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  1. When it's work, and a 45 pisses you off, it's time for a break. My game has always looked like a graph from a lie detector test. I'll shoot 41-46-43-42-37-47. Up until 2 years ago, I carded every round, fairways hit, distance, green hit, putts, everything. Then, one day, my son said that I played "angry". The next day my wife's first question to me was what my score was, because she said "that tells me what kind of mood you will be in". The next outting, I played just to play, have fun, no scorecard with me. I'd never done that in 8 years of playing golf. Now she asks "How'd you play" because i've realized my score is not the be all end all. I love to play the game, move the ball forward, put it in the hole and move on to the next tee. I still keep my scores, but it's more about the striking of the ball than the strike of the pencil. Hope that helps, good luck to you... jmoc
  2. You'll be happy, I've got them in my back up set. Played them for years, I think they are the best Ping wedge, although the i-wedges are only a hair behind. I'm using the tour-w now becase I got a used set that came with them and I'll give them a shot. Good luck and happy pin hunting... jmoc
  3. Check your trunk and shoulder rotation. When you load up, if do not unwind, you'll end up coming through like your playing tennis, coming directly at the ball on a straight line, which of course is on a line to the right, and usually straight. The other cause can be not "bumping" forward (lateral) but devolving into a Reverse Pivot that adjusts your spine angle and thus your aim point moves right. S&T; works great with irons, but requires a little more work/finesse for the driver, at least for me. Good Luck, hope that helps... jmoc
  4. Let me put this in context, I'm about 235-250 off the tee, so, for me this hole is my nemesis. Number 8, a 463 yard par 5 (from the Whites) at LW Clapp here in Wichita. Tee off over 2 creeks @ 90 and 180 yards out, a third creek at 260 yards. So if your jacked, you could hit your drive so well you end up in the third creek, choke and you end up in the second creek. Oh, and to add to the experience it is tree lined, kinda like #18 at Augusta with the first tree on the right about 20 yards out. So 3 creeks and about 20 yards of gap to shot through. So a nice 240 yard drive gives you another 220 shot (7 wood) to the green (so you feel like a pansy if you lay up, and exactly how do you hit pw and then pw again, on a par 5, and retain any sense of manhood?) Then the third creek turns and heads straight toward the green on the left, and of course the area slopes that way too. The green is an oval about the size of a mini van and a vw parked side by side. Last Tuesday I'm 1 over par standing on the tee, you can guess how this ends. I'm not a violent man but I just managed to put the putter into the bag before I did something I'd regret. I drew the snowman on my card and walked away. Next time out (Friday), I birdied it, If I weren't so darn consistent I'd give the game up! ... jmoc
  5. Look at ebay, check dealer ratings. This doesn't even begin to list the stuff I've gotten at incredible prices on ebay. I got my Bridgestone Mid irons, graphite shaft for $125, Callaway BBII 12* Driver $36, Bridgestone GC Hybrids for $25-$36, 2 ball putter for $55, Taylormade R7 Superquad $145 (a year ago), Nike Sumo2 SQ 5900 Driver (a month after they came out) $167. All this new! Wilson Di7 and Nike CCI (6 months after they came out) for less than $300 each. Irons: Check out the Wilson Di7, Taylormade r7 draw, Bridgestone GC OS, or Adams a3OS (a bit more expensive, but they come with 3-4 hybrids and 5-6 "kinda" hybrids. I could not hit the true hybrids, but was able to sell them and buy Bridgestone GC Hybrids). Get a bit more loft on the driver than you think you need, my Sumo is 16*. The Sumo's are around $100 now, but if you need to save some cash, the Nike Ignite 460 (not the 450's) can be had in 13* for less than $50 (used) and they are an awesome driver. If I were going to spend $100, I'd steer you toward the Callaway FT-i, mine's 13* and very forgiving. A lot of people have said the FT-i is not as long as other drivers, but I have not found that to be the case. Besides, 10 yards shorter and in the fairway gives you a better shot at par than 10 yards longer behind a tree/in a bunker/water/rough, etc. Putters, very personal, but, the 2 ball line is a good choice it that's your thing. I've got a dfx, the other inserts (white hot) are too soft for me and I leave everything dead center short! I'm experimenting with the F7 because I love the look and I do play some fast greens on the odd occassion. The best all around mallet for me is the Ping Craz-e, #1 on my list. Hope that helps. ...jmoc
  6. Is golf a Gentleman's Game of Rules or Opinions? If the ball moves at address, do we count the stroke or email each other for opinions? If you (1) played from the course's designated teeing ground for that hole on that particular day and (2) the course had not changed it's par status from 5 to a 4, then your 3 is an Eagle (God Bless America). Rules are just that, Rules. Do tour players that make birdie on a par 4 that the members play as a 5 say they got an eagle or birdie? What ever the Course/Club designates as par for a hole, that is it, doesn't matter what we think. You still had to hit three quality shots to seal the deal. Life is too short, enjoy your moment in the sun. .... jmoc
  7. I got a set of Di7's, I use them whenever I'm not really feeling it. They are very forgiving and they will still let you work the ball. Only my Adams OS Tech irons are more forgiving, but they will not bend. If I had to settle on one set, I'd really be stuck between the Ping i10 and the Di7, but would lean toward the Wilson Staff Di7 only because they are more forgiving when I'm off (the Ci's I haven't hit yet).... jmoc
  8. I've played there a bit, wanted to play Tregaron but never did, it looks like it is a links type. Benson Park was fun, lots of elevation changes. Shoreline was ok. Arbor Links was one of the golf digest best new courses of the year a couple of years ago, it is by Nebraska City...... jmoc
  9. Just got the 51/7 and 56/12, they play great. I like the way they set at address and the finish seems to wear well. I paid $27, just might order a couple more at $21, great feel... jmoc
  10. the putter looks great at address, I love the black matte finish. I've always wanted a black heel shafted blade putter. The face is cross scored. What really impressed me was the finish on the bottom, it's like a sheet of glass, highly polished wow..... jmoc
  11. Got my SE Q4s back from the shop and they look sweeet. They are a "iron-hybrid" set like the Cleveland HiBore and XLi irons. I got two 655 black wedges (51* and 56*) and the SV1 Tour Putter also. We are in for a good stretch of weather in the 20's so it will be a while before they see combat. If they perform as well as they look and feel, Golfsmith will see more of my money. ... jmoc
  12. I've ordered the Quick Strike Q4 (6-pw) hybrid irons and a couple of wedges, I'll pipe in when I've got them built and hit them some. I've been wanting to try SE out for a while and have decided to jump in. Everything I've heard is that they are quality.... jmoc
  13. Was just buzzing around the internet and hit upon Louisville Golf, they have their Forged Feel irons on close out for $199.99. You can get 4-pw or 5-sw http://www.louisvillegolf.com/index.php/cPath/4_71 , they are cast but have a "forged feel", cavity to 8 iron, 9 down are blades. Never hit them but they look nice .... jmoc
  14. Glad to hear you are recovering well and are ready to get back in the game. I know you are getting a ton of advice and I have never hit any mizuno stuff, but here are some others to look at. Adams Pro (already mentioned) Nike CCi Forged or VR Split Cavity Forged Ping i10 Bridgestone GC Mid (you can snag these with Stiff Graphite for around $130 on Ebay) What ever you chose, happy hunting. BTW, I'm currently relying on a 96D Centurion for off course encounters ..... jmoc
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