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  1. Daly if had to choose PGA Na Yeon Choi for LPGA (personal reasons) Ken Green if I was kicking it old school
  2. Where to begin. Tournament/outing season is in full swing at the club and I am busier than a puppy with tow peters. First thing I would like to bring to your attention is an Atlanta fund raising tournament. This cat showed up with 27 clubs in his canvas and leather bag. One club was a 10 iron. 19 irons, 7 real woods, and a putter. I calmly asked him if he knew the 14 club limit rule and his reply was "Huh, wha dat mean?' Nuff said. Moving on, another outing was in full bloom the other day and driving around the course looking for a dead cart I notice this hand out there with no shirt. I just stopped and looked on in disbelief. The club I work at is not a muny, Herman Cain is a member, Hank Arron still has a locker here. Braves and Falcons players are members as well as prominate business people in Atlanta are members. I suppose there is a time and place to play golf sans shirt but this wasn't the place. I kindly told him to please put his shirt back on, which he did, at least until I got out of sight. Now on to the laser rangefinder. If you are a high handicapper read no further as I do not wish to offend. But If you can not advance the ball in a reasonably straight distance then a laser rangefinder is not what you need. Case in point. A gentlemen is standing off in the rough well pine straw really, and I am sitting in a cart close by. I see him "laze" the target several times to make sure he is dead on and wham, he takes a swing and chucks it out of the straw maybe 10 yards out into the fairway. He then repeats the procedure, not changing clubs, and swings again. However, this time his ball rockets off at about a 45 degree angle to his left into the woods on the left of the fairway. What does he do? Repeats the procedure again. I can see him in the woods, with the rangefinder trying to lock on to the target taking several attempts to get it dialed in just right, only to skull this on. But hey it got kind of close. He finally got near enough to the green to chip and I drove off and waited for them to finish off. They took way to long to play one hole and his buddies seemed to be no better. I explained to them pace of play and that was that. The laser rangefinder is good at times and bad at times. I have seen people use it inside the 50 yard mark. I saw a guy use it on the green, a par 5 tee, out of the woods, you name it. Oh well, to each his own I suppose but to me it seems to slow down the game for some people. If you have no idea how far you can hit a 7 iron on a consistent basis, then you don't need a laser, you need practice. Once you know your yardages( not what you want to hit, but how far you actually hit) then get one. Nuff said.
  3. A.Armada-If Only You Knew What the Lost Soldiers Did to Me. If you have never listened to "post-rock" then IMO this sums it up quite well. Play Loud.
  4. Got a senior invitational event at the club this week and I noticed in my walking around the enormous amount of bag-tags some of these dudes have. I counted at least 20 on one bag and most had at least 5 minimum. How many you got? I have one, a USGA tag.
  5. Not a fan. Id rather watch Billy Mayfair parade around in a speedo with olive oil smeared all over him that watch Bubba cry.
  6. I know how you feel. I'm kind of wide an long too. Oppps...you are talking about your feet. Sorry. (humor attempt) Hey Wildman, welcome to the site!
  7. "Ive seen both of their wives naked." or "Duffs mad cuz someone else did get it in the hole" Ricky..."Whys Duff so down today?" Phil...."I showed his old lady that fist can be a verb"
  8. Must have alignment sticks sticking out of the bag. Must use laser rangefinder for each shot including tee shot on par 3's. Chances are the distance shown on your range finder is only good for giving u an idea on where to head off in the woods to look for the 14th ball you've jacked over there today. The white belt. Staff bag. Have a dozen or so bag tags. Including your entire 2000- present USGA members tag. Shoes. glove. belt, hat must match. All clothing from head to toe must be of same brand. If not using sunglasses they must be turned around to the back so people can see logo on front of hat. Hat logo must represent either the clothing line you are wearing or what's in your bag.
  9. If they are cast clubs be careful getting them bent. Lots of places wont do it or will make you sign a waiver i.e. Golfsmith. Forged no problem. If you special order a cast set after getting fit that's different because they [manufacture] have them already poured at the various lie angles.
  10. Porterhouses all the way. Big fat sons of bitches too. Sweetwater by the gallons (local beer here in Atlanta) Fried Vidalia onion petals for appetizers (Georgia's own onion), plus all the stuff that goes with a steak.
  11. I'd love to see it, I think it would be fun to see some bright eyed kid whip the field.
  12. There were throwing this around on the radio the other day, seemed fun to toy with. The idea was you could have 10 wishes but you could not wish for loads of gold or cash. Someone called in and said they would wish to be the greatest pitcher to ever play the game and that would bring 40million a year contracts so Id probably go that route. But not as a pitcher. I play golf so Id go the golf route.
  13. I got to stop watching the LPGA with the curtains closed and the lights off.
  14. An actual bachelors degree in PGM is not a bad thing to have. However, the PGA only recognizes 20 universities as who they associate with and Keiser isn't one of them. I go to National university and it doesn't fall under the 20, but I get 12 work credits for it and that helps a lot. Also I work at a private club, so I get to see both sides of the fence. If you just want to work at a golf course and go up the ladder that way that is fine, the PGM degree can open a door to two as well. There are so many different jobs in the industry it's hard to pick a career path. The club pro however is not the way to go unless you want to never have time to play. Lots of options out there. Go snoop around the PGA employment site and membership path. www.pga.com
  15. We were talking about this today. Most of the shoes we have in the shop now are spikeless. I can see sometime down the road, spikes might just phase out. Remember the metal spikes?
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