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  1. Thankfully my putter is a regular old flat bottomed/non-cambered putter. Sounds like I'm good with my 'technique' if I decide to stick with it. Thanks very much for the answers and follow-ups.
  2. Rules question here about the lie of the putter: My putter is a regular off the rack putter - 35" long, lie of 71-72 degrees. So the putter itself is easily "legal". But if I use this putter and address the ball with the heel raised, toe on ground -- effectively making the lie of the putter near 90 degrees (definitely more than 80), and then putt -- is that an illegal stroke? I've looked at Appendix II of the 'Rules' [ specifically parts II.1.d.(i) and (ii) ] and I can't determine whether my "effective lie" based on the way I hold the club at address, and putt, is in violation. Thanks