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  1. Your Dream Foursome

    Arnie, Golden Bear, and Lefty.
  2. Would golf instruction be better if...

    I voted no because sometimes all it takes is one swing tip/thought to make an improvement at a certain aspect of your game whether it comes from a touring pro or your next door neighbor. Conversely, all it takes is one swing tip/thought to do damage. The trick is finding the ones that work and discarding the ones that don't quickly. I feel like I'm pretty good at doing this, so I'll take any tip I can get and then either discard it immediately, try it and discard it immediately or try it and keep it until it stops helping. I tend to use a collection of swing thoughts and pick one appropriate for how I'm hitting the ball at that particular time. For example, if I'm pulling my drives badly, most of the time it's because I'm coming over the top, so I find that focusing on my swing plane helps. Other times my drives are straight because I'm maintaining the plane through muscle memory, but maybe I'm not starting my swing with my lower body, so that becomes my swing thought. I guess this is contrary to those of you who prefer a more rigid and structured set of thoughts; this is what works for me. If a helpful thought happens to come from a touring pro, I suppose there are less qualified sources.
  3. Remember when you first saw a________?

    Shot actually do what I wanted it to. Its kept me coming back ever since.
  4. TST Call to Action - Create a Golfer in 2014!

    I have created/am creating a golfer already. From dragging him down to the range and borrowing my clubs in early January to getting his own sticks by the end of January to becoming a 2-3 times a week range-rat, we have developed a serviceable swing and a solid core of fundamentals focusing on posture, hip rotation (not all arms and no swaying), consistent grip and address, and basic understanding of the swing plane. He's already talking about being "able to shoot consistently in the low to mid 90s" as a realistic goal. ...and I'll be there every step of the way! There's no better way to show a friend you care...and that you hate them...than introducing them to golf. ;)
  5. What's In Your Bag?

    Driver: Callaway Razr X Black Nickent 3DX 21* Nickent 3DX 24* Callaway Razr X HL 5-pw Texan Classics 52* 56* 60* Tiger Shark Great White Putter
  6. I get occasional left wrist pain also, though not nearly as severe as you describe. I think what causes it is not maintaining a flat left wrist at the top of my back swing and starting the swing with a bent left wrist or worse, maintaining it to some degree through the swing. This is just what I find when I'm at the range and my left wrist starts getting sore.