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  1. Tathata Golf ... McCord & Chamblee are advertising on TGC

    took tathata out to the course. was expecting it to be bad since I was halfway through the program, but it was the worst golf I've ever played. chunks, tops, slices, and hooks. scored a 70 for 9 holes. shot 45 to 55 with other swing methodologies. I can see how this would really work well for some and the confidence exercises were very helpful, but it just wasn't for me. I ended up back where I always do with new horizons and e.a. Tischler and just played a great round. If you are biomechanically built for the tathata swing it could make you scratch, but if you are just not built that way it would take thousands of hours of work or you won't get it. An awesome program just not for me.
  2. Arms players

    Just to be clear it's not that the body doesn't move. One has to let it be responsive to the motion of the swing instead creating the motion with it. The hands and arms produce the swing and the body (if a person lets it) responds. It looks like any other swing. Earnest jones, Manuel de la Torre, and a few others have operated with the same concept.
  3. Arms players

    you focus on your arms and club. your body will do what needs to automatically. use hands to swing the clubhead back and use arms to swing the club through. the momentum of this action causes the body to react automatically.
  4. Arms players

    I recently found that I'm built for an arms swing. (Can't coordinate all the mechanics a body swing requires) There isn't much out there for arm swingers so I made a f.b. group. It's called Arm Swing Golfers. If you're an arm swing golfer feel free to join.
  5. Tathata Golf ... McCord & Chamblee are advertising on TGC

    due to medical issues, i wasn't able to complete the program. I attempted to put into practice what I've learned so far on the course and had the worst round of my life. Just like much golf instruction, there were too many things to think about. It felt very powerful and easy in practice, but in reality did not work for me. That doesn't mean it won't work for some it just didn't work for me the way my brain is wired and how my body works. I've discovered after 7 years of trying to find a method that gave me that aha moment that I am an arms player. Arms swing and let the body respond. This comes much more natural to me and the first time out with it I golfed as well as I usually do. If you have a body driven swing and you swing from the ground up Tathata could work. If you find it impossible to hit well with a body driven swing go find an arm swing method. In summary- Tathata has good potential just not for me.
  6. Tathata Golf ... McCord & Chamblee are advertising on TGC

    Just finished chapter 1 (1st 10 lessons) It's awesome! There's meditation, confidence building mental exercises, yoga for flexibility, and of course golf movements. There are extra videos and slides so one can get a full understanding of every move. It focuses on a centered balanced powerful golf swing. Chapter one teaches how to move the body. Mostly the lower body. I was ignoring the role of the feet, knees, shins, and thighs in my golf swing and this really teaches one how to use those parts and use them the right way. It also teaches how to utilize the ground and create ground forces. (perhaps this is the secret in the dirt). I love it and can't wait to do more and see what affect it has on y game a couple months from now!
  7. What's In Your Bag?

    I have a long torso and long arms and very short legs. I have to by extra" long shirts and i can get away with a 29" inseem for pants. I'm just under 5'10" when i get my weight most stable front to back and side to side with slight knee bend with arms hanging down relaxed these are the clubs that sit right
  8. Wood Lie Angles

    I have had troubles getting clubs that fit being a 3.5 to 4 flat player especially woods and drivers. I will say that i finally found some. Thomas was one company that claimed to and told me they bent my hybrids flat, but they did not. Wishon golf clubs however, are bendable! the 929hs woods can be bent 4 degrees upright or flat the hybrid 775hs can also be bent that much. If you need upright or flat hybrids and woods wishon is the way to go. They also have some bendable drivers! I have a 3 and 5 wood 4 degrees flat and a 4H at 3.5 flat. Those of you that struggle to find drivers,woods,and hybrids that need to be different from standard, there is finally an answer!!!
  9. What's In Your Bag?

    I gotta brag. After 3 years and many problems and struggles i finally have clubs that fit me! Thomas 10.5 driver (cut 2 inches short)(will replace with Wishon driver eventually) Wishon 3 wood bent 4 degrees flat Wishon 5 wood bent 4 degrees flat Wishon 4 hybrid bent 3.5 degrees flat Ping G15 5--G.W. (gold dot) Wedges adjusted so there is 5 degrees difference in loft between each one Ping Sand Wedge (gold dot)(adjusted to 55 degree loft) Ping Lob Wedge (gold dot)(adjusted to 60 degree loft and with a back grind to allow opening of the face better) I have filled all gaps nicely and finally have the right lie on all clubs. Wedges are spaced apart nicely and the Lob wedge is great after the backgrind.
  10. I've experimented with my putting all winter. I've tried side saddle, arc, sbst, and even hockey style. I've tried wrist putting,arm putting and shoulder putting. I've even experimented with the vision part of putting such as eyes inside the ball, eyes over the ball, eyes in front of the ball, eyes behind the ball, and even finding the line crouching down and not looking after that. I've even toyed with just looking at the hole. My final solution that is working is as follows- Ball lined up inside left heel, eyes 8 inches inside the ball, (I've found that this enables me to see the line to the hole straight, if i put the ball any closer my vision is incorrect and the ball goes right) My eyes do not go straight down, but i see the ball at an angle. These things allow me to see the line correctly the aimer on the putter points toward the hole and that's where it goes. As far as mechanics i have found that rotating my shoulders slightly on wheel helps rather than up and down like a puppet. I make sure to keep the putter on the inside when i swing back which causes a slight arc. I focus on hitting the piece of the ball that the putter head was lined up with before i started my backswing. I hit the ball and hold my hands and arms still almost like a chip and i do not have a big follow through. For distance i just simply hit it harder and swing a little faster. My whole point is to try everything from every perspective until you find what works for you. Everyone's vision and movements are different and there is not one way to do it. Some of the best putters through history had an un-traditional stroke. Experiment and experiment again until you find what works.