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  1. Seeing improvement during the fittings seems to be a waste of time as your hitting off a mat in perfect conditions. Your also looking at data provided by a ball that is going into a net so you can't see the full ball flight. In one of the fittings I was told my irons were perfect for me and was fit into a driver I used for a couple of weeks until I came to the conclusion my gamer was better. As for swing issues I'm a poster boy for them....... That's my experience. I hope everyone else has a great experience.
  2. Not to be a downer but I've been fit three different times and the results have been underwhelming. I gained no extra distance or accuracy. On one fitting I was recommended to try different shafts. When I reshafted my irons I was almost a full club shorter with no improvement in accuracy. I play around 150 rounds a year and currently have a 8.1 index. I have had several friends also get fitted and I can honestly say way less than 50% have seen any gains in their game. My fittings were by Club Champion and 2 top 100 fitters in my area. I'm not a big fan of fittings.
  3. Got on Golfworks website and answered my own question. 2 to 2.5" max
  4. A friend of mine cut down his driver 2.5". I wanted to try it out but I'd need to lengthen it. How long can you go with a graphite plug if you epoxy it in? I've heard 1" is the max but the plug is 3" long. Any shaft experts out there? Thanks
  5. So far this year I've posted 115 rounds. Would have been more but we had a bad winter in Md. I'm a general contractor partly retired so when I'm not working I'm playing. I'm lucky to have a lifetime membership at my club so it costs me nothing to play with or without a cart. Funny even though I play a lot my handicap has stayed between 5 and 7 for the last four years.
  6. I was playing a round a couple of weeks ago and lost my ball but while looking I found a Bridgestone Treosoft. On the next tee which is a really difficult dogleg right par four with a creek on the left I hit the Bridgestone and killed it around the corner. Upon going around the corner the ball was twenty yards further than any Pov1x I had ever hit this year. I found the balls are only sold at Dick's at $30.00 for two dozen as they are discontinued. A hell of a deal and I can't tell the difference between them and my prov1x's. I have switched back and forth for the past several weeks and use bo
  7. So I read the golf digest article and decided to give it a try. First let me say I have tried maybe every swing put forth including natural golf , 4 magic moves, rotary, and single plane to name a few. I'm currently a 8 handicap and 64 yr old. In my first try with the A swing I was impressed and shot a nice 78 but I can't claim to be doing it right. I downloaded the book and started reading and studying things better and was rewarded with an 86 the next time out. Not one to give up my next two rounds were 77 and 78. In those rounds I hit some awfully impressive straight shots. I'm finding some
  8. You know the feedback has been great. In the end If I want to go with a graphite shaft I'm going to sell these clubs and buy a newer set. If I put graphite shafts on these clubs I will make them worthless.
  9. Thanks for the input. Much appreciated.
  10. I have a nice set of Srixon I701-tour irons. They have regular steel shafts and I'm thinking I'd like to get a set of lightweight graphite shafts to upgrade the clubs without having to buy a new set. The shaft tip is .355. Any imput? Thanks
  11. Yes I'm looking at the ball but i'm not focused on the ball. If I focus directly on the back of the ball solely I find I try to hit the ball instead of swing they the ball. Maybe it's just me......
  12. When I'm playing I find if I stare at the ball I become "ball bound". During my full swing, chipping and putting I address the ball then keep looking down just having the ball in my peripheral vision and swing focusing on my swing mechanics. I find this lets me swing freely and smoothly because I don't try to kill the ball. I asked my instructor about it and he said he does the same thing. I rarely hit fat or thin shots. What do you do?
  13. Dstob


    Never thought about it but it does seem like Jack the cat had a premonition!!!
  14. Dstob


    I don't keep track of stats but I did just receive lowest score wins. I've just started the book but its interesting to look at the value of certain shots. I hope to finish the book this week. Seems to have some great insight. Thanks for the imput.
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