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  1. They all look pretty nice. I’d play any of them, regardless of what the owner’s politics are.
  2. Why do some pros still do it?
  3. Have to agree. She's making a run at it. I think her goal is to get into media.
  4. Congrats on the 79. I agree. Black Oak is a very good nine hole course.
  5. I thought the same thing.
  6. I second the Paiute golf courses. Great courses. Also, Bears Best has good views. Badlands is a fun course. And in Henderson is the Revere, two courses, Lexington probably the nicest of the two. Lots of choices. For deals look at groupgolfer and dealcaddy.com. I've gotten decent deals through them. Good luck!
  7. I hate it when either my beer gets warm or my cigar goes out.
  8. Motor Officer for the California Highway Patrol. At least for another 9 months.
  9. Currently smoking an olivia v. Recommend it.
  10. If they are paid for, then I'd keep them. If you ever need them, 8-9 year old clubs are not that old to use. But if you sell them, you won't get that much for them.
  11. She obviously married him for his personality.
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