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  1. The golf digest article tells you to drop your back shoulder instead of turning across, made a big difference in my swing thought.
  2. Look at the latest edition of Golf Digest this month, great article about slicing the ball from golf tec, might help you.
  3. Thanks Joe, I have heard nothing but good things from golftec, I know they are expensive. I might give it a try here.
  4. Anyone do this? Is it worth the money? I am thinking of doing this, but just was curious if anyone had some thoughts on their experience on this.
  5. I know my grip is strong so it might be the cupped wrist. Woudl that make my wrist bend toward the palm or away from the palm? Also your saying I might have a cupped wrist at impact I assume. Would this result in lost of distance as well?
  6. Well I gues I have both, but majority of my shots are straight with a tailing off to the right side. Is this from not releasing the club head?
  7. Alpine You are basically saying take 3/4 swings only until I get the feel of the swing? Take it back to 3/4 and from that point try swining with my lower body with out doing anything with my hands/wrists? What is considered 3/4? The height of my left arm? Or is it my turn? I would think 3/4 would be my left arm parrallel with the ground.
  8. I usually see 2 or 3 knuckles. My grip is strong. I probably do hold the club to tight, but no matter how much I tell myself to relieve that pressure I still tighten up and try to HIT the ball instead of through it. Soemtimes I feel that I try ot hit the ball more iwth my arms rather than my body, but lately I have been consicouslly trying to get that out of my head. I am only thinking that the loss of power I have and that my club face is open at impact (ball path is straight and then fade, so its not an over the top) is that my back swing is so short in the turn I am not giving myself time to release the club face fully. I might be over looking something but just trying to figure why I dont have the distance and still have a fade. I will try and post a video soon. By the way I am 30 and in decent shape, so flexibility shouldnt be a big problem.
  9. I have a problem with a fade (right handed) and not getting good distance off the tee. I am 6' and 200 pounds and my 150 club is my 7 iron, my driver is about 220, 240 if I feel I hit it good. I know it doesnt matter about size, but there should be no reason why I cant get another 10-15 yards out of each club. Ideally I would like my 150 club to be a nice 8 iron. I feel like I am loosing distance due toa few things, one being a fast back swing and two not a complete back swing, meaning my back doesnt face the target at the top, rather its about 45 degrees. My question is, would not completing the back swing result in my club face being open at impact resulting in the fade at lack of distance? I am hoping I found a solution to my swing, curoius on thoughts and I hope to try this at the range today or tomorrow.
  10. Looking for any recomendations of instructors in the Chicago Area, I prefer somewhere near west suburbs, near O'Hare, any recommendations would be great. I go to Links and Tees in Addison, I know there are some instructors there, just curious on anyones experience with them.
  11. OK, I have two different lessons from two different pros over the past 12 months. one pro is telling me to take my back swing on a more level/flatter plane, but I constantly have problems with keeping the club face open at impact. At the top of my backswing my club face is almost open to the sky, but it is still in line with my left arm. The other pro wants me to pick up the club on a steeper plan, he says take your right thumb and point it into your right ear (right hand golfer) to get me the feeling of getting the club higher. This works a little better for me, but this is new so I am not comfortable with this. I have always had a problem getting through the ball at impact, the pro that wants me to go steeper said with the flatter back swing I was able to slow it down through impact, where as the steeper backswing makes the club head speed increase making it very difficult to slow it at impact and hit the ball rather than through the ball. What are your thoughts on this, steeper or flat backswing?
  12. Been reading some post and seen guys/gals talking about a swing tip/drill they place a show box down while they swing, can someone explain this drill and its purpose? Thanks!
  13. Your syaing if you come to steep with your irons that is a result of to steep of a swing or more of swinging with your hands and not your lower body and up? I have to try this at the course today, I usually get a lot of high shots and I throught I was coming up on the ball too much, but it is the exact opposite cuase I do have ball marks ontop of my driver!
  14. I am having a huge problem with my follow through, I just dont do it. My hips are usually pointing to the right of the target (i know they need to point to the target), my arms are not over my left shoulder rather in front of me sometimes, very inconsistent. I am a right handed golfer. I take practice swings all the time and I follow through fine, but put the ball in there and I cant, something about the ball that makes my swing deccelerate. Anyone have any thoughts or tips? Appreciate it.
  15. for a right handed golfer, are you guys saying for strong or weak grip is based solely on your right hand and not your left hand. I know some people that their "Vs" are point at two different points not just at one area. I have a tendancy to have a fade at the end of my shots. It starts straight and then tails off to the right, I am assuming my club face is open at impact giving that fade spin. Could fixing this be a matter of taking my grip and making it strong? From what I am reading here that is just a matter of taking my right hand and placing it more over the top on my left hand making the V face my right ear rather then my right shoulder? I will have to check this at the driving range. What is the best club to check different grips, would the 7 iron be the best one to work with this on to find what works the best?
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