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  1. I prefer the black finish as well but would be nervous for the same reasons that you were. I was thinking that it wouldn't hurt to go verify the fitting after you get it to make sure it still fit your eye and alignment... I'm curious why they don't have the other finishes at the fitting to ensure a proper fit. I love the idea of a black finish with white alignment aids - (at least I think it helps me lol). ____ Different note. After seeing so many well respected posters on here indicating how much they love their Edel putters, it makes me want to spend the time and money to go ge
  2. Not sure I understand that one. Feel can certainly help you dial in your distances. If a putter is to heavy or light for you, how firm the face is, feedback and forgiveness... bad putters can hurt your distance control and overall consistency. Like irons that minimize distance loss on off center hits, they can help you become more consistent with yardages. A putter can help you become more consistent with your distances on off center hits. Ever putt a ball low on the putter face or heel a putt? Maybe you hit it a little off the toe... in those circumstances the putter can make a hug
  3. This is a tough one. I went with unlimited golf for obvious reasons. That said, who would I be playing Augusta with? That might make all the difference right there.
  4. Honestly, you probably hit a lucky streak. That said, that particular putter may fit your stroke and your eye which resulted in you making more of the putts. I do think Scottys are nice putters but I think they are expensive as well. Yes, you pay some for the name but their resale value retains well if you end up wanting to resell it down the line for any reason. I can't comment on the Edel putters specifically but getting a putter that fits you is the key. Don't pick a putter only on name. Personally for me, I want a good combination of alignment aid and something that gives me good
  5. What do you think about cork putter grips? I think they sound pretty interesting. I'm not a fan of really soft putter grips but I do like the light weight oversized options. Unfortunately many of the putters today feel too muted for me and I'm not sure if it's always the face, the grip or a combination. Of course like many fisherman, I love the feedback I get with a cork grip. Why not try it with my putter? I think the option could provide some really good feedback and help my distance control and feel. What are your thoughts? Bettinardi had some options available on their
  6. 42 - 41 = 83 Didn't play well. I didn't really make any putts outside of 10 feet to save strokes. Missed a few from 6 -8 feet. Lost a ball right into a hazard on #2 and ended up with a double. 40 yards out and completely botched my approach hitting off wet turf... TWICE! Score could have been a lot worse but overall it was a plod along catch some bad breaks boring round. I had fun with the group I was with though but my golf wasn't that fun.
  7. I stopped playing for a few years. I stopped playing at about a 4. I've been playing again for few years and have never got back to where I was. That's mainly because I don't practice like I used to and my irons aren't as crisp. I hit the ball as far but no where near with the same ball striking and I'm not consistent off the tee nor do I have the same touch and feel around the greens. Honestly, I was very frustrated when I started playing again because I expected to shoot similar scores to when I stopped playing. I adjusted my expectations and realized that I don't play as often and I
  8. The pictures don't do these any justice. Every pin was on a slope this day. It was part of the "Tough Man Tournament". It was a two man best ball tournament with every pin in a crazy spot, usually on a slope, and usually only about 24-48 inches off the edge of the fringe - usually well protected too... Too much fun, but.... crazy hole locations!!!
  9. Did you see that Pin Placement? - And is that ball ever going to stop rolling?
  10. Does it say S400 or anything under the Dynamic Gold?
  11. I've decided to run for president.... So I can play more GOLF!!!!! Wooooooo!!!! (that's all I got)
  12. A little bit of everything with an emphasis on poor execution.
  13. Last Round: Ouch... a rough one. +12 through 11 holes - two doubles and two triples in that stretch!!!!! Sometimes, I have no idea how it happens like that! Shot 85 = 46 - 39 On the bright side - I also had 3 birdies and played the last 8 holes at +1 (finished birdie, birdie on 17-18) wooo! A had to put the game face on in the back nine when a guy in our group started ribbing me that he was going to beat me on my home course, I guess it made me focus a little more. Helps you appreciate the good days!!!!
  14. Even so, there was no reason to negatively approach it that way and assume he was lying or inaccurate from his first post. The point is that he progressed extremely fast. If he was to estimate his handicap according to his last 5 rounds it's a 7.7 (I know it's not official and its a sample size and all that) @Shorty I understand the skepticism, I do. He has done a hell of a job if he's only played a year and he's progressed that fast which is the main point. Rather than be welcoming and maybe use it as a teaching moment, the approach was to try to doubt and discredit and it came acros
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