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  1. That should be a poll, Who could make the transition? I'd vote for Ian Poulter just because he's Ian Poulter.
  2. I think it's good for the business of golf. It's great advertising for equipment and clothes and so forth. People want to dress like their favorite player or use the same clubs so in that sense it's good for the companies. I enjoy the game on all levels so I enjoy the tour as well.
  3. I'm sitting in Schipole airport in Amsterdam waiting on a connecting flight and this question popped into my head. Forgive me, it's been a long day. Anyways, is there a difference in your game if you walk or ride? I think i play a little better walking. How bout you guys.
  4. Yeah it might be a meaningless stat to some, but I thought it was interesting that the Aimpoint guy actually had a stat. Hence the question. It's golf, so it's fun for me to talk about any of this stuff. Im now wondering where he got his info from? Didn't ask me. Lol
  5. snapfade

    Swing Speed

    Interesting tour stats, for the 2019 season Cameron Champ had the fastest ball speed average with 190.70 with the fastest being 198.91. Second place went to Seth Reeves with an average of 183.52. Categories – Off the Tee Accuracy | Distance (All Drives) | Distance (Measured Drives) | Other | Radar | Scoring | Strokes Gained
  6. I am off to play my last round for two weeks, I am off to Hamburg, Germany in the morning to visit the wifey.( Last chemo coming up, yahoo!!!) The temps there are around 50 degrees. So I will be freezing my butt off since it is 78 here in dreary old Florida. Cool thing is I will be there for the Hamburg SV -St Pauli game!!!!!!
  7. The one thing I can say I am proud of is my ability to not 3 putt very often. Im used to my greens, I know how they break for the most part and I can get pretty close on a long putt. But that doesn't mean, my first putt is for birdie, or par for that matter. I have and will 3 putt of course, but i'm going to step it off and try to get an average of how close I am to the pin and go from there. There are 2 options of course that are no brainers, get closer to the pin on an approach, and work on the lag putting. Im off to play in a few minutes so I will probably 3 putt every hole, thanks!
  8. A 50-70 foot putt that keeps me in regulation is not going to do me any favors, that's a long way for me to roll a ball. I think then it boils down to approach shot and getting inside 10 feet or so. Its always something.
  9. I drive by LPGA headquarters usually about once a week. I'll stop in and ask them what they plan on doing about building their fan base, and limiting the number of extremely beautiful Korean ladies in their short skirts and knee high socks. After I have been tasered and perp-walked and had my bail hearing, I'll post about it here.
  10. I paraphrased Jamie Donaldson of AimPoint Golf in his discussion of average length putts. He said, 16ft was the average no matter who you are. Which led me to create this topic. I agree with your last sentence, but I would like to make that 6ft down hill double break for double bogey. lol
  11. When I went in 2000, a guy offered me a couple grand for my badge, showed me the wad of cash. I kept walking. I had to sign for the badge at the MP station at Ft Stewart where I was stationed and return it that evening. So, the couple of grand he offered wasnt enough for me to go AWOL and retire in Thailand, I returned it. LOL
  12. My suggestion, coming from someone who took a 5 year layoff, is to find an instructor, there is loads of information here, and other places, but my first choice for game improvement will always be to get professional help. Do what he tells you and make it a regular meeting until you are confident you can kind of self check and know what to do, but I think meeting with a pro is not a one time thing, if you are serious about lowering your score. I would also have your clubs looked at, are the shafts the best choice for you? Also, maybe the clubs need to be adjusted, get a fitting and see. Enjoy the journey.
  13. What are these 300 yard drives and six inch putts you speak of? 😢
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