to those with less.

    Perhaps he would have opened the checkbook if it was an average Joe or Jane that made the HIO, but because it was another rich guy who could have possibly been a jerk about it, DT said no way. Who knows. 

    Yes, we actually don't know.   And the reason the story came up is because he is running for President.   But my argument is actually that it would be in character for the image that he likes to project to say "Hey, that wasn't right and off course I threw my money around to fix it".  

    Much like any of us give to charity you have to consider the situation and whether it's the right thing to do, etc.   No one can walk around throwing money at people because they happen to be poorer or worse off.

    Note:  I don't think legally Trump has/had to pay.   I just think given the situation he should have ponied up.  Or ponied up part of it and said "I think that's fair".

  6. 2 minutes ago, CarlSpackler said:

    I don't understand this logic. Should you have to pay up to every homeless panhandler because you are better off than they are? Why are the rules different for someone who has money vs. someone who doesn't? 

    It's a perception thing.   He lives large so part of his overall image would be to swoop in and pay the guy.   I wouldn't consider it a general rule.  But if I was running a tournament and I was in a position to correct a bad situation I would try.  Donald Trump tells a lot of stories how he helped people with money or rewarded them over and above.   There is a famous story he's "confirmed" about how he paid off the mortgage on a guy's house who helped him with a flat tire on his limo.   So I think it's in character.

    On the flip side there are famous people who are reputed to be cheap and the expectation would be that they wouldn't do such a thing.

  7. I'm sure based on the prize there are different requirements from the insurance company.   There were two hole-in-one prizes at a recent tourney at my place and one was unattended and the other had someone who worked for the course.   They weren't high value prizes.  Where I caddied as a kid there was always 1-2 women who watched the hole that had a car during an outing.  I don't know who they worked for.

    A car is much less than $1M.   A huge prize might require an onsite insurance person.  Otherwise the organizer and the insurance company can agree who is trustworthy to monitor.  Insurance companies might even have resources in many regions that they can sub-contract to and pay them to watch.

    My home course awards a vacation package to anyone who makes a hole-in-one.  However there must be two witnesses, the theory that you'd have to have three people holding up the lie.  I made both of my hole-in-ones there playing by myself, although my partner dropped out after 9 due to NFL week 1.   

  8. My original take is that he should have paid and several responses after that hasn't changed my mind.   Not because it's anything political, but because this is Donald Trump who has made a name for himself living large and using his wealth to do lavish things.   Someone like that should pay up if there is this kind of mistake and take the publicity for doing so.

    Same thing if this was an event hosted by Warren Buffet.   Now considering how the insurance arrangements are done, a sponsor or golf course that cannot afford if the insurance bails obviously cannot pay out and it sucks, but someone goofed.

  9. For a man worth 10 BILLION DOLLARS, it should be a no-brainer to pay up.   If the article is accurate then it's a complete sham to have the stipulation that it's 150 yards and then have the hole set up less than that.  

    Something similar happened a couple of years ago in a local tourney and I was playing with the sponsor.   They set the Hole-in-One hole up at a certain distance and he wanted it further back because there were different tiers for the hole-in-one insurance based on distance.   He wanted it back so he got charged less.

    My guess is that Trump's tourney didn't have hole-in-one insurance then?  hole-in-one insurance is a small fee compared to the prize that the insurance company will pay out.

  10. 4 minutes ago, Hardspoon said:

    They'd still have the FedEx Cup; it would just end before the NFL season.

    Personally I'm not overly excited by it.   The old Top 30 Tour Championship was more compelling.   But that might just be me.   Ending before football season is a good idea, it gives the event more chance to shine.

  11. I like it too.   The PGA Championship can be lackluster despite the deep field and the club pros being there (I really like that personally).   It doesn't have the identity of the other majors and is anti-climatic.  Especially in Ryder Cup years when it becomes the stage for the captain's picks.

