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  1. I'm going to say Prince. Seems like I heard that somewhere. Not a fan of either one of them so I can't say for sure, but that's my guess.
  2. I could see something like that happen at Walmart here. I do live in the "Florida Man" State.
  3. Riding in a cart will only lead to getting tasered in the nuts. Playing golf using a cart means that you can carry a cooler, and in the cooler is Everclear. The Everclear is mixed with Redbull. After consuming a whole bottle by the 6th hole, you deem it necessary to run naked across the 6th green. Shortly thereafter, several sheriff's deputies who are not amused by your display of nudity commence to tasing you in the genitals while yelling " Stop resisting!" You are perp walked to the awaiting squad car where you "accidentally" hit your head as you are being thrown into the backseat. You
  4. Cocoa Beach is going to make money somehow, and since they banned all tourists, and closed hotels and vacation rentals and have adopted the attitude of "If you're not from here, don't come here", then they have to keep some money coming in somehow. The golf course makes good money with just the local regulars the staff could care less and, off the record, would prefer tourists go somewhere else.
  5. That spray along with the Hammer driver and the brush tees have made millionaires out some people.
  6. Home - Power Straight Discover The Secret To Longer & Straighter Drives… Power Straight® is a patented friction reducing nano-polymer coating scientifically-engineered to reduce or eliminate side spin off the face of a golf club to correct a slice or...
  7. And now for news no one cares about, Tom Brady is a Tampa resident now, moving in to Jeter's old house. He has 30,000 sq. ft. to stay at home in during the Florida stay at home order.
  8. Pretty neat video. I have heard of people spraying stuff on the face of their clubs to prevent any spin. Maybe just play in the rain.
  9. COVID 19 GOLF COURSE CONDITIONS Pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order #20-91, Section 3 - Essential Activities-the golf course will remain open with the following conditions: *Social Distancing guidelines are in effect at all times. If riding in a cart, one person per cart. No scorecards will be handed out. Walking is encouraged. No rakes or pins will be on the course. 19th Hole take-out is suspended.
  10. Update to my earlier post. We're staying open!!
  11. I don't know any stats so this is just my opinion but I think at home practice items will have been a big seller after all of this.
  12. Last round for 30 days will be played today. I have played every day since Feb 27th. Our stay at home order goes into effect at midnight 😑
  13. I'm watching The Tiger King, I'll admit it. I understand that it is a crime documentary, but i haven't laughed this much at a TV show in a while.
  14. I'd be more worried about this guy. Lol
  15. 1 April training. I practiced taking the club back with one hand doing it with my left arm only makes my elbow hurt to much from other injuries. Did it with the right arm, trying to focus on where the plan should be facing and looking at the angle of the club face once it's about parallel to the floor. I usually have mine pointing straight up where it should tilt a little bit. I did the grip check no issues there, and I liked the quick check of the distance between top of club and belt.
  16. We are. I'm not sitting alone wearing a trench coat like @Double Mocha Man though.
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