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  1. Great publication.   I have been slowly reading thru them because I find myself thinking about it after reading, so I like to be able to reflect and not take too much in at once.

    There is also a good magazine I found from down under, Caddie magazine.  So far has a lot of great articles.   What I like about both publications is the obvious love of golf that the people have who write for them.


  2. On 1/4/2018 at 9:56 PM, billchao said:

    I didn't expect to have played any of the courses on the list, but I was pleasantly surprised. I've played Hollywood GC in Deal, NJ (#15 on the list) with @SavvySwede.

    I have been lucky enough to play about 30 of the courses on this list.   I was surprised that I had played that many.

    I caddied right across the street from Hollywood at Deal Golf and Country Club and went over to Hollywood to caddy once in a great while (got to play it once as well).   Great course!

  3. This thread reminds me of a guy I caddied for years ago.   His bag had a SW, 6i and a 2i (why?), everything else minus the putter were woods.   This was before hybrids came out.   He had up to a 15-wood, which was equivalent to a 9-iron.   He also had two five woods, for some reason....

    However, he made it work.   He wasn't a very good golfer, but he could score decently enough.

    For me personally, I go back and forth with my hybrid.   I have a 19 degree and I can definitely feel where people are coming from when they say a miss is left.   That's my miss with it, not any other clubs.   It is however a very useful club.   It covers the spread between 2i, 3i and a weaker 5-wood.

    I do however interchange it with a 3-iron, and when I do I take my 3-wood out and replace with a 4-wood.   Choking down a little on the 4-wood and laying off a little replicates the distance of the hybrid. The reason I so this is for when I have a number of holes where the ground is dry and I want the 3-iron to roll out.   For me, it doesn't go as high as the hybrid does so I get more roll.   hybrids tend to hit and stick since the fly so high.

    Depending on the course and conditions, I can see both sides of having one or not.   I hope that when I slow down later in life that I have the good sense to replace longer irons with hybrids.   At some point I will not be able to generate the swing speed to effectively hit a 2 or 3 iron consistently.


  4. 5 hours ago, Foot Wedge said:

    I have not played this course, but I thank you sir for painting such a vivid verbal picture of what must have been a Twilight Zone of a golf course.  As I read your post I found myself not only laughing, but actively wanting to play this course.  Maybe my sense of humor is darker than I realize but I can't help but feel a need to experience that moment when I say to myself "is this for real?" which this course seems to provide at a near constant pace.  Hats off to you.

    I remember it distinctly because it was one of those "I cannot I am not scoring well on a course like this".   One of the double greens was also very close to the edge of a runway on the adjacent airport, so putting was fun when it looked like a plane was going to land on you...or potentially dump it's chemical toilet.   Of course, that might have improved the course.

    I might do a write up on my  old home course in the area.   It was a very challenging course with some design decisions that made me wonder if Arnold Palmer had a secret evil streak in him.  It was unlike any other course of his that I played.  This exchange sums it up, it was with someone I played with a lot there:

    Jim: It's hilarious, when I travel I tell people that I play on a 27 hole Arnold Palmer golf course, they tell me "That must be great", and then I tell them "NO!  It sucks!"

    Me:  I agree with that.

  5. golf.com has a new article posted about how people shouldn't make JB Holmes the fall guy for slow play. Although it also did remind me that he held up the Grammies one year....

    Their point is that because the Tour doesn't care, then he is just buying into the situation that they created.   However what I find striking is that Holmes did not do basic common sense things, like look at your putt before it's your turn and other smart things that cut down on the time to play a shot.   Part of the complaints that I recall here are that he basically watches everything else around him and then starts his pre-shot when it's his turn.  

    I personally cannot stand the dead air and manufactured dialogue that is all too common in the few broadcasts I've seen the past few years.   Or commercials all the time.  I like the action on Thursday and Fridays because you get to see a lot more and there is more to cut to.

  6. The golf course in Moon Township, PA is one of the craziest courses I've played.   I played it with my father-in-law, so that just adds to the hilarity.   He has a nice slow burn until he's had it and then just collapses in a pile of pity, anger and overall pathetic-ness.

    Anyway, the first hole is a "short par 4" that reads 250ish on the card and I hit a 5-iron right near the green.   It also is tight to a road (quite a theme on this course).   So one shot in, I almost beaned someone when the starter said "go ahead, it's farther than it looks".   Hint:  It's not!

    There is a par three where you hit over a road.   Not a dirt road.  A paved road.  With telephone and power lines running across as well, for good measure.   One of us hit over an old Honda Accord IIRC.

    The whole course is a shooting gallery.   We almost got hit several times because the fairways are narrow and about as adjacent as two people making out.   And if you are looking to feel like you are playing an old. traditional course then look not further!  It has several double greens that host two holes.   Yes, huge greens so that you can have two physical golf holes on the same green.   Which is great when you are playing with a bunch of hicks who have lousy distance control.   Yes, we almost got hit on the greens as well.