    The Players has more of an identity, IMO and moving it to the middle of the Masters and the US Open is kind of ok for me.  The main thing for me to move it back to March is that it gets more of a spotlight and then a month later it's Augusta.  

    The only thing with the above is that after the British Open you don't have much unless it's a Ryder Cup year that might compel people to tune in.

  12. Responding to the original post, I would say that HRC and BO don't explicitly want to take in refugees for any other reason than there is a humanitarian crisis and people are fleeing Syria.  Dropping the politics I think we would accept them if we had a Republican president as well.   We should be taking in more.   I agree with all the posters who believe in both a strong vetting process and that helping others is a core American value.  We are ultimately all immigrants here.

  13. This wasn't me, but I witnessed it.   Some guy was teeing off on the first hole and the course had these big 6 foot tall stone monuments for hole markers.  Really nice with a layout of the hole and everything.

    So the guy is taking a long time with multiple practice swings, then he swings and just clips the side of the ball so that it goes sideways, hits the monument and bounces back over his head and lands by his cart.

  14. He most likely would be involved in some type of investment group that would purchase the company, or he would get a stake as coming on board to play, and help design, their clubs.   or maybe a new Tiger line?  Lots of different things if it's true.

    Nicklaus and Palmer both had their own companies that were small.  However they financed it or what percentage they owned, I don't know.   But they were certainly the front men for their respective offerings.   A company with him headlines would generate a lot of publicity and TM, despite their failings, have a lot of smart designs.  Could be interesting.

  15. 6 minutes ago, Fourputt said:

    And marking such unkempt areas as hazards is not allowed under the Rules of Golf.  Water hazard is clearly defined in the rule book, and what you describe does not qualify.

    The pro at my place is keenly concerned about this.   We have a number of "hazards" that are there for pace of play.  Plus drop areas on the other side of the water.  Plus forced OB for pace of pay.  Plus areas where you hit and you cannot determine where the ball is, or have a chance to see it.   So they are thinking about removing some trees.

  16. 2 minutes ago, CarlSpackler said:

    So the question, relating to the OP, is how do we stop that now that we have identified the problem. I'm assuming that a firearm is not acceptable. ;-)

    I try to bring something else along with me to do when I get in these kinds of situations.   If I am with someone else it's better because then you can talk, or make fun of the bozos.   Yesterday I was essentially playing as a last minute decision and figured it wouldn't be very busy.   Oops.  Speaking broader, I think you just have to accept that bad things will happen and more bad things will happen if you let it bother you.

    These guys weren't worth firearms going off.   There are others where I might be tempted.


  17. 2 minutes ago, CarlSpackler said:

    What I usually see is that a blowup hole will cause a string of blowup holes until they finally say "screw it". Then things seem to start settling down. I think this comes from tension. When a player gets angry over a bad shot or hole, tension sets in and makes the problem worse. Even in my case yesterday I tensed up when I had to wait so long. I expect bad shots from my own swing, but get absolutely frustrated when a slow group is in front of me.

    That happened to me as well.   Two bozos in front of me.   2 over thru 8 holes and then a triple on a par 3 because I got mad waiting so long.

  18. 30 minutes ago, newtogolf said:

    I also have thought about it and blame the networks and media.  I noticed yesterday during the Jets and Giants games the networks intentionally scanned the sidelines during the National Anthem looking for  players that were protesting.  If the networks didn't give airtime to these "protesters" they would lose any power or persuasion they'd have.  

    How about they spend some of that money they've been so oppressed earning and buy some television ads to further their cause if they believe in it that much.  

    Beyond boycotting any products these protesters represent I'm done wasting time on them.  

    Yes, but they would not get the attention that they do if they did those alternate things, hence why it happens.  Unless they called a press conference or did a commercial and said something really provocative or outlandish.  But as there are zero athletes who are bigger than their sport, they wouldn't get the audience that a commerical or press conference would get.

    I quite agree though, too much coverage focused on it.  Worthy of some, perhaps not as much as it's gotten.

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