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  1. you can just buy the glove for $22 when it starts wearing out. you don't have to buy the electronics again.
  2. upgraded my very old nike driver (1st gen..don't even know what it's called). went to costco and found the tm tour burner for $250 like someone said. i kept passing by the isle and my wife finally gave me the green light to get it. can't wait to try it out on the range this week. i got the 9.5 Regular since everyone is saying the launch is a bit higher. my old nike is a 10.5.
  3. are you talking about the s9 II's? those feel really easy to hit with. i tried those and the tm xd burner. it was a hard choice, but i ended up with the xd burner. but i did love the s9's.
  4. ok...i have never have a problem pulling before with my irons. i have my slice once in a while, but never a pull. i got a new sets of irons and no i'm pulling it about 70% of the time. i'm trying to figure out if changing the lie would help or i just need to adjust to these new irons. i love how they hit and feel. or maybe i should try something else? suggestions? tips?
  5. i just got a set as well this wknd. haven't had a chance to try them out yet tho. looks cool tho.
  6. it's a coke...good to see a fellow gmt owner.
  7. i tried the steel shafts myself.
  8. i'm a watch fanatic myself.... my rolex gmt-II my pam 90
  9. i tried the s9 II at a golf place the other day and i love them. i decided to buy the taylor made xd burner instead. after playing 2 rounds, xd is ok, but i'm gonna try out the s9 II for a couple of rounds. it just felt awesome and easy to hit.