    Finally, the last thing that I remember is that one of the holes on the back nine has a huge downhill slope to the green, but then shoot back up almost 90 degrees.   The thing is, the slope is quite lot of the length of the hole, fairly steep to hit a golf ball off of, and when we played it, the grass was long.  So no chance of rolling to the flat.   Fortunately there was enough clover to give me a fluffy lie to a hideously elevated green.

    Granted it was not the Western PA course where I was mooned by the people in front of me, that one was actually a somewhat saner layout.


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  7. On 10/13/2018 at 11:36 AM, billchao said:

    Crystal Springs has a couple of spectacular holes but a lot of the experience for me was ruined by the mounds and OB being on half the holes being so close due to houses.

    Yea I'll have to go back for Ballyowen one day.

    Ballyowen is a great course.   Crystal Springs, what in the world were they thinking?   Not only are the mounds silly, but the grass (when I played it) was long enough that it would stay on the side of the mound. The other courses in the complex are waaaayyyyyy better

  8. I think Kuchar is getting way more flack for this than he should.   He should have paid the caddie more and I think that he was in the wrong there, but Gillis basically made it a public shaming when it should not have been.    I'm also quite surprised people are not going WTF about a "50k or nothing" response from the caddy.   

    Being booed and having people cheer when you miss putts is also just ridiculous.  Most of those people probably are not discussing it to the length that people on this forum are and it's shame that it got to the level that it did before something else was done.

    I'll tell you why I have some measure of sympathy for Matt.  I am lucky enough to make more money than both my family and my wife's family.   And what did they do to me for that?   They expected me to be their piggy bank and backstop for their life choices.   It became an expectation that I would help them if they got into trouble and I was given a lot of crap if I didn't swoop in and pay their bills.   I can't help but think that there is some measure of "well he's rich so he should ...." embedded in all of this.

    No one really looks good in all of this.  The caddy looks the best overall, but it's a crap show.

    Kuchar -  dude, you should know better and at the very least recognize that your bottom line doesn't change by doing something really nice for the caddie

    Caddie -  sorry, but saying no to $15k tells me someone is in your ear about this.   from what I've read, you don't speak English and probably were a lot less help than other caddies.  But you did deserve better.

    Gillis -  what an ass.

    I caddied for 15 years.   Sometimes the guys paid well when they won.  Guess what, sometimes they didn't think they had to.  Did I like that?  No.   But I didn't expect some big bonus just because they hit the right shots to win.   Again, the caddy deserved more, but man how many people complaining about this are wearing clothes made in far away sweat shops or buying off Amazon which hits Main Street businesses hard.   That's basically the same thing, where you gain an advantage at the expense of someone else.   A lot of people in the midst of this should not throw boulders around (just a few stones so Kuchar does the right thing though).


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  9. I use a 64 degree occasionally, and I say occasionally because there are not many times where it is the only, or correct, club to use.   It is noticeably higher than a 60 and it goes high enough to largely stop very close to where it lands.   The main reason I don't use it very much is because I don't find shots that tight, not the right sand to hit from if I am in a tight bunker.   I've successfully used it to get up and down from pitches where I have very little green to work with, and once you get down your distance on these pitches, it's an effective weapon. 

    However, it gets used maybe 1-2 times over 3 rounds of golf.   There are so many other ways to get the ball near the hole and it's not really a good club to launch from the fairway from 60 yards out.

  10. I don’t use a tee past a 9-iron on a par 3.   But I do put it nice and highly placed on the grass if it’s some type of wedge.   It’s great if you have the game to drop a ball and hit, but I would say always use one.  

  11. “Swing hard in case you hit the ball”

    Give me golf clubs, fresh air and a beautiful partner, and you can keep the clubs and the fresh air.”  - Jack Benny

    ”score is everything, nothing else matters”. - an idiot

  12. On 9/26/2018 at 1:12 PM, HJJ003 said:

    Cool question. When I think of the Mount Rushmore of Golf I think who impacted the game as a whole more. Tough to narrow it down to four but here it goes. 


    Tiger, Jack, Jones, Hogan. 

    That would be my four as well.


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  13. I used to have a sweet deal with work where I played Wednesday mornings, and hardly anyone was at the course.   I usually played in 90 - 110 minutes (course was un-walkable, so on a cart) and could shoot near my handicap.   If I was behind Poulter, I'd be furious at being held up.....

  14. I'm brand loyal, but not a snob.   I would put Snell and Vice against the Titleist ProV1s that I use and not have an issue.   As for equipment, I spent a lot of time going over what clubs worked for me, and what I wanted to hit.   I did not consider anyone out of the running, although some of the SGI and GI clubs were something that I did not want to go for.   But that stripes across companies big and small, doesn't remove someone from consideration.


    I expect that my wedge, woods and irons will all be the same vendor when I refresh in several years.  I am extremely happy with my bag and unless they crap the bed with future releases, they have earned my trust.



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