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  1. I think there is certainly a case to be made for players having a split lesson, this would certainly help me identify the weaknesses in a players game a lot faster and the player would also see its on course application. I have often wondered whether coaching is now becoming a little bit too technical, I often see what I would class a 'Range Players' guys that hit it beautifully on the range and very technique focused but really struggle to transition that to the golf course. Of course there is no substitute for sound technique but I don't think as coaches we help players understand the ability to manage the course is equally as important as being a good ball striker. Thanks for the feedback fellas!
  2. Hi Guys, As a PGA professional I spend a lot of my time giving lessons and helping students improve their games. I have however been having a few thoughts about how I deliver my coaching and I would love to get a few thoughts. Traditionally, people will come to me and tell me they are having issues with driving, pitching etc. We will then go and work on that specific skill with the hopes that making this change will ultimately improve their scores. I often have wondered would coaches be better off giving lessons on the course so that they could see all of the students game during a lesson? Although the student may feel they have an issue with a certain aspect of the game, a coach would be able to find the root cause of the problem. An example would be a lot of golfers complain they struggle with putting; when in fact they regularly leave themselves 50ft+ putts and in reality what they actually struggle with is pitching the ball close enough to the hole with their 2nd or 3rd shot. I would love to get some thoughts on this, have any of you had lessons and not seen improvements? Do you feel you would of been better off learning on the course? All the best, Peter Faragher
  3. Hey Guys I've recently been looking at getting my putter cut down. I'ts an Odyssey Rossie Metal X 34" Putter. I did have a putter previously cut down to 32" and so it wouldn't be that much of a change. I have been wondering on what affect this has on the performance of the characteristics of the putter before I go ahead and cut 2 inches off. Would love to know if anyone else has had a putter cut down etc. Hope Someone Can Help Cheers Peter Faragher
  4. Hey bdubuc91 My advice would be go to your local PGA/USGA Fitting Centre and get fit there. Then you could maybe try and find the shaft (or similar shafts) they reccomend at a better price. Hope this helps PeterFaragher
  5. Hey Rwoten With regards to the flex of any golf club its all about spin and flight control. For example you may hit both an x flew and reg perfectly fine but the ball flights and spin numbers will be different. This is important because say you were playing into a head wind with the regs you'd struggle to get the ball moving forward, it would just spin too high. Also the correct shaft for the player provides a more consistent shot pattern. And basically soft stepping is a way of helping you get the best shaft were maybe trimming or extending the shaft isnt an option so allowing the fitter to give you the optimal ball flight and spin rate. so an example of soft stepping is using a 3 iron shaft in a 4 iron, this makes the club play slightly softer and would raise the ball flight. likewise hard stepping is this process in reverse. Hope this helps All the best PeterFaragher
  6. Hey Mackingchicken One great tip that I have always found helpful is to address the ball and then let your arms hang loose and if you can touch the tops of your knees your going to be in a fairly good position. From that position just take the club in your hands with whatever feels comfortable. Each player is different so we all stand a different distance. Hope this helps you out, would love to know how you get on. All the best PeterFaragher
  7. Hey Guys Was really interested by this and ive got to say I think both have there appeals. Playing by yourself you can try those shots or techniques you really want to incorporate into your game and also its nice sometimes to enjoy the peace and quiet for 9/18 holes However... You will be hard pressed to beat the banter and overall comradery of a 2/3/4 ball. Having someone else there with you all enjoying the successes and failures during a round is really something that is unique to golf. Playing with a group is the best way to really feel a part of your club and make friends while enjoying this fantastic game. Whichever way people play their golf. Enjoy it! All the Best Peter Faragher
  8. Hey Crucifixx I just thought i would have a quick look at your swing and ive got to say a lot of positives there. It's definitely a swing that with a few tweaks you can play good golf with. However there are a few thing that I noticed that you can play around with and i would love to know how you get on. First thing i kinda see is the club gets a little out side the line of your feet so its pointing away from you. This can sometimes cause the club to get a little steep, once the club gets a bit steep you will often find that you may get stuck at impact. Opening the blade to the target line, but being a better player you wont allow this to happen so what happens is you will flick the club head with your hands often causing a hook or pull draw. I'd bet money sometimes you hit a push shot as a miss particularly with longer clubs. The second thing I see sort of a result of the first is that during your weight transfer you stay very back on your right side. This will definitely promote a high shot and a weak ball flight. I would recommend a great drill for this, place a golf ball way past the outside of your left foot maybe 2 or 3 inches past it. Take an iron and try to hit the ball. As crazy as this sounds it will force you to transfer your weight to the left side. Being a better player will be able to do this. Other than that without seeing so more swings this is all i can recommend. And a word of advice from an okay player. Remember to have an idea of what shot your trying to hit and work towards that, too often people tinker constantly and often do more damage than good beginner and pro alike. find what works and stick to it. Good luck with your game. Peter Faragher
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