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  1. I had told people some years ago I'd start playing golf again when Tiger one another major, thinking it was a lock I wouldn't have to play again, well thanks Tiger. Im thinking 2-3 wins and a major if he stays healthy.
  2. After walking by my ball after a nice drive, I just kept walking. I was done. Golf had become work, literally. I was practicing for the PAT, working at a private club, practicing 7 days a week either before or after shift. Up late doing a PGM degree course as well as apprentice stuff. I went from an 11 something to around a 6 in a relative short time with our good instructors and the PAT was being held on our course in a few months so I was feeling pretty good. I got to where I hated all things golf. Gone were the days of drinking beer and having fun. Every single shot I took counted. I always said that if Tiger won another major I'd pick up the game again, well almost a year later, I have. I logged back onto here, spent 6 hrs Sat and 5 hrs Sunday on the putting green, and now this week I am on the chipping green. I plan on playing my first official round Sunday afternoon. Anyone in the Cocoa Beach area feel free to stop by and watch the show. Point is, golf never leaves you once it bites.
  3. You can get a free one day pass for any day at the PGA Tour Superstore on Turkey Lake Dr. Its an LPGA/ Sports celebrity thing and parking/shuttle is included. I don't mind watching LPGA ladies play for free, just saying. Diamond Resorts | Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions
  4. Welcome to the game, I hope you have discussed this life changing event with your spouse lol. My humble advise is the same as everyone else's. I started out with a box set from K-Mart. But then when I knew I liked the game and wanted to get serious I started at the flag and went in reverse. I spent my money on a good putter first, then wedges, then a 3 wood, then irons, then driver. Don't fall into the marketing trap, a golf ball doesn't know if your Ping putter is new or used. And there is not a golf club made that can fix a bad swing. Enjoy the journey!
  5. I remember they said the same thing about Ty Tryon some years back and he never went anywhere except back to Q school a few times.I had the chance to caddie during a pro-am at Harbor Town and was in Fred Funks group. Watching him swing a club up close was a lesson in itself. Being up close at the Ryder Cup and Masters and seeing these dudes playing with their A game is unreal the amount of talent they have. But believe it not, somewhere out there is a some kid that will show up and take their place.
  6. Seriously though, Id remove Shooter McGavin and replace him with Payne Stewart.
  7. Group 2 hands down for me. If there was a group with McCord, Ken Green and Daly in it Id pick that one.
  8. snapfade


  9. snapfade

    Golf in 2020

    This thread is 2134 days old. To answer the question with it now being 2020, to me what has changes is the enormous selection of custom covers for everything. Clubs? Its all a selling a dream. The accessories are where its at.
  10. Daly if had to choose PGA Na Yeon Choi for LPGA (personal reasons) Ken Green if I was kicking it old school
  11. Where to begin. Tournament/outing season is in full swing at the club and I am busier than a puppy with tow peters. First thing I would like to bring to your attention is an Atlanta fund raising tournament. This cat showed up with 27 clubs in his canvas and leather bag. One club was a 10 iron. 19 irons, 7 real woods, and a putter. I calmly asked him if he knew the 14 club limit rule and his reply was "Huh, wha dat mean?' Nuff said. Moving on, another outing was in full bloom the other day and driving around the course looking for a dead cart I notice this hand out there with no shirt. I just stopped and looked on in disbelief. The club I work at is not a muny, Herman Cain is a member, Hank Arron still has a locker here. Braves and Falcons players are members as well as prominate business people in Atlanta are members. I suppose there is a time and place to play golf sans shirt but this wasn't the place. I kindly told him to please put his shirt back on, which he did, at least until I got out of sight. Now on to the laser rangefinder. If you are a high handicapper read no further as I do not wish to offend. But If you can not advance the ball in a reasonably straight distance then a laser rangefinder is not what you need. Case in point. A gentlemen is standing off in the rough well pine straw really, and I am sitting in a cart close by. I see him "laze" the target several times to make sure he is dead on and wham, he takes a swing and chucks it out of the straw maybe 10 yards out into the fairway. He then repeats the procedure, not changing clubs, and swings again. However, this time his ball rockets off at about a 45 degree angle to his left into the woods on the left of the fairway. What does he do? Repeats the procedure again. I can see him in the woods, with the rangefinder trying to lock on to the target taking several attempts to get it dialed in just right, only to skull this on. But hey it got kind of close. He finally got near enough to the green to chip and I drove off and waited for them to finish off. They took way to long to play one hole and his buddies seemed to be no better. I explained to them pace of play and that was that. The laser rangefinder is good at times and bad at times. I have seen people use it inside the 50 yard mark. I saw a guy use it on the green, a par 5 tee, out of the woods, you name it. Oh well, to each his own I suppose but to me it seems to slow down the game for some people. If you have no idea how far you can hit a 7 iron on a consistent basis, then you don't need a laser, you need practice. Once you know your yardages( not what you want to hit, but how far you actually hit) then get one. Nuff said.
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